Honeymoon in Nice France

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


NICE is NICE! Nice France has always been on my bucket list. I was mesmerized by the mediterranean coastline of Cote d'Azur or French Riviera that I've seen on photos and videos so I swore that when I visit France, this would be on top of my long list of places to see. 

The French Riviera is located south of France where some of the most popular beaches, lavender fields, film festivals and high-end towns can be seen. Its glamorous charm captivates sun lovers, socialites and tourists like us. So we spent 2 and a half days at the French Riviera and our hub was in Nice. 

Nice OOTD Day 1
Customized Swimsuit Turned Top | Georgina Sasha
Pink Coat | Uniqlo
Cropped Pants | Hong Kong Shop
Sling Bag | Kate Spade
Pink Sneakers | Adidas
Sunnies | Georgina Sasha

A trip to the French Riviera should begin with a stop in Nice. Nice France is one of the most popular towns along the French Riviera so it is truly a must to visit. This city is quite special to us, because this was the first French town we ever laid our feet on and this was the only place in Europe that we were able to lounge on a beach. From Rome, we took a plane going to Nice via Easyjet and the moment we went out of the airport we instantly fell in love with Nice. Truly, we were in awe of its beauty! The weather was NICE, the people were NICE, the markets were NICE, the food were NICE. Everything and I mean everything about this city is NICE!!!

So I've compiled the things we did that you can also do here. We skipped the museums or operas and instead, we relaxed, shop and went to its neighboring towns.

Swim, Sunbathe, Relax, Walk along the Promenade des Anglais
The pebbly waterfront, the sparkling blue sea and the the waving palm trees are reasons enough to be captivated by the Promenade des Anglais. We strolled here on our first day and we went back on our last day. Because it was warmer here as compared to the other cities we've been to in Europe, we caught ourselves sunbathing in our swimmies and appreciating the serenity of the beautiful shore. 

Blue sea, blue sky.
Blue umbrellas
Bluer than blue
Blue bicycle for rent
Iconic blue chairs
Palm trees waving in the breezy atmosphere

Hello, New York?
Day 1
On our first day in Nice we walked our way going to the Promenade des Anglais just to stare at the glistening sea. It was a nice break from all the historical sightseeing we had. 

Hello, Nice!
The beach was so inviting
Love the warm(er) weather
Day 3
On our last day before we left Nice, we decided to buy bread at the market to have breakfast at the beach while sunbathing (photoshoot-ing). It was such a breather relaxing here. One of the most memorable moments we had in this trip.

Beach essentials: Just Married Slippers, scarf turned beach towel, French bread for breakfast
The French Riviera shoreline is filled with pebbles not sand, so I have to say that no matter how gorgeous their beaches are, nothing compares to our beaches in the Philippines. 
Beach OOTD
Blue Halter Swimsuit | Georgina Sasha
Blue Sunnies | Georgina Sasha
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Matchy matchy with the sea and sky
This halter top swimsuit comes with adjustable strap. 
So it fits perfectly on me. Love it!
Of course the hubby is also in blue
The #instagramhusbands

Go up the Castle Hill or at the bottom of the hill to get that panoramic view
For that sweeping panorama of Nice, walk up the Castle Hill of nearly 300 feet of stairs or you can use the lift if you don't want to walk going up. Although the lift has a scheduled opening:
October - March | 10 am - 6 pm
April, May, September | 9 am - 7 pm
June - August | 9 am - 8 pm

And because we were too early, the lift was still closed and since we didn't want to stress ourselves walking up, we decided to just take a photo at the bottom area. The view was not as stunning but it is still beautiful nonetheless.

Castle Hill
Blue railings too!
The boss
The wifey
Trying to perfect that blogger pose
Such a beautiful backdrop!
Wifey and Hubby
The coastline is so beautiful!
#ChaMikiss in Nice
Of course a #ChaMiKiss
Appreciate Nice's Old Town or Vieille Ville
Walking along the Old Town would make you feel as if you are walking in Nice during the 1700s as the layout barely changed since then. The lovely narrow alleys are filled with cafes, restaurants, galleries and shops. It was a delight discovering this enticing Old Town. It is most famous for the massive market square, Cours Saleya.

Old Town
Pretty sight at the Vieille Ville
Found this quiet quaint street at the Old Town
Love the cobblestone road
Shop for food, lavender and souvenirs at Cours Saleya
Located at the heart of Nice's Old Town, Cours Saleya is a lively market of colorful French products visited by local and tourists alike. A wide selection of fresh flowers, French food and local souvenirs. Visiting this market can put anyone into a good mood. It was the kind of market you'd want to visit over and over again. We visited it twice, on our first day and on our last day.

Cours Saleya
Buying something to take home
Food Market
A wide array of French fresh produce. We feasted our eyes on colorful fruits, succulent vegetables, aromatic spices and delectable meats, cheese and bread. 

Opening Time
Tuesday - Sunday 6:00 am - 1:30 pm 

Bought 1 pack for breakfast
Cheese, cold cuts and meat

Flower Market
We were smitten by the festive, fragrant and multicolored flowers that greeted us at the market. The sight can brighten any gloomy day. If you have no plans in buying flowers like me, you can buy lavender of all sorts - soap, potpourri, scented oils, you name it. You can also spot dainty paintings you can take home and different kinds of souvenirs. 

Opening Time
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday | 6:00 am - 5:30 pm
Wednesday & Saturday | 6:30 am - 6:30 pm
Sunday & Holidays | 6:30 am - 1:30 - pm

Flower Market
All lavender everything!
Dainty paintings
We had a pleasant time roaming around and buying stuff to eat and to take home as a souvenir. If you are the type who likes pretty markets this place is perfect for you!

Bought soaps, lavender potpourri and bread for breakfast
There is also other markets that is open on these days:
Antique Market 
Monday | 7:30 am - 6:00 pm

Arts & Crafts Market
June 1 - Sept 30 
Everyday | 6:00 pm til midnight

Evening Artisan Maket
Mid May to Mid September
Everyday | 6:00 pm til midnight

    Stroll and Shop along Avenue Jean Medecin
    Street located at the center of Nice where you'll find numerous international chains, boutiques & restaurants. People enjoy walking here for some retail therapy, it is also the way going to the Promenade des Anglais and Old Town

    Avenue Jean Médecin
    A tram at the middle of the road
    This is the road going to Promenade des Anglais and Old Town. The street is also near our hotel
    Fountain du Soleil 
    The beautiful statue  is the God, Apollo
    You cannot miss this fountain, it is the fountain near the Promenade
    On the first day, we went here to go to the Promenade and Old Town
    The weather was very pleasant, relatively warmer than other cities we visited so I was able to wear a sleeveless top
    On our second day, we also passed this street going to the train station
    Just got back from Cannes and Grasse
    Spotted a pianist along the avenue!
    Bought a new Instax at Fnac, we also bought clothe in H&M, these two stores are along the avenue as well
    The Avenue was romantic at night <3
    Good night, Nice!
    Eat French Cuisine
    For more than one week of eating pasta and pizza, it was such a relief to eat something different. French cuisine was the perfect breather from eating Italian dishes. It was a must to eat local food when in Nice; so here are the food we tried in Nice.

    Le Circuit Cafe
    A cafe near our hotel that serves French breakfast. We ordered cappuccino and breakfast crepe with salad. It was yummy and light breakfast.

    Having French coffee in France <3
    Cappuccino | € 3.80
    Me and April's drink
    Hot Chocolate | € 3.20
    Mike's drink

    My cup of cappuccino 
    Crepe Alsacienne | € 7.90
    Plain buttered savory crepe with side salad
    Neal and Mike's order

    Crepe Complete | € 7.90
    Savory crepe with cheese and sunny side up with side salad
    Me and April's order

    Breakfast flatlay
    My Crepe Complete
    Ballanger Creperie
    We were caught by the cute pink store of delectable crepes it offered. It was supposedly our snack  but because it was so filling, we decided to skip dinner. Ballanger is dessert store in Nice that sells crepes, churros, waffle, donuts, candies and coffee.

    Ballanger Creperie
    Banana Strawberry Nutella Crepe | My order

    Vanilla & Chocolate Waffle | Mike's order

    Chocolate and Vanilla Marshmallow Crepe | April's order

    French Doughnut | Neil's Order

    Sweet delight!
    Crepes for breakfast!
    Le Seatone
    Located at the same street of our hotel is a traditional French restaurant. Le Seatone serves   French, Italian and Mediterranean dishes but of course we ordered something French for dinner. 

    Le Seatone Restaurant
    Mike, April and Neal order single course main entree.

    Piece fe boeuf grillete | € 14.50
    Piece of grilled beef with potato chips and salad
    April's dinner

    April's dinner
    Tagliata de boeuf | € 16.50
    Grilled steak with potato chips and salad
    Mike's dinner

    Mike's dinner
    Belle tranche de Foie de veau poêle et persille et ses pommes de terre écrasées a l l'échalote | € 13.50
    Calf liver with homemade shallots mashed potato
    Neal's dinner

    Neal's dinner 
    While I ordered a three course meal - Appetizer, Main Entree and Dessert worth € 21.90

    Asset de jambon cru
    Plate of raw ham

    1st course
    Main Entree
    Tartare de boeuf prepare par nos soins (+€ 2)
    Beef tartare minute made raw minced beef with mashed potato and salad

    2nd course
    Creme brûlée

    3rd course
    French dinner with Mike, April and Neal
    My first legit French meal. YUM. It's a must to try a course meal in France!

    Visit Other Neighboring cities like Cannes, Monaco and Grasse
    We allotted 2 full and half days in Nice so that we could visit its neighboring cities. We visited Monaco, Cannes and Grasse. You can also visit other French Riviera cities like Menton, Antibes, St Tropez and Eze.

    A different post on our day tour in Monaco, Cannes and Grasse SOON

    Mike and I enjoyed the charming and slow-paced Nice. It's a place you would want to retire because of its beach, market, people and food. Would definitely go back with our future children (if money permits!) 

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