ChaMike Baby Shower

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Showering our baby with LOVE!

I was already 35 weeks when we had our Baby Shower. It was the earliest possible date we could do the event as the whole weekend of January was already packed. Nonetheless, it came out to be PERFECT! Because I'm carrying a baby girl, I want our shower to be dainty, magical and cute thus our shower's theme was Unicorn 🦄 . It was also great that Mike and I found an ideal venue for it, a quaint whimsical diner that serves multi-cuisine dishes. Stacy's has two branches, one in BGC and the other one in QC. The QC branch is larger and can accommodate up to more than 60 pax which was our ideal number of guests. It was relatively near our place so we booked it in the afternoon for a merienda package. Because all of our closest friends and families were present, it was also the perfect time and venue to announce our baby girl's name. So much gratitude for all the guests who came, we felt the love they have for our baby girl. 

Enjoy the photos taken by GaniX Photography and Film

Welcome signage. Let's shower our baby girl with LOVE

The Magic is HERE! 

The Dainty venue at Stacy's

Unicorn Balloons with teal, pink and lavender accents
Teal runner with pink and lavender placemats
Unicorn balls from my sister's shop decors
Polaroid collection of our Maternity Photos

Polaroid collection of my pregnancy milestone
How cute is this bike. Reminds me of our wedding emblem
Another unicorn balloons from friend Kris
Unicorn themed prizes - socks, necklace, laser bullpen and bracelet

Cotton candy giveaway
Half of the gifts Keia received - Registry at SM and Mothercare
Super cute dessert table
Unicorn cupcakes from Heavenly Bites by Louise
Unicorn cake by Heavenly Bites by Louise
Cupcake from Stacy's
Unicorn topper from Caketopps
Excited parents-to-be
Purple flower from Love Paper Florist
35 weeks preggy!
Hair and Makeup by Mama Jackie Rivera
Makeup from sister - Kylie x Kim collection and Wunderbrow
Dress from Apartment 8
Light Merienda Buffet
Hearty Chicken Melt with Apples and Grapes

Grilled Shrimp and Pomelo Salad in Asian Dressing
Potato Chip Fried Chicken with Mushroom Gravy
Spicy Shrimp Scampi with Angel Hair Pasta
Iced Tea in different flavors

Dapitan Girls
Our guests. 40 can fit inside and the other guests may sit outside
Name Game - We let our guests guess the name of our baby by answering questions about us. One correct answer equals a chance to guess one letter and guess the name
Everyone's attentive
Our Baby Girl's name - Keia Lavender
Diaper Game for Couples
Guess who won?
Cham's HS friends -  Tita's of Alabang
ABS-CBN friends
ABS-CBN friends

ABS-CBN Friends
Ninang Lani with family
Chloe and Bobet
Family with Mike's HS Friends
It was an amazing day for us as our first ever baby shower was a SUCCESS!!! So happy for all the gifts that were given to Baby Keia. Thank you family and friends for the LOVE!!! 💜🦄

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