Keia's Lifestyle Newborn Pictorial from Baby Dove

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

One of the sweetest gifts I received on my first ever Mother's Day was a free photo session with my baby girl, Keia care of Baby Dove.

Newborn Photography, as I've said in my recent post, is very popular nowadays. During Keia's second week, we had a Studio-type Newborn Pictorial where my baby was photographed inside a photo studio complete with costumes and props, very well curated to look perfect, you can check her photos HERE 

The lifestyle type of newborn photography is a different one. It is slowly becoming very popular nowadays. Usually done at the client's own home where the shots are more casual and natural and can be done when the baby is up to six weeks old or even older. Parents and siblings (if there are) are normally part of the session.

Ever since Keia was born, my phone's camera roll has been full of her pictures! I just love taking photos of my baby girl (every mom do!) so when I got a message from Baby Dove that they will give us a free photoshoot to celebrate my first Mother's Day, I immediately said yes.

It was so sweet of Baby Dove to invite 70 first time mothers and give a free photoshoot with their little ones complete with hair and makeup. They partnered with Little Heartbeat Photography in capturing real moments with #realmoms like me. Check out some of our photos

Lifestyle Photoshoot with my Baby
Loving this crib from Incy Rooms
Looking intently at Mommy
Trying to tell me something, honey?
You make Mommy so happy!
Love how comfy this couch is! The whole nursery is so beautiful!
You really love looking at the camera, Keia!
Mommy and Keia everyday situation: At first you'll be very behave...
We laugh together...
Then suddenly you cry out of nowhere...
Mommy will try her best to calm you down...
But sometimes you just don't stop...
Good thing Daddy is here to the rescue!
He helps me make you stop from crying...
That's why we complement each other
No matter what, Daddy and Mommy love you so much, Keia
In tears and in laughter

This is my little family <3
You will never truly understand the hardship and fulfillment of being a mom unless you become one yourself. This was my realization when I gave birth to Keia. As a first time mom I'd be very honest, I was overwhelmed with all the responsibilities and new things that's been happening to me. It was not easy, but thanks to Baby Dove for encouraging us to trust our instincts and reminding that there are no perfect moms just real ones. Thank you Baby Dove and Little Heartbeat Photography for celebrating my first ever Mother's Day. It was so memorable because you were in it.

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