Honeymoon in Grasse France in half a day

Friday, September 29, 2017


The French Riviera (Cote d'Azur) are towns that are located at the Mediterranean coastline at the Southern corner of France. Included here are Nice, State of Monaco, Cannes and GrasseNice was our main hub while we were at the French Riviera (Read: Things to do in Nice), we visited the State of Monaco on our first day (Read: Things to do in Monaco in a day) and on our second day we visited two neighboring towns: Cannes and Grasse

After our visit in Cannes in the morning (Read: Things to do in Cannes) we transferred to another French Riviera destination, Grasse.

Cannes to Grasse via Bus
Remember that we asked for the schedule of the Bus going to Grasse the moment we arrived in Cannes? Yes, so we were already aware of the bus departure from Cannes to Grasse in the afternoon while we were doing the walking tour thus we were at the bus station prior to its arrival. We bought the tickets upon riding the bus for € 1.50 each one way; the travel time is 40 minutes.

Bus Stop at Cannes
Our bus ticket
The moment we arrived in Grasse, we asked the Information Center of the bus schedule going to Nice so we can estimate the time we will spend in Grasse. So why Grasse? Grasse is not really a popular destination in Cote d'Azur among tourists but because I wanted to maximize our stay in the French Riviera by adding one more town on our list, I decided to visit Grasse among other nearby towns for these reasons:

1. This town is closest to Cannes
2. We only had a few hours to spare after our Cannes walking tour
3. To see the medieval villages I had seen on the net
4. To buy French perfumes.

Grasse is a quaint town in the Alps Maritime department that is north of Cannes thus you won't be seeing any beaches but is considered to still belong in the French Riviera. It is said to be the world's capital of perfumes which was its claim-to-fame. Perfumes, yes, we saw it everywhere! So here are the few things we did in Grasse for less than 4 hours. 

Grasse #OOTD
Top | Uniqlo
Pants | GU
Hat | H&M
Sunnies | Georgina Sasha
Sneakers | Adidas
Bag | Longchamp

Buy Perfumes at the Fragonard Perfume Company
The most popular perfume company in Grasse. It opened in 1926 and is now run by the third generation of the family. The Fragonard Perfumery has a free museum tour that will take you to the facility on how to make perfumes. After the museum tour, you will be directed to its main shop where you can buy all sorts of fragrant items like perfumes and soap. 

Perfumerie Fragonard
Fragonard perfumes
Checking out the items
Other items - perfume for men, home scents, cosmetics, soap
Flower of the year, Pivione
Other floral scents
Looking something to buy for myself
Bought two bottles of perfume
One for me and one for mommy.
I asked them to gift wrap it for me :)
The hubby trying his best to enjoy the perfumery. ehehehe
Le Petit Train
If you have more time, you can visit the other perfumery around the area. There are two other: Galimard Perfumerie and Molinard Perfumery

Walk and Appreciate the Surroundings
We just visited a small part of this town because we had spent most of our time at the Fragonard Perfumery. Despite the shortage in time, I felt very giddy just strolling around the place. I must say I'm a town girl, as much as I appreciate the cosmopolitan vibe, I feel very much at home in this kind of place - The palm trees lined up, the cobblestone walkway, the rustic medieval houses, the narrow alleyways and the peaceful surroundings made me want to live here or retire in this place perhaps. Because there were very few tourists during the time, it felt relaxing, away from the busy crowds we normally experience.

Boulevard de Jeu
Taking the road less traveled
Fragonard Monument
Bronze Perfumer

Place aux Aires
Quaint and rustic alleyway
How pretty are these rustic items?
Charming shop
Postcards <3
More postcards <3
Colorful soap
Take Photos with the Wisteria Flowers
I've been very much fascinated about these pastel colored flowers. There was a public trellis full of wisteria flowers along the street and I can't help but take so many photos with it. 

Wisteria trellis
Can't get enough of this pastel colored flowers <3
Look a pigeon for a photobomber
Wish this can grow in tropical countries too!
#ChaMikiss <3
Another wisteria sighting
How pretty!
Of course, another photo op!
Their enjoyment in this place was very evident. haha. 😆
His definition of 'Grass(e)' 😂
Taong Grasse-a 😜
It was a very quick stroll hence the reason why we explored very few places, but if you have more time I recommend that you visit the outskirts, other museums and cathedrals. This laid back charming town will give so much romantic feels. I definitely didn't regret visiting it. 💟

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