Tulip Garden in Keukenhof during Spring

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Tulips are BEAUTIFUL! These pretty flowers grow during spring and can only be found in certain areas around the world. When you think of tulips you'll instantly think of Holland. Keukenhof in Lisse is one of the most well-known flower gardens in the world. It is a popular destination to witness over 7 millions tulip bulbs in a 32 hectare land. 

We are very lucky that our honeymoon fell on the month of April which is the spring season and since Lisse is just an hour drive from Amsterdam, we didn't let this once in a lifetime chance pass to visit the Keukenhof Tulip Garden.

Hollad Tulips!

Buying Tickets thru Ticketbar
Because I want to secure our slots and skip the line, I purchased our tickets in advance HERE. Ticketbar arranges tours in Amsterdam and they offer a Keukenhof Day Tour. Inclusion is as follows

Transportation | Amsterdam - Keukenhof - Amsterdam
English Speaking Guide  
Entrance in the Garden

Ticket Price 
€ 45 (this was the rate in 2017, when I checked the rate for 2018 is € 55)

Duration of Tour 
5 hours

Opening Date
It opens only during spring
In 2018 | March 22- May 13
8:00 am - 7:30 pm

During the bus ride, our tour guide talked about Amsterdam, its history, why prostitution and soft drugs are legal, popular Dutch TV shows, yes it includes Big Brother & Your Face Sounds Familiar (which became my shows) among many others. And of course, he talked about how tulips came to Holland. Little did most of us know that tulips originated in Turkey, but it was the Dutch who made it famous when it was imported during the 16th century. 

Mode of transportation with our guide
Meeting place is in front of Barbizon Palace
Our tickets - you have to print it
Welcome to Keukenhof!
We got a map, turned on our WiFi (it's free!) and made the most of our 3 hour tour (btw the 3 hour tour was so BITIN because this place was huge!)

Keukenhof #OOTD
Top | Uniqlo
Pants | Forever 21
Coat | Forever 21
Sneakers | Adidas
Scarf | HK Market
Sunnies | Georgina Sasha
Backpack | Longchamp

The moment I entered the garden I was completely speechless! It was sooo beautiful I thought I was in paradise! I fell in love with the ocean of tulips in different forms and colors. 

So many places to see but so little time
There are different kinds of tulips and I took photos of some of them. Hope I got it all right.

Single Late Tulips
Single Early Tulip
Double Early Double Late Tulip
Fringed Tulip
Greigii Tulips
Fosteriana Tulips
Triumph Tulips
There are other flowers in the field other than tulips. This one is Daffodil
We tried our very best to visit all the areas of this 32 hectare tulip field but the three hours was not enough if you really want to take your time and appreciate all of it. 

I'm in tulip heaven!
Of course, the husband should have a photo too!
A popular Keukenhof sight!
Been seeing this bed of tulips on the internet!
Can't believe I was able to see it in person!
Tulpomania. When you have the urge to jump and just lay at the tulip field
Yellow and purple 💛💜
Walking to the lagoon
In front of the lagoon has many flower landscapes like these.
This too! I think it would look lovelier on top angle
Of course, I had to take a photo of the tulip with the fountain
Perfect shot by the dear #instagramhusband
Benches are scattered everywhere if you get a little tired
A #ChaMiKiss of course!
There are also several restaurants and souvenir shops
Waffle for our breakfast
Flower beds of different kinds and colors are everywhere!
It was such a picturesque sight! 💓
Yellow is 💛
Everything was so gorgeous even this boy beside me!
Even if we were running out of time, we didn't want to miss the mill - it was an iconic Keukenhof landmark. 

Famous mill in Keukenhof
We tried to go up!
But there's nothing really there to see
Just outside the mill, you can see the enormous bulb field!
Purple and Pink are my fave colors 💜💓
#ChaMike photo behind the field
You can also opt to take a boat trip around the garden for 45 minutes. Tickets are available next to the windmill. Too bad we had no time for that 😔
We noticed the blade of the windmill is facing the opposite direction contrary to the official photos
Nonetheless... An #ootd shot
Since we weren't able to hire a boat, we just took a photo of an unused boat beside the windmill
There was a long line for this photo op so we maximized our shots
Glad that we were able to ask a stranger to take our photos!
And he was not just a stranger, he had good photography skills!
At last, a #ChaMikiss!
I also need a selfie with the tulips right?
How it was made. Mike was holding my left hand while I took a shot from my right hand
Saw cherry blossom trees at the background
A beautiful backdrop even without tulips
How pretty is this tunnel?!
Another, #ChaMikiss. Yes, we had a lot!
Mike standing in. hihi.
Nice shot, Babe!
Tulips = Two lips. I promise this is the last #ChaMikiss
Times up! But 1 more photo for the last time. 
While inside the bus, we were allowed to take a photo of this beautiful Tulip field!
The bus stopped for a few seconds but we weren't allowed to go down. boo
Wishing that someday, I could have a photo here walking in the middle of the field.
It was one of my best days during our honeymoon trip! Mike was not at all amused (hello! Flowers?) but I'm sure he was happy too because he knew I enjoyed this experience. He gave this moment to me and served as my official photographer (look how gorgeous my photos were!) and gladly posed with me for that mushy romantic couple souvenir shots, not to mention lots of #ChaMikiss. It was the BEST experience ever!

Hoping to visit more flower fields in the future <fingers crossed!>

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