What's Inside My Pumping Bag

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

After giving birth, I only had two months of maternity leave and since we can't really afford to take a leave longer  than the allowed leave (because #priorities) I immediately returned to work after two - months postpartum. And since I am an advocate of breastfeeding (Read: My Breastfeeding Journey and How I Increase My Milk Supply) I vowed to breastfeed Keia for at least the first year of her life. I can only do that if I pump and store milk so Keia can bottle-feed my milk even when I'm away. 

My nursing bag has a been a staple item every time I'm at work. During the first months of working again I was able to  pump at our office's nursing station but now that I am becoming very busy at work (I have a new show, Star Hunt The Grand Audition Show) I pump at my very cubicle. 

This is what's inside my nursing bag

1 Breast Pump - I love my Medela Swing Maxi Nursing Pump. Because it is a double electric pump, it is highly efficient due to the simultaneous pumping. It comes with:
a. Swing Maxi Motor Unit
b. Connector
c. 2 Bottles and 2 Bottle Stand
d. 2 Breast Shields
e. Adapter

2 - 4 Nursing Bag - I use Medela CityStyle breast milk carrying bag. This is what I bring all the time, it so handy and has a lot of space for my pump and other nursing accessories. It comes with a removable cool bag, four breast milk storage bottles and a specially shaped cooling element that will keep your milk cool longer.

5. Plastic Storage - Where I store my breast shield and other pumping paraphernalia

6. Pumping Bra - I use Honeysuckle Pumping bra to hold the breast shield so I can do other things while pumping. I soooooo love this!

7. Nursing Cover - Not just to cover while I breastfeed my baby, I also use this while I pump especially when I'm doing it in an open area like my cubicle.

8. Milk Storage Bags - I usually bring 2 pieces so I could transfer my milk instantly after pumping.

9. Sharpie - To write down milk information on my milk storage bag

10 Batteries - These AAA Batteries are needed whenever I pump in the absence of power socket. I use it in the car and one time in a movie house. hehe.

11 Lactation Cookies - I bring two whenever I'm at work so I can boost my supply. 

What about you. What do you usually bring when you pump?

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