Flix Bus from Amsterdam to Paris. Worst ride Ever!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

#WalkwithChaMikeinAmsterdam #WalkwithChaMikeinParis

Amsterdam is located north of Paris, the two cities are near each other the reason why many travelers visit these two cities consecutively. There are many ways to travel from Amsterdam to Paris or vise versa - via plane, train, bus, car or bike but they say the most convenient way is to travel by train. How I wish we had chosen this option because maybe we would not have experienced unnecessary drama we encountered on our worst day in Europe - all because of Flix Bus. 

Flix Bus is a bus company that services public transportation around the cities of Europe. It was recommended to me by a friend who once lived in Paris. Traveling via bus is the cheapest mode of public transportation but the longest time of travel. The travel time via plane is around 1 hour, via train is 3 hours while via bus is 6-8 hours depending on the stops and because we wanted to save money we chose to book the latter.

Booking a Ticket
We booked in advance from their website HERE before we even left to Europe. We indicated the date and stops - Amsterdam Sloterdijk to Paris Porte Maillot then paid via credit card. The ticket price during that time was € 19 each.

Flix Bus Boarding Information 
You have to be there 15 minutes before departure 
You have to put name tag on your luggage 
Max of 2 luggages per person of 30 kilos in total
Max of 1 hand carry luggage per person of 7 kilos

We left Amsterdam at 3:30 pm and our estimated time of arrival to Paris was 11:40 pm.

We were the first ones to arrive as we didn't want to be late
Because we were early, we didn't have any problems checking in but we noticed how obnoxious the French driver was to other passengers. He was rude and has zero hospitality. 

The bus driver behind us
Choosing our seats
Flix bus information
The ride was smooth until...

On our way to Paris. All smiles pa kami nito
European scenery
Hello Brussels 
Quick Brussels stop over
Brussels establishments
I see you, GF!
We reached Brussels. During the travel I felt I needed to go to the toilet to pee, good thing the driver had a stop over at a gas station in the middle of a highway. I was one of the first to go down and used the loo but I heard the driver saying to us passengers that break time was only 5 minutes. I even thought he was just exaggerating but didn't mean he was serious about it. I mean, how can it be possible for all his passengers to be done using the toilet in 5 minutes? How??? Luckily I was the first to go up the bus, I was anxiously waiting for Mike because I had a bad feeling about the driver, when I saw our friends go up the bus and Mike was nowhere of sight I immediately panicked and looked for him. All the while he was waiting for me at the convenience store where the toilet was located, so he hurriedly went up the bus when he saw me. In just a few seconds the driver started closing the bus' door and started the engine. I was startled when I saw some of the passengers were still at the convenience store. I even saw one guy running towards the bus! But the bus driver didn't care at all!!! It was so dreadful!!! There were a total of 5 passengers who were left behind and everyone inside the bus was shouting at the driver trying to stop the bus. But the driver was so rude he didn't listen, continued driving and shouted to us that he clearly said the break time was 5 minutes, that it was the passengers' fault they were left at the store. How can a person be as rude as him?! A passenger even started calling the Flix hotline to report what happened and when she informed it to the driver to sort of scare him, he bravely said that he also reported it to the Flix management and reasoned out that he left the 5 passengers because they were smoking weed. Which was so not true! Liar!!

Toilet inside the convenience store
The worse part was the driver didn't allow to give the luggages to the friend of the passengers who were left. So they have to get their luggages in the main office of Flix Bus. How inconsiderate?! I was anxious the whole time I was inside the bus and wished that we're in Paris soon. Sadly I didn't get the name of the rude driver but we did took a video of him.

Imagine if one of us was the one left at the gas station?! It's our first time in Europe and it's even our honeymoon. I'll get hysterical for sure. What a nice way to begin our Paris honeymoon, right? 

So please, anyone who is reading this and is planning to travel to Paris from Amsterdam or wherever city you'll be coming from, I suggest to never ever ride Flix bus. Because it was the worst decision we had in our Europe trip.

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  1. Hi!

    I just want to offer my opinion on this. I have traveled from Prague to Milan through FlixBus and it is one of the best moments of my entire EU stay - I was able to see the Alps just outside the bus' window as we passed by Switzerland.

    The drivers then were really nice and accommodating. My boyfriend and I even joked with the drivers not on duty during our 13 hr ride. We booked again another Flixbus to Budapest (from Prague), and it was again a smooth ride. I guess, the driver you were stuck with, well, was just an ass.

    1. Good for you! But since it was our first time, we were traumatized with our experience so I won't risk it

  2. Thank you for your post, I was considering flixbus for my trip from Amsterdam to Berlin, but after reading your article I decided NONO, off in a plane I go!


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