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Monday, November 20, 2017


'From the seat of power to a museum of the history of France' 

The Palace of Versailles remains to be one of the most important landmarks in Paris. Versailles was a former French royal residence from the reign of King Louis XIV to King Louis XVI from 1682 to 1789. The royal family was forced to return to the capital after the beginning of the French Revolution. From the 19th century until today, Versailles became and still is an important museum of France. 

I have an inkling about this palace because of the movie Marie Antoinette. I became curious about how the royalties during the 17th century lived in extravagance and opulence so I wanted to get to see the actual palace myself. 

King Louis XIV
We visited it on our third day and we allotted the whole day for it because we knew that it is quite far from the center.

How to go:
RER | Line C, Versailles Chateau - Rive Gauche trains station

It is better that you ask the Metro information staff before buying your ticket because you might get confused on what option to choose. As for us, the information counter was very helpful that she recommended us to buy return tickets so we don't need to buy again when going back. It was fairly cheaper than what we intended to purchase.

Waiting for our RER
Inside of our RER
The travel is around 50 minutes one way
That means more time to relax and cuddle
Finally here at the station
Versailles Station
Information Center- this was where we (and hundreds of tourists everyday) asked where the palace is located
Very pretty pathway going to the palace
Versailles #OTTD
Turtleneck dress | Forever21
Pink Coat | Uniqlo
Boots | H&M
Sunnies |
Bag | Kate Spade

Opening Time: 
Palace | Open everyday except Mondays, December 25 and January 1
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Gardens | Open everyday except for bad weather conditions
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Palace of Trianon | Open everyday except Mondays, December 25 and January 1
12:00 nn - 6:30 pm

After a few minute walk we were able to see the palace
Two royalties (the one is legit)
The enormous palace and crowd of people
Ticket Fee:
Passport | € 20
Will take you to the whole Estate: Palace, estate of Trianon, temporary exhibits, gardens and parks, musical fountain show or musical gardens and coach gallery 

Palace | € 18
Will take you to: Palace, temporary exhibits, gardens and parks except on musical fountain shows or musical garden days and coach gallery

Estate of Trianon | € 12
Will take you to: Estate of Trianon, temporary exhibits held in the Grand Trianon, gardens except on musical fountain shows or musical garden days and coach gallery

For more practical information about booking check the official website HERE

It is advisable that you purchase your tickets online because there is a very long queue for buying the ticket. Believe me we went through the stress of lining up for almost an hour, and it was so sunny that we got our skin burned (We didn't apply any sunblock since day 1) so you'll notice later how dark and haggard my face was all because we didn't purchase our tickets in advance. boo.

There are two lines, 1st is purchasing a ticket and the second is lining up to get to the palace
Our palace tickets
We had the biggest mistake of not purchasing the passport tickets 😭 for a small amount of € 2 we would've been able to see even the Estate of Trianon where the venue of the grand garden of Marie Antoinette plus (this was even worse) we even paid additional € 8.50 for visiting the musical garden show that we didn't even see  ðŸ˜­ðŸ˜­ðŸ˜­

Gates of the Palace
Formerly called Chateau de Versailles
The word Chateau during that period means a rural location of a luxurious residence as opposed to an urban Palace
Like Louvre Palais, it is at the heart of Paris while Chateau de Versailles is out in the country 
ChaMike in Nudes
But first, French #ChaMikiss
Angelina Cafe for Lunch
Before exploring the palace we had to eat brunch as we were famished! Because we had no choice to eat anywhere (going out of the palace will be too much of a hassle), we settled to dine at the very posh cafe, AngelinaAngelina is a famous teahouse in Paris. Known for its almost pudding-like hot chocolate and for its Mont Blanc dessert which is known globally.

Dining like royals at Angelina Cafe in Versailles
Croque Monsieur, jambon, Comte, coeur de laitue | € 16
Baked ham & cheese sandwich, country cheese and lettuce

Croque Monsieur

Angelina, filet de volaille, poitrine fumée, ceuf dur, tomate, pommes grenailles | € 23.5
Angelina club sandwich of chicken fillet, bacon, tomato, hard-boiled egg with with mid potatoes 

Angelina Club Sandwich
Lunch flat lay
We also ordered Angelina's 1903 classic dessert which made them famous. 

Le Mont Blanc | € 9.20
Meringue, light whipped cream, chestnut cream vermicelli

Le Mont Blanc
Dining here will definitely make you feel like royalty, the interior and ambience were over the top luxurious but in my most honest opinion, the food was overrated. It was so expensive, not worth what we ate at all. Even their famed dessert wasn't at all impressive. I don't know, but I usually like sweets but the Mont Blanc was a total blank for me. Too bad we weren't able to try their famous hot chocolate, it was the personal fave of Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn!

King and Queen of House Magsaysay
After our royal lunch, we then started our Palace trip.
My audioguide, map and ticket
The Royal Chapel
The first room that we visited was the Royal Chapel. The chapel was dedicated to St Louis, the patron saint of the king and an ancestry of the royal house.

The Royal Chapel
King State Apartments
The King State Apartment is a series of 7 rooms used for hosting sovereign's official acts. 

The Hercules Room - The Apotheosis of Hercules
The Veronese, the Meal in the House of Simon
Diana Room
Mars Room
Hall of Mirrors
The most famous room in the Palace. The Hall of Mirrors pays tribute to the political, economic and artistic success of France. 

Hall of Mirrors
It's so grandiose! 
Political successes are illustrated through the 30 painted compositions on the vaulted ceiling by Le Burn
Courtiers and visitors crossed the Hall of Mirror daily, and it also served as a place for waiting and meeting
It was also here that the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919, ending the First World War
The King's Bedchamber
The King's Bedchamber is the most important and symbolic room in the Royal Apartments and was used several times of the day: during the king's getting up and going to bed ceremonies, when he dined in private, and when he received certain courtiers or ambassadors.

Louis XIV died in this room on Sept 1, 1715 after a reign of 72 years
King's Apartment
The King's Apartment contained the customary succession of rooms: a Guard Room, two antechambers, a chamber and a cabinet.
Royal Antechamber- Where King Louis XIV used to dine after the death of the queen
Battles Gallery
The most important of the historic galleries created by Louis-Philippe in the Palace of Versailles
Battles Gallery
It was really handy that we had our audioguides with us
Depicts 15 centuries of French military successes through 30 or so paintings
This is the largest room in the Palace
Austerlitz by Gerard, one of the four biggest paintings in this gallery
Charlemagne meet Charmaine
Realized we had no picture together inside the museum so here's a little mirror shot
On our way to a different wing
Mesdames' Apartments
The Mesdames of France, as the six daughters of Louis XV were known, lived here from 1752.
Welcome to my abode
I think I blend in
A quick photo op before we went to see the chambers
I can just imagine the view here during its glory days. My kind of window view
Madame Victoires Great Chamber
Madame Victoire's Private Chamber
Madame Victroire's Library
Madame Adelaide's Chamber
Such a pretty room! Looked so regal!!!
Madame Adelaide's Private Chamber
The Palace Police Room
Garden of Versailles
So do you still remember what I said about making a big mistake by not purchasing the passport tickets? Yes! This was that moment when we realized it. Before we could even enter the garden guests need to buy a ticket! I didn't even understand because I thought if we only wanted to see the just the garden it is already included in the Palace ticket. But moving on, we just made the most of our trip and enjoyed the 800 hectares land. 

Ticket Fee
Musical Fountain Show | € 8.50

Another ticket! Boo.
Parterres and Paths
At the foot of the Palace on the garden side there are three large parterres: North Parterre, South Parterre and Water Parterre. The latter is composed of two large rectangular pools.

View of the Palace from the Garden with the two large rectangular pools
This view kinda reminded me of the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna
One of the four French figures representing the French river
We can't say no to a French Royal #ChaMikiss here
The South Parterre or Flower Parterre
This draws the visitors gaze southward and reveals the Orangery Parterre 
Beautifully and meticulously landscaped
The Orangery
Orange trees from Portugal, Spain and Italy, lemon trees, oleander, palm and pomegranate trees, some more than 200 years old, are all housed in the Orangery during the winter and spread out across its parterre in summer.
the Orangery
The Orangery parterre covers no less than three hectares. It consists of four grass sections and a circular pool
During the reign of Louis XIV it was adorned with several sculptures which are now kept in the Musee du Louvre
Beautiful backdrop 💖
Latona's Parterre
Covering almost 3.5 hectares in the heart of the Gardens of Versailles. From here you can see the Latona's Fountain, The Royal Way and Grand Canal. It was breathtaking!

Grandest garden I have ever seen!!!
The work on the garden lasted for more than 40 years
A French #ChaMikiss at the garden is a MUST!!!
Latona's Fountain
There are several fountains at the garden but this one is located at the heart of the garden. Inspired by the Metamorphoses by Ovide.

Latona's Fountain
Illustrates the story of Latona, mother of Apollo and Diana, protecting her children from the insult of the peasants pleading with Jupiter to avenge her so he turned the peasants into frogs and lizards
Thus the reason why golden sculpture are frogs and lizards
The Royal Way or Great Lawn
Major east-west axis of the garden. Started from Latona's Parterre and ends at Apollo's Fountain. 
The Royal Way or Great Lawn
You can see the Grand Canal from this view
The opposite view, you can see the palace. The lawn was well manicured.
The statues in place today are mouldings of the originals, which are currently conserved in the Louvre
King and Queen of House Magsaysay
The M Pose
Gardens & Groves
There are so many groves in this garden and because of the short amount of time we had, we weren't able to explore all of it. We only explored the Dauphin's Grove.  

Dauphin's Grove
All the groves in this garden were reviewed by the King himself who was very keen in every detail
We can really see how keen the King was when it comes to details because of how meticulous he was with every area. 
Creating the garden was a monumental task as they imported trees from different regions in France
The preppy look of the hubby blends very well with the sophisticated garden
Taking a break by sitting in one of the gardens benches
Apollo's Fountain
Located in the middle of the Grand Canal and Great Lawn. The Apollo's Fountain has a sculpture of Apollo riding his chariot which is based on the legend of Apollo, the Sun god and the King's icon.
Apollo's Fountain
This has been the farthest area we walked to
It was so sunny yes so chilly. We really got ourselves burnt after this tour
Formerly called the Lake of Swans
Yes, there were so many swans in this pond
Even the swan looked like royalty
Mike trying to get the swan's attention
The swan dissed Mike because no food 🤣
This was where we ended our Versailles trip and exited at the gates from where we entered.

Earlier, this area is packed with tourists waiting to go inside
Feel like a royalty at Palace of Versailles ✔✔✔
Versailles was ridiculously extravagant and impressive. The biggest, grandest and most opulent palace I have ever seen in my life! Although there are still so many sights to see at the Palace, we opted to go back as we were beginning to get really tired from all the walking plus our faces were so burnt. Sadly, we weren't able to visit the Grand Trianon, a separate palace located in the middle of the garden. You can see here Marie Antoinette's Estate too. Next time we will try to visit it again when we have our own prince and princess. Now the king and queen of house Magsaysay needed to beauty rest and exfoliate.

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