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Thursday, November 16, 2017


An activity any traveller in Paris shouldn't miss is to go up the Eiffel Tower for that sweeping panoramic view of the city. It is also a bragging right when you are able to conquer your fear of heights. 

Mike and I did it on our fourth day, good thing we were still on Paris-high that we even climbed the stairs until the second floor!

At the topmost floor of the Eiffel Tower
How to go:
Metro | Line 6, Bir-Hakeim Station

We went around Paris via Metro only as it was easier to navigate compared to the bus or tram.

Opening Time: 
The Eiffel Tower is open every single day. The times vary according to the months you are visiting:

mid June to early September | 9:00 am to midnight
the rest of the year | 9:00 am to 11:00 pm
Easter weekend and during the spring holidays | extended opening hours to midnight

Ticket Fee:
Tickets vary depending on your preference when going up, you can either take the lift, walk the stairs or you can do both, we did the latter. Rates are as follows for adults:

Lift Entrance Second Floor Ticket | € 16
Lift Entrance Ticket to the Top | € 25
Stairs Entrance Second Floor Ticket | € 10
Stairs to the Second Floor then Lift Entrance Ticket to the Top | € 19

They also offer reduced rates for children and disabled person. For more information about the rates visit their website HERE.

This line for stairs ticket going up, they have a separate line for the lift ticket. Do not be confused!
Long line for the ticket
Ticket for two 
Ground Floor
Where the ticket booths are located

A quick photo op before we climb the stairs.
Going up the First Floor via Stairs
There are three floors in the Eiffel Tower, 1st Floor, Second Floor and Top Floor. You can take the lift from ground floor to second floor. As for us, we went up the first floor until the second floor via stairs. Total step count is 704, around 320+ steps for each floor. 

Entrance for stairs access - ground floor to first floor
Our first ever step - no turning back!!!
All smiles!
Half way there!
Quick rest before we walk again
Apparently, the tower contributed pieces of steel iron to other countries including the Philippines!
Almost there!!!
Made it to the first floor!!! 320++ more steps to go! 😫
First Floor
The first floor is newly renovated and has several attractions like the transparent floor, immersion room, children tour, cultural path, relaxation room and souvenir shop.

First Floor
It was such an accomplishment finishing the first level! We made a very quick tour then we climbed ahead going to the second floor since we wanted to finish the trek as soon as possible.

Champ de Mars view from the first floor
Going up the Second Floor via Stairs
Another 320++ steps to go. It was really exhausting we almost gave up a couple of times but looking at other tourists who were able to easily do it motivated us to finish it. Mike, who has a great fear of heights experienced more difficulty, good thing he was able to do it. But it was a STRUGGLE!

Start of our second floor climb
Small slow steps
Catching my breathe!
Kudos to this man who has fear of heights!!!
Just keep walking
Okay let's try running
Second Floor
At last, we conquered the second floor and we finished the 704 steps! Phew! The view from here is better than the 1st floor and this is also the floor where you can purchase tickets going up the top most floor via lift. 

Second Floor
We made it to the second floor!
Champ de Mars. Look at that view!!!
River Seine
Other side of River Seine 
At the second floor there are souvenir shops, restaurant and buffet.

Macaron shop and souvenir shop
Bought a macaron, How cute is this?!
Chocolate flavored Eiffel Tower macaron
Did a little photo shoot before I ate it
I also bought a salted caramel flavor too! Yummy!
Spent a bit of time here as we were waiting for the reopening of the ticket booth going up the top floor
It was a struggle to take a photo without anyone sharing the frame with me
Amazing view! The second floor is an open air floor without grills unlike the topmost floor
Going to the topmost floor via lift
Before going up the lift to the top floor, you have to buy your tickets at the second floor ticket booth first. Don't make the same mistake as ours when we lined up on the lift lane without having a ticket on hand. A complete waste of time. 

The ticket booth was closed when we checked as they had to lessen the people at the top floor before they open it again. So we waited
Our lift tickets to the top floor
Inside the spacious lift
A shot inside the glass lift while going up
At The Top Floor
The top floor brings a spectacular panoramic view of Paris; you'll find yourselves being amazed of how audacious the architecture is. Aside from the view there are also several attractions you can visit -  Gustave's office, panoramic maps, measure yourself and champagne bar. 

At the top most floor! Yay!!!
All smiles! Such an accomplishment!
Moment of victory!!!
Huraaaah! We made it to the top!!!
The 180 meter trip to the top of the tower gave us a stunning view of Paris and its monument 
It was a bit scary looking from outside, we were so high!
#Gsunnies made it on top of the Eiffel Tower
I was so proud that this man conquered his fear.
He felt very accomplished!
The view!!! It seemed like I was in an airplane!
River Seine
Trocadero from the topmost floor
Half of Champ de Mars

Whole of Champ de Mars. Stunning!!!!
French #ChaMikiss!
At the top most floor, there are two levels - one at the top level with roof and the other one is open air
At the top level. We were so near the tip of the Eiffel Tower!
Champagne bar
Anyone is encouraged to celebrate by drinking a glass of champagne on top of the Eiffel Tower
Historical photos
Measure yourself

At the topmost floor with roof, look at the awesome view!!!
Another French #ChaMikiss
It was a breeze going down. A triumphant photo!
Last French #ChaMikiss before leaving 
Go up the Eiffel Tower ✔✔✔
It was exhausting but all worth it! Going on top of the Eiffel Tower gave us a more beautiful perspective of Paris. Can't thank Mike enough for conquering his fear and doing this with me. Hallelujah! 

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