About Me

  • I'm a TV Producer in ABS-CBN
  • The year 2008 was my first out of the country trip, I was bitten by a travel bug and never stopped wandering since then. I've always dreamt of sharing my travel experiences thru blogging but never had the courage to do so until year 2012.
  • I'm an organized traveler. I do research, write my itineraries & reserve hotel rooms weeks before (I believe that I will save a lot of time if everything's scheduled & planned)
  • I'm a budget traveler, I love seat sales but also loves breakfast buffets & bathtubs 
  • I love doing itineraries for my fellow friends & officemates for free. Sharing my travel experiences with other people makes me fulfilled.
  • I believe that I am a lucky traveler that's because the Lord is my tour guide. Almost everything I've got planned comes out what I expect it to be (or even better than what I expected).
  • Flying gives me an adrenaline rush. The excitement is incomparable every time the plane lands in a different destination especially if its my first time in that particular place.
  • This blog is made to share my experiences for first time travelers, I'm not really a keen writer but I hope that you'll be inspired by my entries.
  • My ultimate wish is to travel around the world and see the most beautiful places on this planet <3
You can contact me at my email address: cham.estrera@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you!

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