Honeymoon in Cannes France in half a day

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The French Riviera (Cote d'Azur) are towns that are located at the Mediterranean coastline at the Southern corner of France. Included here are Nice, State of Monaco, Cannes and Grasse. Nice was our main hub while we were at the French Riviera (Read: Things to do in Nice France), we visited the State of Monaco on our first day (Read: Things to do in Monaco in a day) and on our second day we visited two neighboring towns: Cannes and Grasse

Early in the morning, we rode a train from Nice to Cannes and spent our whole morning there, then we took a bus from Cannes to Grasse in the afternoon for a quick visit there.

Cannes is famed for the international film festival that is held annually. Even if it wasn't the festival season yet, being in the media industry, we still wanted to visit this place. Aside from that, they have several attractions like beaches, shopping streets, markets, restaurants & museums.

Cannes #OOTD
Top | Uniqlo
Pants | GU
Hat | H&M
Sunnies | Georgina Sasha
Sneakers | Adidas
Bag | Longchamp

Nice to Cannes
Being a well-planned traveler, we bought our tickets in advance online HERE even before we left for Europe. Unlike our tickets going to Monaco, we didn't need to exchange our online ticket in any ticket machines, the printed ticket was our actual ticket going to Cannes. One way ticket costs € 6.00 and for 25 minutes we were already in Cannes.

Comfortable ride from Nice to Cannes
My travel essentials + Nice - Cannes ticket
Cannes Station
When we arrived in Cannes we asked for the bus schedule going to Grasse so we'd know what time we needed to go back to the station. 

We first headed to the Cannes Information Center where they gave us free tourist walking tour maps. They even instructed us step by step as to where to go first to able to maximize our quick trip. Since Cannes is just a small town, almost all the notable landmarks are walkable so yes we walked walked and walked. Here are the order of places we visited for a couple of hours in Cannes.

Walking tour map came in very handy!
Shop at Rue D'Antibes
For high-end shopping walk along Rue D'Antibes where you can find different brands like Zara, MaxMara, Missoni, Kiko, Foot Locker among the many other brands. 

Rue D'Antibes
Because we didn't want to carry loads of stuff (we still had many cities to visit!) we just bought make-up at Kiko, an Italian brand that has no branch in Manila. 

Shopping at Kiko Cosmetics
Walk along Rue Meynadier
A charming 18-century houses lined up in Rue Meynadier that have become boutiques, cafes and restaurants selling all sorts of French goodies and trinkets. We enjoyed walking along this pedestrian road checking out for speciality shops.

Rue Meynadier
Part of the Old Town with so many specialty shops lined up
There are a number of cafes and restaurants along this quaint road too
We also found a cute and cozy souvenir shop where we bought our Cannes shot glass. 

Mr. Skipper
Check out the fresh products at Marche Forville
Also located in Rue Meynadier is the most famous market in Cannes. Marche Forville or Covered Market is open every day selling fresh produce like vegetables, fish, flowers, or handmade local delicacies. On Mondays, it turns into a flea market.

Marche Forville
Opening Times:
Tuesday - Sunday | 7:00 am - 1:00 pm

Fresh produce
Their clean market. Wish we had markets like this in the Philippines
Go up the Hill at Point De Vue for a Panoramic View of the Town
For that wonderful overlooking view of Cannes, going up the hill is highly encouraged for every tourist. You can also see here two attractions in Cannes, Musee de la Castre and Elise Notre Dame de l'Esperance

Point de Vue
After our quick roam at Marche Forville we walked up the hill for around 7 minutes. It's a wonderful walk that offers historic breather from the hustle and bustle in the centre of Cannes.

Walk with Cham
You can also see the 'Cannes' signage up close, perfect for photo opportunity.

The very touristy pose
Another model
A must shot
Musee de la Castre
A medieval fortress built in the 12th century by monks, the castle now houses an art collection donated by Baron Lycklama in 1877. 

Musee de la Castre
The Museum has an entrance fee and since we had very little time to roam around, we skipped it
Instead, we just roamed around its vicinity
Eglise Notre-Dame d'Esperance
During the 14th and 15th centuries, this church was built just beside Musee de la Castre. It offers great view of the whole of Cannes.

Eglise Notre- Dame d'espérance
The scenic view of the bay of Cannes
The view kinda reminded me of Monaco

Overlooking the Vieux Port
How picturesque! I can stare at it forever
Bird watching is also fun
We also climbed so many hills and towers in this trip
Attend the Cannes Film Festival (or just take a photo at the staircase)
Cannes' most popular attraction is of course the film festival (the main reason why we visited this place of course). During May, this city is swarmed with actors, producers, directors, journalists, accredited professionals and of course tourists. Too bad we were there a month early so we didn't witness the fabulous stars walk down the red carpet. Instead, we walked on the red carpet and pretended to be the stars.

Cannes Film Festival
We're a month early though
Strutting my stuff at the red carpet
Scored a nautical ensemble at the red carpet
A #ChaMikiss is a MUST!
Another red carpet moment
You can also see handprints of the stars on the Esplanade Georges Pompidou. We took photos of the artists we knew.

Julie Andrews
Sylvester Stallone
Angelina Jolie
Tim Burton
Enjoy the Sun at La Croisette 
For sun worshippers, the La Croisette is the best place for you in Cannes. It is a mile-long promenade that stretches along the shore of Mediterranean Sea. Aside from the beach, you can see many expensive shops, restaurants and hotels along the way.

La Croisette
The sand are fine here as compared to the pebbled shore in Nice
Choo choo train
It's sunny and cold at the same time
Too bad we didn't have our swimmies
Bus Station
Hotel de Ville
All bus stations have photos of either a famous filmmaker or an actor like this
Vieux Port
Casino Barriere de Cannes Croisette
Eat French Cuisine
We didn't let this chance pass without eating in Cannes. We had lunch at one of the quaint streets near Rue D'Antibes before going to our next destination - Grasse

Cannes Lunch flatlay
I ordered risotto, while Mike ordered steak and fries.

My yummy risotto! 😋
Fish fillet with fries and salad, complimentary bread for appetizer, risotto and steak, fries and salad
Eating Al Fresco
After having lunch in Cannes we boarded a scheduled bus going to Grasse for a quick tour (Read: Things to do in Grasse France for half a day). 

Finally, I visited the place I had been very curious about. Visiting Cannes is best during the festival season on May where it gets very rowdy. During this time you can act like  paparazzi taking photos of popular actors, or you can even watch featured films on schedule open to the public. 

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