Family Staycation at Movenpick Mactan Cebu

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Finally, I will be able to write a legit "Travel Post" again! I must admit, I feel rusty writing any travel related article because after 16 loooong months it is only until now that I was able to travel again. Before I became a mom (and purchased a house) I spend most of my savings through traveling, I travel for at least three times a year so not going anywhere for more than a year was a quite an adjustment for me #adultingtothenextlevel. But yes, I am just so happy that finally I am in my element again. So dear readers, here's my blogpost about our Family Staycation at Movenpick Hotel Mactan Cebu. 

Motherhood truly changes you in so many ways, that includes the way you travel. Pre-Keia, I always had a full itinerary. Mike and I would try to experience everything - go to all the famous spots, eat our hearts out and shop till we drop (as in pak pak pak) because of #fomo. But now, traveling with a baby is a whole new experience and discipline. For starters, Mike and I lessened our expectations. We both agreed that when we go to Cebu we will just chill at a resort and stay there all through out (well, we went to Sirao Garden before going here though). Because like any other parents, our priority is our daughter and our ultimate goal is for her to experience the beach (and also it's been more than two years since my last beach at Nice, France so yeah! I really wanted that beach trip too!) 

We chose to stay at Movenpick Hotel Mactan Cebu. It is one of the more popular beach-front hotels in Cebu known for its high-end amenities, facilities, dining and entertainment. We needed a comfortable, clean and kid-friendly resort that is reasonably priced.

Movenpick Hotel Mactan
This trip was originally just us three - Me, Mike and Keia but because everybody in Mike's family wanted to spend time with us, especially with Keia (plus the fact that Mike's mom and family are Cebuanos), they surprised us by buying tickets and checking-in in the same hotel! Yes, so we were one BIG happy family!

After our trip to Sirao Flower Garden our Titas drove us from Cebu City to Mactan for around 40 minutes. Me and Keia both fell asleep. 

Welcome to Movenpick
The open air lobby was bright and cheery, white was the dominant color of the walls, ceiling and furniture with shades of turquoise accents, a mediterranean feel. You can see the ocean and palm trees peeking through. It was a refreshing start indeed. 

Hotel's Lobby
When we arrived we were immediately welcomed by the wonderful staff of the hotel and assisted us going to the reception. The lady honored my requests - an anniversary cake and late check-out (yay! plus points to you)

Hotel's Reception
Guests' waiting area
Welcome drinks - Look at Keia sleeping in Tita Siobs arms
Deluxe Peninsula View Room
We stayed in a deluxe room facing the peninsula (unfortunately the ocean front rooms were already fully booked) although this room is cheaper than the ocean front, the ocean front rooms are the ones that are booked the fastest because of its most coveted view. But our room is still really nice.  

Deluxe Peninsula View Room
This air-conditioned room has a king sized bed, a flat- screen TV, working desk, mini ref, mini bar, coffee and tea making facility, complimentary bottle water, wardrobe, robe, iron and board, safe, slippers, a private balcony overlooking the peninsula and an en-suite bathroom.

Parenting Learning: Do not expect to have a clean/empty shot of the bedroom when you have kids. Either their playing and running around or sleeping soundly. 

Keia's still sleeping. She was so tired!
Cable TV
Mini Bar, Mini Ref, Complimentary Bottle Water, Coffee and Tea Making Facility
Closet - Bathrobes, Safe, Iron and Slippers
Chopard Toiletries - a welcome gift

My special request <3 
Another special treat
Happy Anniversary, My Love
Baby Cot
I requested for a baby cot and gladly they have one available free of charge. Keia co-sleeps with us but we still requested it because we put her there during the day so she won't crawl too much and it also served as a protection from the edge of the bed. I forgot to take a photo though.

Their bathroom has a separate shower and tub, toiletries and hairdryer. Surprisingly, their toilet has no bidet. 

Bathroom - separate tub and shower
Lavatory with blower
The peninsula view is still nice.

Our view from the balcony - not bad at all
We arrived late so we had little time to roam around but as soon as we checked-in we immediately went straight to the beach. Of course, it was Keia's first time so everybody was all eyes on her. 

Dress from Once Upon A Child (@onceuponachild.handmade)
Keia making pacute with her polkadot bikini
Summer hat, sunnies and bikini ✅✅✅
Keia's Fairy Godmothers and Amah
At first, she didn't like the feel of the sand but later on she was able to touch it and then she tried eating it! Aaak! When we reprimanded her, she cried loudly so we had to bring her to the water to calm her down. In an instant, her frown turned into a smile then eventually turned into happy scream while dancing at her own beat in the water.

Her face when she was able to sneak a handful of sand into her mouth
Happy Keia with her equally happy grandparents
Look at her face! A Mermaid in the making!
We stayed at the beach till sundown gazing at the beautiful purple sky while snacking on some pizza and sipping a selection of fresh fruit shakes. Truly a delighted first day.

My kind of happy hour #breastfeedingmom
Sunset sessions
Dinner at Sails
Mom & Papa treated everyone for dinner at Sails Restaurant, Movenpick's in-house restaurant. They have a dinner buffet at that time so we took advantage of the feast. 

Cebu Lechon
Cebu Family
Keia loves the hotel bed so we all woke up refreshed and went straight to the breakfast buffet

Breakfast at Sails
I really love breakfast food more so if it is a buffet. So I tried enjoying the breakfast spread. But because now I have a baby, I had to get her food first.

Parenting Learning: When eating out, don't expect that you can have an uninterrupted meal time or more so don't expect that you can eat a lot. No matter how excited or hungry you are. 🤣 #secrettolosingweight

Before, I do all the picture taking but now, I asked hubby to take photos of the food. At times, he's the one who takes care and feeds Keia while I get food and photograph them. 

Sails Restaurant
Taho vendor welcomed us with her taho glasses - Very Pinoy!
Fruits, Salad, Cheese, Yogurt and Cold Cuts
Bread Selection
Pancakes, French Toast, Muffin, Banana Bread - all yum!!!
Mini Donuts!!! I ate two!!!
Egg Station
Pinoy breakfast - Danggit, Longganisa, Bangus Fillet and Bicol Express
Western breakfast - Sunny Side Up, Bacon, Cornedbeef and Potato Slices
Asian Noodles and Dimsums
They also have gluten free cake! For the paleo foodie
I love it that they have a Kiddie corner that kids can easily access
Variety of fresh fruit juices
I so love their breakfast spread. It was a feast in my eyes seeing all the Filipino and Western food here. So yes, I was able to eat because Mike took care of Keia after he was done eating. But even before I finished my meal, Keia was asking milk from Mommy so another interrupted meal. 

My breakfast plate
After our breakfast we went straight to the beach to get some tan. Wow. Keia enjoyed her sand playing with the pale and shovel that we bought her. It was an aaawww moment looking at her enjoying the beach by herself.

Keia's second day at the beach
So after a while, we took her to the shore and dipped ourselves in the clear salt water. It was scorching hot but the water was cool so swimming at that time was bearable and a relief. 

Parenting Tip: Don't forget your sunblock please.

Look how clear the water is.
Picture with daddy
with Chamommy
Keia looking cool with her sunnies 

Honestly, we didn't last long, we went back to our room and bathe Keia. We were scheduled to meet with my Mama's friend, Tita Tess to have lunch at Plantation Bay (hope we can experience this too someday!)

Chocolate Hour
We arrived in time for the Chocolate Hour at 3pm. It is a daily tradition in all Movenpick hotel chains all over the world that 3pm - 4pm is their chocolate hour. Mike, being a chocolate lover was so excited to get his hands on all the chocolate treats. 

Chocolate Spread 
Brownies, Fruits, Sprinklers, Popcorn

Swimming Pool
By this time, Keia was so eager to swim again, pointing her finger to the direction of the pool. So of course, Keia's wish was our command 🤣 She enjoyed swimming at the pool for hours. She even danced during the Water Exercise routine 

I love the pool too!
Looking chic with my flamingo swimmies, headband and sunnies

Floating unicorn #forthegram 
Keia exercising, she danced during the whole routine
After enjoying herself for hours at the pool she then pointed her fingers at the direction of the beach so before capping the day, Keia and daddy went swimming at the beach again. She truly is a water baby.

You are forever a summer baby!
Dinner was at The Forum, another restaurant in Movenpick with the rest of the family (I had no photos because I was starting to get sick)

The Forum
DAY 3 - Easter
We woke up early so we could maximize our last day at the resort. I felt better (thanks to my meds!) We planned to go to the beach first before having breakfast because the beach has lesser people at that time (I think we were there at around 7am) and it was still breezy, not too hot. 

These cabanas are for rent, I think for P3000 for the whole day but I asked the staff if we could have our pictures taken here and he gladly obliged.

Good Morning!
Ukelele Baby, thanks Movenpick for this gift!
It's a beautiful, sunny Easter! 
Movenpick is known for its night life. Ibiza is a dining and entertainment venue for party goers. Honestly, I was kinda hoping Mike and I can sneak here at night just so we could see the happening but obviously we couldn't. We weren't able to lay our feet here even for a quick second at night. But at least we were able to have a photo opp in the morning instead #pwedenarin

Because twinning is winning! Glad I pulled off a twinning swimsuit. I found this at Lazada
I am posting this because I look thin here 
Happy family
The beach was empty at that time! Good thing because aside from the bearable heat, I wanted a clear photo without any people around (plus, I am also conscious of my weight that I didn't want to flaunt it to a lot of people too)

Last day at the beach
Clear sky + clear water + clean sand
Plus no people around = Amazing backdrop
Yes, I'm conscious about my body but I am still posting this. Guys ha? #notobodyshamingplease 🤣
So in love with this shot
Of course a shot with Daddy
Keia was more reserved this day compared to yesterday, maybe because she's already hungry. After a while she hugged me and asked for milk. 

Breastfeeding at the beach
So after enjoying the beach for the last time, we went back to our room to clean ourselves up.

Thank you, Movenpick!

During this time I was just observing my daughter whilst playing with herself on the immaculate white duvet. She rolled and rolled at every corner of the fluffy soft sheets while hugging the equally fluffy pillows with giggles on her face and sparks on her eyes. These simple yet meaningful memories alone made our trip already worth it. 

Parenting Learning: Before Keia was born, Mike and I intitially agreed that we will not travel with our little one until she becomes five because in our minds she won't remember it anyways. It will be just a waste of effort and money. But a friend of mine advised me that it's good to travel with your kids even a young age, although she might not remember it in the future but you, the parents will never forget it. She was right. It was Keia's first beach experience and she absolutely loved it - the sun, sand, salty water and her Cebu family. She was such a happy kid, always making us smile and laugh with her charm, cuteness and lambing. These moments will forever be in our hearts, mind and memory.

It was a learning experience for us and even if I was anxious of what might happen, dead tired (almost sick!), few sleep, less time alone to enjoy the beach and wasn't able to maximize the buffet, bringing Keia to Cebu was a good decision. In fact, Mike and I realized that we should do this again. Soon. 😉

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