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Friday, November 24, 2017


The most memorable dinner we had in Europe was not at a high-end fine dining restaurant, it was also not along a romantic canal cruise nor on top of an overlooking restaurant but it was at quaint home-cooked restaurant called La Table de Genevieve

Le Table de Genevieve is a fait maison French restaurant located along the lively street of Rue Descartes where they serve traditional French cuisine. The place has a green facade and a small interior making it a cozy restaurant to dine with your friends and loved ones.

Dining in this restaurant was a wedding gift from my good friends, Camille and her Parisian husband, Julien. This restaurant is their favorite in Paris and they wanted to share the experience to us. 

Le Table de Genevieve
How to go:
Metro | Line 10 Cardinal Lemoine
Near the Pantheon

Opening Time:
Lunch | Saturday & Sunday
Dinner | Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday (closed every Saturday)
Closed every Monday

€ 30

We reserved the place (it is recommended) on our 4th day in Paris for our dinner. When we arrived, the place wasn't packed yet because we were there early but as the night approaches the restaurant got crowded. Upon entering, I instantly noticed how warm and homey the atmosphere was. 

The restaurant was just small but has a pleasant setting
Ambience was very homey and not intimidating
We were immediately welcomed by Nico, Julien's good friend and restaurant owner. He was very hospitable and showed us our table. They have no paper menu but the menu was listed on a chalkboard where Nico explains to each of the customers which I find very unique and personal.

Nico and his chalkboard menu
The menu changes from time to time depending on the season. The options are not as many as the other French restaurants we dined because they focus more on quality over quantity. 

After Nico explained the menu for that night, he also gave his recommendations so we let him serve their house specialty. This was our 3-course dinner at La Table de Genevieve.

Champagne by the glass
Nico gave us champagne with olives on the side to start our dinner

Champagne and olives
Cheers to the newlyweds!
It's sweet and very light
Enjoying every moment
Honeymoon celebration
Complimentary French Bread
While waiting for our starters, we were served crispy and tasty French baguettes. 

French Bread
Presse de Canard au Foie Gras |  € 10
Pressed Duck Foie Gras with salad on the side
Mike's order. It was our first time to try a foie gras in Europe so this one was quite special. Don't get me wrong, I've already tried foie gras in different restaurants in Manila but this one exceeded our expectation of what a foie gras should taste like.
Presse de Canard au Foie Gras
Escargot | € 6 for 6 pcs
                | € 12 for 12 pcs
cooked snail
My order. This was highly recommended by Nico. I've never had an escargot ever before so I was bit hesitant if I'd like it but because Nico assured that I'd love it I gave their escargot a try and it was the best decision as the escargot was sooo good!!! The sauce was juicy and delectable! The meat was so tender I DIED!!!

Escargot of 6
Appetizer flatlay
Looked scary at first
My initial reactions
Main Dish
Candied Veal, Mashed Potato | € 18
My order. The veal was cooked to perfection, the sauce was tasty and in the right consistency. The mashed potatoes are equally delicious!

Candied Veal and Mashed Potatoes
Cochon Braise au Munster, pomme de terre fondante | € 18
Braised pork with Munster cheese and potato fondant
Mike's order. The braised pork was also very good and filling and tasted really well with the cheese sauce. He loves potatoes and this unique potato fondant made a lasting impression on him (yes up until now)

Cochon Braise au Muster, pomme de terre fondant
Main Entree Flatlay

Red Wine by the glass
They have very good selection of wine and this one in particular is Nico's personal recommendation. 

To happier days ahead!
Meringue, cerises, litchi | € 6.00
My order. The lemon was tangy but the sweetness of the meringue balances the flavor of the dessert. YUM! Their dessert serving was just right, not too overwhelming and not too small. It left us satisfied and very much happy. 

Crousti Fondant Praline et  Chocolat, glace vanille | € 6
Crunchy Praline Fondant Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream
Mike's order. He saved the best for last by ordering this dessert. It was exceptionally good! Praline fondant and vanilla ice cream make a superb combo!

Crousti Fondant Praline at Chocolate, glace vanille
Sweet teeth!
Ending the night with their yummy dessert.
We had a memorable night at La Table de Genevieve. The food was incredible and the price was very reasonable, Nico's hospitality was unbelievable; he made us feel he was welcoming us to his own home. We felt very important. As of this writing, it was rated #151 out of 14,744 restaurants in Paris so this restaurant deserves to be visited by anyone traveling to Paris.  La Table de Genevieve is a GEM!

Address: 8 Rue Descartes Paris France
Telephone: +33 1 43267249

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