Keia's Whimsical Scandinavian Lavender Nursery

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Welcome to Keia Lavender's Nursery, my baby daughter's little nest which I meticulously and enthusiastically designed on my own.

I've been a fan of Scandinavian interior design ever since my husband and I lived in a condo a couple of years ago. Scandinavian design is simple, minimal, clean and modern. So when we moved to a bigger place, it was still the theme that I wanted. And my very first project? Of course, Keia's nursery. It was my dream for her to have her own room because we only had one room in our condo and I promised myself that when the time comes that we will be blessed to own a house, Keia's room will be at the top of my priority list. 

Since her name is Lavender (Yes. She's Keia Lavender), I incorporated it to her room's main theme making it a mixture of Scandinavian and whimsical.

Dreamy crib
I got a lot of inquiry on my Instagram (@chammagsaysay) about the different items in this room so for the benefit of my dear followers and readers, I will list down the suppliers and prices of the furniture and decors in this room.

Large windows for natural light
Scandinavian Design Tip: Nordic design and natural light go hand in hand. Large windows allow plenty of sunshine inside the room.

Pompoms makes the room magical
Crib | Pottery Barn
When I was still pregnant, my dear Ninang, Ate Juday gave us Luna's crib because at that time she was transitioning to a toddler bed. Mike and I were truly grateful! 

Purple Canopy | Fun Nest 
A dreamy canopy can liven up any room. It made this room very whimsical

Lilac Curtains | Landmark
around P200 per sheet x 5 pieces 
Luckily I saw a curtain of the exact color of the canopy on SALE!!! Such a real steal!

Cloud Pillow in Dream Text | Fun Nest

Marbled Pom in Lilac | Spinkie Baby

Cloud Crib Bedding | Ikea Taipei
3 sets- pillow case, duvet cover and fitted sheet

White walls and wooden floors make a nice Scandi combo
Scandinavian Design Tip: Fresh white walls and wooden floors are hallmark of Scandinavian style

House bookshelf
Scandinavian Design Tip: Most of the Scandinavian spaces have something shaped like a house in it. Whether a shelf, desk of play area. 

Sleepy eyes paper bag
Scandinavian Design Tip: Sleepy eyes design is a simple understated Scandinavian design piece perfect for nurseries. 

Personalized Purple Hamper | Fun Nest
P 1,795
This is where I put Keia's laundry clothes

Sleepy Sack Paper Bag | Shopee
P 252
You can put here toys or any item that you don't want on display. 

House Bookshelf | Fun Nest
P 3,995
It served as a display rack as well

Gray Stuffed Bear | Fun Nest
P 495

Letterboard | Celebrations Party Central
P 950

Wooden Letter 'KEIA' | Dapitan Arcade
around P40 - P 80 per letter

Purple Floor Mat | H&M
P 799

Changing Pad and Dresser
Keia <3
Geometric changing pad cover
Scandinavian Design Tip: Clean lines and geometric shapes are very Scandinavian

Shelf of toiletries
Dresser & Changing Table | Pottery Barn
Also from Ate Juday. I used the dresser A LOT! As in, it is where I change Keia's nappies and clothes. The dresser is where I store the clothes that she currently use. I also store her diapers and everyday toiletries.

Lilac Sleepy Eyes | Artees Collection (@arteescollection)
P 250

Personalized Wooden Name Script | Littlest Setter
P 800

Gray Triangle Changing Pad Cover | Littlest Setter
P 600

Banner Flag | Littlest Setter
P 450

Shelving Unit | Ikea (Furniture Source)
P 1,500

Basket Storage | Ikea Taipei
P 390
Where I put extra toiletries I haven't used.

Medicine Container | All Home
P 300 - P 400

Everyday toiletiries Keia needs
Just want to share with you the content of Keia's dresser. Beside the changing pad is Keia's toiletries that we use on a daily basis - cotton, cotton buds, baby lotion, baby oil, manzanilla, insect repellant and ointments. The topmost drawer is where I store the diapers, wipes and hair accessories. The middle and bottom drawers are where I store Keia's everyday clothes, muslin, booties & towels. I was inspired by the #konmari method of folding clothes.

#KonMari Method
Diapers, Baby Wipes, Keia's clothes
Storage Box of 6 | Ikea Taiwan
Got a lot of inquiries about the black and white storage boxes I used to store Keia's clothes. I bought 3 sets of the Skubb Storage Boxes in Ikea Taipei. They're very affordable and durable. They also sell it in Furniture Source but the price is around P600 - P700

Built in closet
Inside the built-in closet are Keia's dresses, old/used clothes I can give away or use for my next baby, diapers, baby shoes, new clothes given by relatives and friends (categorize by age), linens, detergent and other baby items. 

Keia's dresses and other clothes
Used/old baby clothes 0 - 6 months
Keia's shoes, clothes for 1 year, 18 months and 2 years, linens, detergent and other baby items

Beside the closet is a cart/shelf for my UV sterilizer, drying rack and plastic storage for bottles and other essentials.

Sterilizing rack
Utility Cart | Ikea

UV Sterilizer | Ecomom

Actual Cost
Rates are in Philippine Peso

* Kindly note that I didn't include the sterilizer and other washing necessities because they are not part of the overall decoration.
* For the cost of Crib and Dresser, you can find a good one for as low as P10,000 and can go as high as P70,000 individually. Depends on the brand and functionality.

Here's Keia enjoying her nursery
Scandinavian style will always inspire a sense of whimsy and wonder to any room. Hope you were inspired by Keia's nursery. 

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