Revisited: Marcia Adams Tuscany Tagaytay

Monday, July 16, 2018

When Mike asked me where I wanted to spend Mother's Day, I immediately said I want to go out of the house. I've been on house arrest since Keia was born and for those two months that I stayed in our condo, I extremely felt depressed 😭 good thing we were able to go out and travel to Tagaytay. I personally requested to have lunch at Marcia Adams Tuscany as I've been wanting to go back here since the first time Mike and I visited it 4 years ago. So Mike and I together with my parents had lunch in beautiful Tuscany.

Marcia Adams Tuscany is a Tuscany-inspired garden restaurant tucked away in the countryside of Alfonso. They serve mediterranean dishes and the place has a nice Tuscan atmosphere. Read my previous blog HERE

We stayed at the Sunset Lounge as I wanted to dine in this area (good thing I booked in advance!) They also have other areas like the Lanai, Main Dining Room and Garden. This area is perfect during sunset thus the name. 

Sunset Lounge
First time in Tagaytay with this little girl
Hi! I'm two months old!
Tuscan feels
3 Course Meal
The main course comes with an appetizer and dessert. Here are our orders

Complimentary Bread
Freshly homemade that comes with balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Complimentary bread
Hummus with Whole Wheat Tortilla
A blend of chickpeas, garlic and oil served with grilled whole wheat tortilla  

Hummus with Whole Wheat Tortilla
Main Course
Grilled Pork Chop | P835
A grilled loin chop seasoned with pepper and fennel served with fresh tomato salsa.
My order. I very much love this! It's so yummy and very satisfying.

Grilled Pork Chop
Spanish Bean Stew | P735
With bacon, chorizo and three kinds of beans.
Mama's order.

Spanish Bean Stew
Chicken Kebab | P735
Marinated with cumin and home-made yoghurt (2 sticks)
Papa's order

Panna cota with Lemon Sauce
My order. I love panna cota!

Panna Cota with Lemon Sauce

Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Cream with Berry Compote
Papa's Order. This is yummy too!

Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Cream with Berry Compote

Banana Split with Chocolate Ice Cream
Special chocolate and almond sauce with French liqueurs 
Mike's order

Banana Split with Chocolate Ice Cream
Grilled Orange with Vanilla Ice Cream
Mama's order

Grilled Orange with Vanilla Ice Cream
Family Lunch
Just below the lounge is an area that has a really nice backdrop, perfect for picture taking. I felt like we were in Game of Throne's Dorne. 

Are we in Dorne?
Nursing outfits are the best!
Happy Mother's Day to me!
Glad I was able to visit this place again, this time with my family and of course, Keia.

For reservations you may contact Neil of Marcia Adams at 09178011456

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