ONEder in Lavender: Keia's 1st Birthday and Dedication

Monday, April 15, 2019

Keia is ONE! Can you believe we actually have a one year old daughter? It was yet again another milestone for her and for us first time parents so celebrating it was really important. Aside from her birthday, it was also her dedication, house blessing and our second marriage anniversary, truly a momentous event! So last March 16, a 4-in-1 party was held in our village function room and outdoor park. 

Theme: French Country Lavender Fields
It was a hard choice between a Scandinavian or rustic chic theme. And because I wanted the party to be feminine and dainty I chose the latter. Since her name is Lavender (yes, she's Keia Lavender) and my long time dream is to wander along the scenic lavender fields in Provence, I decided that Lavender in French country theme would be apt for her party: ONEder in Lavender 💜

Georgette of Crafty Celebrations turned my vision into reality, creating a whimsical and dainty Lavender set-up that is not too heavy on the budget. I availed the basic package which includes - Entrance Decor, Stage Backdrop, Table Centerpiece, Ceiling Decor plus activity pages and crayons for the kids table.

Here are photos from Camille Gonzales.

Entrance Decor

Wisteria Lane Feels 💜 How lovely right?
Welcome Board and Easel Stands are also from them. The milestone board is from me.
Family portrait
Ceiling Decor, Tables and Chairs

The ceiling decor is a mixture of lavender ribbon, lantern and artificial leaves and flowers. 
Chairs, Tables and Lilac Linens from Verleo Catering
Verleo Catering didn't only provide sumptuous meals, table, chairs and linens they also provided the centerpieces
Aside from table number, I told Georgette to put labels based on guests category
Stage Backdrop

Dreamy as ever!
French Country Stage Backdrop
My DIY High Chair (Keia's High Chair)
Flowers galore! Since the catering provided the centerpieces, Georgette decided to put all the floral centerpiece on the stage instead
I asked the help of our production designer to make me this kind of hoop milestone.
Kids Tables and Chairs and Activity Pages and Crayons for the Kids
Tables and chairs were also provided by Verleo Catering.

Customized Activity Pages
The moment the kids arrived they started coloring the pages
Great way to get the kids distracted. 
For the Ninongs and Ninangs, I decided to make my own curated box giveaway. It's a Lavender themed curated box - Artisan soap, potpourri, room spray and lotion all in lavender scent. So if you want a on-a-budget curated box giveaway you can email me ( or message me on ig (@chammagsaysay) it's perfect for birthdays, weddings and events.

For the kids, I ordered customized backpacks in Lavender theme from Good Bag PH (@goodbagph). I designed it myself and named it Keia Lavender Bag. I want it to look like Cath Kidston - hihihi. Inside each backpack is a DIY Paper Lavender Flower Kit

Giveaways for Ninongs and Ninangs
Curated boxes for the Ninongs and Ninangs by Me 🖐
Lavender theme - Soap, Room Spray, Lotion and Potpourri 

Giveaways for Kids
Limited edition Keia Lavender backpack. 
DIY Paper Lavender Flower Kit which includes a manual, scissors, glue, crepe papers

Dessert Buffet 
I've always wanted to have a dessert buffet for my wedding but we didn't get one because of budget constraints. This time I really wanted to have one, good thing I found a reasonable deal from Box of Sweets by Punky. They have packages depending on your budget. The package that we availed includes 2 layer Fondant Cake, Mini Cupcakes, Sugar Cookies, Ube Bar, Cake Pops, 4 kinds of sweets/candies in candy jar. The desserts are not just lovable, they're also super yummy! (especially the cake and cake pops!)

Lavender themed Dessert Buffet
2 Layer Fondant Cake (edible part is at the bottom only)
Details of this super pretty Lavender cake!
Customized Sugar Cookies - How adorable?!
Cake Pops in Chocolate flavor - YUM!!!
Mini Cupcakes
Ube Bars
4 kinds of sweets/candies - ube biscuit, taro jelly ace, white marshmallows, stickO
Customized Cupcake topper from Caketopps (@caketopps). I asked my friend if she can make me a personalized cupcake topper and she gladly obliged. It was the cutest ever!!!
Donut Wall
Georgette offered to lend me her donut wall! Hurraaah!!! I bought variety of donuts (mostly Ube flavors) at Dunkin Donuts.

Who DoNut want Donuts?
Food Carts
Also from Crafty Celebrations are these food carts of the same Lavender theme 💜 They have a 4 + 1 (cotton candy) promo so I availed Hotdog, Mixed Balls, French Fries and my childhood fave, Scramble + Cotton Candy. I only got to try the scramble, but I heard a lot of good praises about the others.

Food Carts
My family enjoying the mixed balls
Montessori Playset
We didn't hire any performers (clowns, magicians, singers) because we wanted the kids to be more active and explore the outdoors, so instead we had Happy Story Co. Montessori and Rie Playsets (@happystoryco) - Kiddie Kitchen, Pickler, Wagon, Rocker, Strider and other wooden toys/materials for kids. It was an absolute HIT! Keia and her guests enjoyed it a lot! 
Wooden Playsets from Happy Story Co (@happystoryco)
Kids enjoyed it a lot!!! 
Fun activity with parents too!
Here's Keia enjoying the Kiddie Kitchen

Inflatable - Inflatable Soft Play Park Unicorn Theme
Aside from the Montessori play sets we also had an inflatable of the same color theme. The kids enjoyed it as well, however they forgot the balls and they even requested if it's possible to not include them anymore because their office is far from our place but I insisted that I wanted a ball pit (hello, that's the reason why I hired them in the first place) Unfortunately, the balls arrived very late, almost nightfall so the kids weren't able to experience the ball pit 😠 (so I am not gonna recommend them)

Kids enjoying the Inflatable
Photo Booth
This Photo Booth from Poytobooth Avenue (@poytoboothavenue) was also a big hit! I chose a strip type with Lavender fields background. It was absolutely perfect for the theme!

My Lavender fields dream came to life!
Pre Dedication Photo Session
We had a quick photo session before the actual dedication. Keia had two dresses on that day, her pre and post dedication from Little Ela ( and the dedication dress. 

Another family portrait (Keia smile ka naman!)
At last Keia smiled at the camera!
Dainty Lavender dress from Little Ela
Our little Keia Kikay
Your happiness is our happiness, Anak!
Hi there my pretty darling 💟💟💟
Pastor Erwin of Victory Antipolo was the one who officiated the dedication. He was also the pastor of our wedding. We were so blessed that he was available that day, usually he has Victory group during Saturdays. it was indeed a very special day 🙏
Keia's dedication dress

The many faces of Keia
Our beautiful daughter during her debut este dedication pala 😝
Welcoming Keia
Say Hi!
Our dear Pastor Erwin

With Keia's Ninongs and Ninangs
Daddy praying for Keia 🙏
All hands on you
With Pastor Erwin
With Ninongs and Ninangs
Cham's Family
Mike's Family
Cham's Relatives
Mike's Relatives
Cham's Friends
Mike's Friends
Keia with the kids

Post Dedication
After the dedication, the catering opened, guests started eating and were entertained by our hosts and some song numbers. Because we had no fixed program, the kids and adults were free to roam around the park just outside the venue.

Our lovely hosts, Santhi and Aeris
Ninang Lian Kyla sang a few of Keia's favorites
Here's Mamu taking care of Keia
With Patron
Kids and parents enjoying the park
While Daddy is giving his thank you speech
When Keia heard her fave song playing
Keia dancing to the beat
Happy guests
Make a wish, Anak and we will help you make your wishes come true
Keia wants to say "Thank you for coming to my birthday and dedication!"

Here's Keia's MTV Highlights

Complete List of Suppliers
Event Styling: Crafty Celebrations
Catering: Verleo Catering
Cake and Dessert Buffet: Box of Sweets by Punky
Cupcake Toppers: CakeTopps
Donut Bar: Crafty Celebrations/Dunkin Donuts
Food Carts: Crafty Celebrations
Montessori Play Sets: Happy Story Co. 
Photo Booth: Poytobooth Ave
Keia's Dress: Little Elf Ph
Photographer: Camille Gonzales Photography
Videographer: Ganix 
Giveaways for Kids: Good Bag PH
Giveaways for Sponors: Me

Dedication Pastor: Pastor Erwin Balanay of Victory Antipolo
Hosts: Santhi, Aeris and Audrey
Performers: Aeris and Lian Kyla

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