Babymoon in Taiwan: Day Tour in Yehliu, Shifen & Jiufen

Sunday, February 11, 2018

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Taiwan has become a popular destination among tourists because of the numerous attractions it offers and some of these attractions are - YehliuShifen & Jiufen. Located in the northern part of Taiwan, these spots can be visited in one day.  Mike and I usually travel via public transportation because it's cheaper and at the same time we want to experience how most of the locals do it. But our Taiwan tour was an exception, since I was 30 weeks pregnant and wanted a stress-free travel (we didn't want to experience any complications!) we opted to rent a private car for the whole day. Luckily, a friend of mine who lives in Taiwan knows a Pinoy car owner who does these kinds of tours on a very affordable rate. I'm really lucky I have friends in the right parts of the world!

Private Car Rental 
Fee for the whole day 
NT 4,000 
Car can fit 4 people

Tour Itinerary
Pick up at our Airbnb in the morning (depends what time you want to be picked up)
Yehliu Geo Park
Golden Waterfall
Shine Old Street
Drop off at our Airbnb in the evening

Yehliu Geological Park
Our first stop. Yehliu Geopark is located at the northern coast of Taiwan, famous for its collection of unique rock formations making it a premier tourist spot. Too bad it was raining hard when we got there so we had no choice but to buy a NT20 worth of raincoat. 

Entrance Fee 
Adult | NT80
Taiwan Student & Children aged between 6 and 12 | NT40
Group Ticket (30 persons and above | 20% Discount
Disabled and Children of height under 115 cm or under age of 6 | FREE

Opening Time
Open Daily | 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Is it pregnancy friendly?
Yes I would say it is safe for pregnant women as you won't be climbing stairs, although we walked for a couple of meters from the entrance to be able to reach the rock formations. The main impediment during our visit was the rain. We weren't able to go around the vicinity that much because of the weather. And because I really didn't want to tire myself so much, we stayed at one area. For sure if it wasn't raining, pregnant or not I would've still walked around other sights.

Heavily raining at the time
Typhoon levels 😆
My parents decided to sit at one of the benches while Mike and I roam around
Yehliu Geopark is 1.7 km long and they say is home to some of the most famous eroded rock formations in the world. Because of the soft limestone composition of the rock layers, this area is prone to erosion. These factors resulted in a unique geological landscape visited by many.

From afar the Yehliu Cape is like a turtle crouching down by the sea therefore it was also Calle Yehliu Turtle 
In the olden days, they say that Yehliu was the key channel of the trade route between Mainland China and Keelung Harbor

This area was the only one we visited
Landscape of honeycomb and mushroom rocks eroded by the sea

A combination of seawater, wave and wind forces resulted to these formations
These rock formations make a good backdrop
30 weeks pregnant and still "rocking" it
It looks better during dry season when the sky is clear and you don't need to wear a cheap yellow raincoat
Although the cheap yellow raincoat looks good on the hubby. Don't you agree?
Danger area
Rain never bothered me anyway

Despite the sad weather, we were able to enjoy the geopark
Look how beautiful the sedimentary rocks are
Baby bump 🤰
Going back
After roaming around the geopark we rode the car and headed to the Golden Waterfall. What I love about renting a private car is that we can control our own time unlike joining in group tours when our time was limited as we need to comply with the assigned schedule. I also love that I was able to rest while traveling, most of the time if we are using the public transportation we tend to be awake, to be alert if we are at the location already.

Golden Waterfall
Before we went to Jiufen, we made a quick stop at the Golden Waterfall. It is near Jiufen and Gold Ecological Park. It is called "golden" as it was an important area for gold mining during the Japanese occupation.

Golden Waterfall
Opening Time 
Daily | Anytime (but of course it is best to visit it during day time)

Entrance Fee:

The golden hillside is a nice contrast to the green grass
Family picture! Too bad it was still raining. Boo.
Because it is near the mining area, they say that the water is toxic, not even safe to touch. Our visit here was less than 10 minutes because of the rain, then we proceeded to Jiufen. 

Juifen is a mountain town built by the Japanese during the Qing Dynasty. It is a former gold mining area resulting to hastened village development into a town, now it is a maze of alleyway and lanes with rich history and culture. It is also well known for the animated movie, Sprited Away which I wasn't able to watch (hehehe). 

Is it pregnancy friendly?
I was able to endure all the walking, but it can be tiring. So what we did was we rested at a local restaurant along the way for lunch break then proceeded to walk again until we reached the famous teahouse. You have to keep in mind that because it is a mountain town, you will be walking upward going there then down when leaving the place. It can also be very crowded so you have to wear a mask to avoid getting any virus or whatever complications. 

Alleyway of so many local shops selling delicacies and souvenirs. Yes, I had to wear a mask to avoid any complications
There are so many snacks to eat and is quite well-known to try them but because my OB didn't allow me to eat any street food, wasn't able to try

Mike tried the creampuff and it was good.
Mama looking for a wind chime souvenir for her shop
Jiuchongding Restaurant
Because we wanted to rest, we looked for a nice restaurant to have our lunch. We saw this very cozy one on our way to the teahouse. 

Jiuchongding Restaurant
Spicy Beef Rice | NT 300
My order, I love the taste and the beef is extra soft too.

Steamed Rice in Bamboo Mugs | NT 250
Mama's order, she liked it especially because of the vegetables on the side

Diced Chicken Curry | NT 300
Papa's order

Beef Noodle Soup | NT 300
Mike's order

Our local lunch 
Hot Lemonade
The place was packed
A perfect place to rest and have lunch
Amei Teahouse
After so much walking and inquiries, we were able to see the famous teahouse. A 100 year old iconic teahouse which is the inspiration behind the bath house of the animated film Spirited Away. Because the teahouse was also full during that time, we weren't able to go inside so instead we went to another teahouse with the view of Amei then took pictures of it as a backdrop. 

Despite the gloomy weather, the teahouse looked stunning
Black can really help you look thin
Coat from H&M, long sleeves top and maternity pants both from Uniqlo
#ChaMike with Baby in Taiwan behind the famous teahouse
Sad that we weren't able to visit the old mining tunnel and mask shop because it was raining and I was too tired too. So after a visit at the teahouse we then went back to our car then proceeded to go to our last destination which is Shifen Old Street.

Shifen Old Street
An old railroad town with shops and restaurants on the side. It is more famous for the release of sky lanterns in the belief that your wishes/prayers will come true. Shifen railroad was originally built to transport coal during the Japanese era and the sky lanterns were originally used for transporting signals. I particularly wanted to visit this place as I wanted to write my prayers for the year 2018. We went there on New Year's eve so it was just the right timing. 

Shifen Old Street
Is it pregnancy friendly?
Yes, very much as the railroad is just a quick walk from the main road. Although you won't be able to visit other nearby attractions like Shifen Waterfalls which is a 30 minute walk from the station. 

Lantern souvenir
Lantern Rate
We looked for a lantern shop (there were many!) then a lady handed us a paper with lantern options and corresponding price. Apparently you can choose different types of lanterns according to your wish. 

For one color | NT 150
For multiple colors | NT 200

Color Meaning
White | Health, Peace
Blue | Hope, Dream
Yellow | Career, Studies
Orange | Money, Wealth 
Pink | Happiness, Love
Red Jubilation, Happiness
Green | Growth, Birth

Sky Lantern chart
My parents only chose 1 color which is White for Health and Peace. We, on the other hand choose 4 colors - Red (Happy), Orange (Wealth), Green (Growth), White (Health)

We were given a brush and black ink to write down our prayers

Orange is for wealth
Green is for growth
White is for health
Almost all our wishes were for our Baby Girl
Mama and Papa writing down their prayers
When we were done, someone assisted us to take photos and light the lantern. My parents came first
Our turn- the photographer wanted silly poses thus the 'pogi sign'
Heart sign for red
Yes for health!
Wealth pose

Time to release the lantern
Our lantern up in the sky!
Being very positive that our prayers will be answered this 2018
Hurrah! The preggo survived!!!
We went back to our hotel after our Shifen trip. And yes, I was able to rest and sleep while inside the car. It was really a good decision to get a private car to accompany us all through out the day. Thanks Kuya JR for being an excellent driver and host!

Contact of RJ (Viber) | +886 972 716 353

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