Eiffel Tower from Trocadero & Champ de Mars Paris France

Monday, November 13, 2017


Eiffel Tower
The most iconic landmark in Paris. Eiffel Tower remains to be the most visited paid landmark in the world. Built by Engineer Gustave Eiffel, the wrought iron lattice tower was constructed from 1887-1889 for the 1889 World Fair. At first, Parisian didn't like it but eventually grew on loving it and now it is considered to be a global cultural icon of France. 

You can't miss the Iron Lady when you're in Paris with its 300 meter height and the most popular sight seeing spots to see the Eiffel Tower are in Trocadero and Champ de Mars. These two areas are located a few meters away and is separated by River Seine. For 5 straight days (yes, everyday in Paris!) we visited this place just to adore the beauty of it. 

Day 1

Seeing the Eiffel Tower was our last agenda on our first day, and when I finally saw it up close I was in awe and I was very emotional. I even cried - it's as if I've finally seen my long time idol. The first time is always unforgettable and even if I look so tired and haggard, I allowed Mike to take a photo of me the moment I saw it. 

The Trocadero is located north of Seine and is right next to the Eiffel Tower making it an excellent place to see the tower.

View from Trocadero
How to go:
Metro | Line 6 & 9, Trocadero Station

We went around Paris via Metro only as it was easier to navigate compared to bus or tram.

Opening Time: 
Since it's open to the public, it's open all day 

Ticket Fee:

Beyond #blessed
Trocadero is composed of several gardens and buildings built for the 1937 Universal Exhibition

The Trocadero and its famous stairs which I had been wishing to walk all my life
It was already late in the afternoon so the sun was almost down so we only had a few minutes to explore Trocadero

Wearing Georgina Sasha Sunnies in 'Eiffel'
Black Cape | Forever21
White Long Sleeves | Uniqlo
Black Pants | Forever21
Black Boots | H&M
Sunnies | GeorginaSasha.com
Scarf | Uniqlo
Bag and Bangle | Kate Spade

The supportive husband wearing GSunnies too
Almost sundown
Day 2
In the afternoon, we visited the Champ de Mars & Trodacero on our second day. It was springtime when we went here so the gardens of Trocadero had beautiful spring flowers on display. 

Champ de Mars
Champ de Mars is located on the South bank of the Seine River just like the Eiffel Tower. Located in Paris’s 7th district, the Champ-de-Mars is a 780-meter long (2,574 feet), large public greenspace that runs along one side of the Eiffel Tower and the Military School on the other.

Eiffel Tower from Champ de Mars
How to go:
Metro | Line 6, Bir-Hakeim Station

We went around Paris via Metro only as it was easier to navigate compared to the bus or tram.

Opening Time: 
Since it's open to the public, it's open all day 

Ticket Fee:

Another beautiful shot from Champ de Mars
Activities like picnics, marathons, concerts, exhibitions are held here
But during our visit, the area where people usually do their picnic was closed

Barricaded area on the left for picnic
Some green areas were open though, but it was too cold to spend hours sitting here
So instead we did a little photo session
The Eiffel Tower is always a beautiful backdrop
Hey you, Handsome!
At last, a picture of both of us!
Moments like this will be remembered forever!
Walked from Champ de Mars to Trocadero
Went to the opposite side of Trocadero
It was almost sundown again when we arrived so the light was bit gloomy
Day 2 #OOTD
Striped top | Uniqlo
Blue Coat | Forever21
Jeans | Lee 
Scarf worn as headband | Uniqlo
Sneakers | Adidas
Sunnies | GeorginaSasha.com
Bag | Longchamp

At the stairs. Again.

Will stare at you until I get tired
Day 3
Again, we visited it on our third day right after our tour at the Palace of Versailles. Stopped at Champ de Mars and then walked our way going to Trocadero where I ordered French crepe and sat at one of the benches there. Eating crepe while staring at the Eiffel Tower had been on my bucket list. 

Day 3 of seeing this beauty
I don't think I will ever get tired of taking photos with you!
And I think he agrees with me too!
It's so sunny but yet it was very cold
Spring and Eiffel Tower make a nice combo!
Taken by your beauty!
Loving my #GSunnies
After our quick picture taking at the Champ de Mars walked going to Trocadero
Yay! French crepe!
Been wanting to do this!
I love you both πŸ’‹
Stayed here until sundown again. Day 3 #OOTD
Turtleneck dress | Forever21
Pink Coat | Uniqlo
Boots | H&M
Sunnies | GeorginaSasha.com
Bag | Katespade

Last look before we leave
Day 4
Since we've been visiting the tower in the afternoon, on our fourth day we decided to visit it first thing in the morning. 

Morning in Trocadero on our 4th day
This particular day was cloudy
Look, the sky isn't blue!
Nonetheless, I'm all smiles
Any day, time and season, it's beautiful. Yes?
At last, I look fresh! Since we were here first thing in the morning
For the past days, I look tired and dugyot.


😎 from Georginasasha.com
If you've visited this area you'll know that it's hard to take photos with no people around. So this was a hurrah moment! Plus we found a nice stranger to take a photo of us. 
Eiffel for you!
French #ChaMikiss

Day 4 #OOTD
Pink fur sweater | Mongkok HK
Black Leather Jacket | Forever21
Jeans | Lee 
Scarf worn as headband | Uniqlo
Sneakers | Adidas
Sunnies | GeorginaSasha.com
Bag | Longchamp
Another hurrah moment!
All smiles!
I will love you forever
Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was yellow before?

And there are more than 30 replicas of it around the world
M Pose at the Eiffel Tower

Bench pose
Taking a shot for a Profile Picture!

Trying to pose for a decent profile picture

I blend in with the spring flowers 🌸
Okay, last one!
After this quick photo session we then proceeded to Champ de Mars to brave the top of Eiffel Tower. It will be on a separate post soon!

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