French Cuisine: What We Ate in Paris France

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


French cuisine is one of the most respected and renowned cuisines in the world, after all Paris won't be named the Capital City of Food for nothing so even if French food is expensive in Paris, Mike and I saw ourselves eating at fine dining restaurants and enjoying extraordinary gastronomic experiences from day one until our final day.

Don't get me wrong, we did eat at fast food restaurants and food stalls (we even ate sweet crepe for lunch!) but during dinner, we treated ourselves a little bit more. Here are some of the French restaurants we tried in Paris 

Cafe du Trocadero
One of the French restaurants in Paris that can give you a nice view of the Eiffel Tower. It was also famed for the opening scene of Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris where the restaurant was seen from the panoramic view of the Place du Trocadero. 

Cafe du Trocadero
Cafe du Trocadero was recommended to us by a friend so we had to try it on our first night in Paris. After our special encounter with the tower we went straight here for our first dinner in Paris. Good thing the seat inside with the view of the tower was still available

Can you see the sparkling Eiffel Tower from behind?
Troffi a l'arrabiata | € 18
Cherry tomatoes, ricotta secca & basil
my order

Cheese Burger de Salers | € 26
Salers beef Cheese burger, mature cheddar, Jalapeño relish & French fries and salad on the side
Mike's order 

Capuccino | € 7.50

Our first French meal in Paris
1st dinner in Paris (with French bread)
It was such a sweet gesture for Mike when he randomly surprised me with a dessert. I was very emotional that day because of my first meet up with Eiffel Tower then this! 

Surprise! Surprise!
Plateau de Patisserie Maison | € 12
Platter of homemade pastries

Plateau de Patisserie Maison
Ended this beautiful day with a sweet treat
We loved our experience at Cafe du Trocadero. The food was how I imagined an authentic French restaurant to be. The wait staff was so nice that he offered to take photos of us and he was very accommodating with Mike's request to surprise me. The perfect restaurant to dine on our first night in Paris.

Cafe des 2 Moulins (Amelie's Restaurant)
After our quick photo op at Moulin Rouge, we walked a few meters to look for Cafe des 2 Moulins (Two Windmills). It is a well known cafe in Montmartre especially after its appearance on the French film, Amelie which was also released on 2001 same year as Moulin Rouge. 

Cafe des 2 Moulins
Le fabulous destin d'Amelie Poulain was one of the reasons why I wanted to visit Paris. I am a big fan of this French film and director Jean-Pierre Jeunet  that I watched it countless times even if it means reading the subtitles over and over again. I fell in love with Paris especially Montmartre because of this movie so I was very much giddy when I saw the actual restaurant where Amelie worked as a waitress. 

How to go:
Located at the intersection of Rue Lepic and Rue Cauchois. From Moulin Rouge, we walked a few meters and voila! We saw the nostalgic red facade.

Walk with Cham in Cafe des 2 Moulins
Can't believe I was actually standing here!
Inside the cafe
Can still recall this place from the scenes of the movie
The bar counter where most of the scenes were shot
Oh look! It's Audrey Tautou!
It was almost lunchtime and yes we were scheduled to dine here for lunch for that complete movie experience. 

Because we were a bit early for lunch, the restaurant was not yet packed even the area where the poster is located!
The wait staff graciously gave the  most coveted seats to us and began asking for our orders. Oh we were so lucky!

Hello, Amelie! You have no idea how happy I was to be here! #ultimatefangirl
Look, Audrey signed this poster. I felt very close to her!
While waiting for our orders, I went to the toilet and saw this little area
Memorabilia of posters, props (the gnome!) and photos from the movie. How cute!
Very much thankful for this moment! 
Thank you babe for tolerating my craziness 
We ordered a hefty meal - an entree for each and a dessert.

Complimentary French Bread 
The baguette is freshly made 
Complimentary bread
Beef Tartar (raw) "au couteau" | € 15
Plain tartar with French fries and salad
My order
Beef Tartar
French camembert cheese | € 13
Roasted with honey and thyme, potatoes and salad
French camembert cheese
Lunch flat lay

Sharing a food with Amelie
Of course we didn't leave this cafe without trying out their Amelie special. 

Gouter d'Amelie | €9
Choice of coffee, coffee with milk, hot chocolate or tea - I ordered coffee with milk
Creme brûlée with cardamon

Gouter d'Amelie

If you've seen the movie, you'll remember that Amelie loves cracking a creme brûlée with a teaspoon.

So nostalgic!
Let the crackin' begin!
Yes, even the creme brûlée tasted so delectable!!! What a lovely way to end my fan girl moment.
Dine at Amelie's Restaurant ✔
To tell you honestly, I wasn't expecting so much from their food because dining here even if the food is 'just okay' was more than enough for me. But low and behold, our orders didn't disappoint, it was more than 'just okay' because it was so good! So if you are a big fan of the movie come visit this cafe during brunch so you'll have a good seat (I don't think they allow reservations though). While we were occupying our seats, several tourists wanted the same spot, some even tried taking a photo of the poster but the management of the cafe didn't allow them because it might disturb their costumers. 

Cafe Beaugrenelle
Stumbled upon this restaurant near our Paris hotel. The Cafe Beaugrenelle was one of the many restaurants around our area that serves French cuisine.

Water for our drinks can be as romantic when you're with your beau. 
Steak de thon a la plancha | € 16.50
Grilled tuna steak with quinoa and side salad
My order

Steak de thon a la plancha
Paillard de poulet grille | € 13.90
Grilled chicken with mashed potato and side salad
Mike's order

Paillard de poulet grille
2nd dinner in Paris (with French bread)
We didn't let this chance pass without ordering our favorite lava cake!

Fondant au chocolat, creme pistache | € 8.20
Chocolate fondant with pistachio cream

Fondant au chocolate, creme pistache
Our memorable 2nd night in Paris
A good option to eat French food if you're around the area. Love the ambience as the the French interior made the setting very romantic, perfect for couples. Our orders were okay but not exceptional although we loved the chocolate fondant!

Angelina at the Palace of Versailles
Because we had no choice to eat our lunch, we settled to dine at the very posh cafe, Angelina. Angelina is a famous tea in Paris. Known for it's almost pudding-like hot chocolate and for its Mont Blanc dessert which is known globally.

Dining like royals at Angelina Chateau de Versailles
Croque Monsieur, jambon, Comte, coeur de laitue | € 16
Baked ham & cheese sandwich, country cheese and lettuce

Croque Monsieur
Angelina, filet de volaille, poitrine fumée, ceuf dur, tomate, pommes grenailles | € 23.5
Angelina club sandwich of chicken fillet, bacon, tomato, hard-boiled egg with with mid potatoes 

Angelina Club Sandwich
We also ordered Angelina's 1903 classic dessert which made them famous.

Le Mont Blanc | € 9.20
Meringue, light whipped cream, chestnut cream vermicelli

Le Mont Blanc
Dining here will definitely make you feel like a royalty, the interior and ambience were over the top luxurious but in my most honest opinion, the food was overrated. It was so expensive, not worth what we ate at all. Even their famed dessert wasn't at all impressive. I don't know, but I usually like sweets but the Mont Blanc was a total blank for me. Too bad we weren't able to try their famous hot chocolate, it was the personal fave of Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn!

Cafe Le Bosquet
A restaurant located near the Eiffel Tower that serves tractional French cuisine. Dined here with our friends Neal and April. This was the only place we were able to meet up because we stayed in different hotels when we were in Paris. It was their marriage gift to us <how sweet!>

Cafe Le Bosquet

Duck Confit from Arnabar Farm with side salad and grenaille potatoes | € 17. 
Me and April's order

Rump heart steak with thyme sauce and homemade French fries | € 17
Mike and Neal's order

Duck Confit and Rump Heart Steak
3rd Dinner in Paris (with French bread)
Both of us love this dessert so we ended the night with our favorite molten chocolate cake.

Molten Chocolate Cake with Berthillon Vanilla Ice Cream | € 8.50

Ended with a lovely dessert!
Neal and April also ordered wine for the four of us which I wasn't able to take a photo.

Le Bosquet was a good choice to dine. I love the taste of my duck confit, it was juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The dessert, oh, we love every single bite of our molten chocolate cake! 

La Table de Genevieve
A local fait-maison restaurant was where our fourth day dinner took place. La Table de Genevieve was a treat to us by my former high school friend who happens to be married to a Parisian guy. Camille and Julien gave us an unforgettable dinner at this quaint restaurant owned by their friend, Nico.

La Table de Genevieve
Nico showing us their menu for the day
The first time in Paris where we had a three-course meal. Our complete dining experience was just lovely!

Sparkling wine
Main Course
Dessert for Mike
Dessert for me
The food, the homey French ambience and Nico were all exceptional! It was really an unforgettable night in Paris thus I wrote a separate post for this particular restaurant. We had the loveliest time here. (Read: Unforgettable French Dining Experience at La Table de Genevieve, Paris France)

Laduree Champs Elysees
Laduree is an upscale Parisian bakery specializing in macarons in a number of flavors. In this particular branch they also serve French cuisine from breakfast till evening. 

Restaurant Laduree
Opening Time:
7:30 am - 10:00 pm

Beautiful Renaissance building
The Macaron Bar
The place looks like a Palace! Beautiful restaurant and restroom up stairs.
Because it's too early, customers dined at the ground level
Assortment of 3 pieces of traditional bread rolls | €5
with butter, jam and honey
Our only order because it was so expensive dining here

Hot Chocolate | € 6.50
Rich and thick hot chocolate
Mike's order

Capuccino | € 5
My drink

Ordered assorted bread, hot chocolate and cappuccino 
Laduree breakfast flat lay 
French Macarons | € 2.8 per piece | € 11.20 for four
Salted butter caramel, pistachio, raspberry
Initially ordered three but added an additional one so I can take it home to the Philippines. 

Of course, I ordered 3 different flavors of macarons too which I asked to bring home
Enjoying my French breakfast at one of the best patisserie in Paris
Hey! Thanks for bringing me here 💓
Eat at Restaurant Laduree and try the best macarons ✔
It was a pleasant experience dining here as the ambience was so fancy even if we were just having breakfast. The macarons and hot chocolate were over the top however their service was kind of disappointing. We waited for so long for the wait staff to get our orders, even our orders took so long to arrive and we waited quite awhile to get our bill. Hope they can do something about their customer service as they were very consistent with their failed reviews online. 

Aside from dining at different French restaurants we also tried their other known delicacies:

French Fries
Mike being a potato lover didn't let this chance pass without eating potatoes, you can notice that all of his side dishes were all potatoes! And of course, he had to try an Ala cart French Fries, just because FRENCH!

French Fries

French Fries at the Eiffel Tower
French Crepes
French Crepe is a local delicacy in France so you'll find many Crepe stalls all over Paris. I'm a self-confessed crepe lover so I tried eating crepe in Paris twice. First was at the Trocadero and second was at the Seine River cruise.

French Crepes
French Macarons
Out all of the mouthwatering French pastries, macarons are one of the most popular sweet delicacies in Paris. Laduree house the best macarons in Paris so we had to try them! I tried salted butter caramel, pistachio, raspberry and blackcurrant violet, every flavor is delectable!

This buttery flaky pastry originated in France too! And yes, I love croissants and it became our staple breakfast in Paris may it be a plain butter croissant or a chocolate croissant. It was actually our first breakfast in Paris and Paul's chocolate croissant didn't disappoint. YUM!!!

Before heading home I tried another French pastry at the airport. Eclair is my childhood love. This oblong shaped pastry has a sweet creamy filling inside and chocolate icing on top. Oohh!!! Mouthwatering!

So yes, we indulged in French food and I suggest you do to. Most of the restaurants we went to are very meticulous in their food craft that they pay great attention and respect the value of French cuisine. Hail to Parisian cuisine!

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