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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Ever since I gave birth, I became more conscious with what I wear, well aside from transitioning from medium to large (which was such a heartbreak for me) the major reason of my wardrobe change was because I decided to exclusively breastfeed Keia. So choosing the right nursing outfits was a definite must when I became a mom. Here are the staple breastfeeding outfits in my wardrobe.

Button Down Dresses and Tops
Button down dresses and tops are perfect options when nursing. They have a simple way to quickly open your shirt when needed. Button downs are easier to dress up or look professional which is perfect for working moms like me.

Olga Dress from Mome Wear | P1,250

Wrap Dresses and Tops
The wrap style provides easy access when breastfeeding. It is a nursing mama's best friend (it is for me!) Wrap dresses are stylish which make it perfect for work or going out.

Opal Wrap Dress from Mome Wear | P 1,250

Off Shoulder Dresses and Tops
Not only are off shoulder dresses trendy, they are perfect for nursing mamas too. This style provide easy access for feeding - just pull the top down and cover for nursing.

Off shoulder dress from Forever21

Crossover Dresses and Tops
Crossover dresses and tops are also great options for breastfeeding moms. With an easily pulled aside crisscross V-neck, they give easy access when breastfeeding.

Crossover Dress from GU Japan

Tiered Nursing Dresses
Tiered design nursing dresses are a hit to nursing moms. The design doesn't look like it is a nursing outfit and you don't need a nursing scarf when you wear this. When it's time to feed your baby, simply lift the top tier to reveal a nursing access.

Colette Nursing Outfit from Mome Wear | P750

Side Access Nursing Dresses
Another nursing dress that doesn't look like a breastfeeding dress at all. The access is on the sides which doesn't require a scarf when feeding too. 

Harmony Dress from Mome Wear | P550

Ruffled Nursing Tops
You can use these nursing tops even without a scarf. Just pull the side of the shirt and you can feed and cover your baby pronto.

Sherry Top from Mome Wear | P400

Side Tie Nursing Top
An excellent design for nursing tops. The side tie nursing top gives a full access to breastfeeding and it also gives full coverage to your baby while nursing.

Melody Top from Mome Wear | P450

Pajamas as Sleepwear
Pajamas are the perfect nursing sleepwear. Not only are they chic and comfy but the button down shirt gives easy access when breastfeeding at night.

Pajama from GU Japan

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