TrenItalia from Venice to Florence to Pisa to Rome

Friday, August 18, 2017

Walk with ChaMike inside the train in Italy.

In Italy, the best means of transportation when going from one city to another is via train -it's fast, reliable and can give you a scenic view around the cities. The most popular train company that operates around Italy is Trenitalia that runs both regional and high-speed routes. This was where we booked all our intercity routes around Italy - Venice to Florence, Florence to Pisa and Pisa to Rome. 
Here are the complete steps on how to book a ticket via Trenitalia.

How to purchase a Trenitalia ticket
Like what I've said before, whenever I plan for a trip I make sure that I book transfer tickets in advance which means before we even fly to any destination, I purchase all our transfer tickets as I want to secure our slots on a particular schedule. So for our Eurotrip, we already purchased all the intercity/country tickets. Cheap tickets are even available if you'll purchase it months in advance. 

Trenitalia tickets can be purchased online HERE. The steps are as follows:

1. Indicate you current destination - FROM
2. Indicate your preferred destination of travel - TO
You have to take into consideration that the cities are in Italian so don't get confused if you typed the name of the city and you don't get any result or you typed the Italian name but there are numerous stations in that name. Here are the Italian translation and the main train station of the cities we went to:

Venice - Venezia Sta Lucia (main train station)
Florence - Firenze S.M. Novella (main train station)
Pisa - Pisa Centrale
Rome - Roma Termini

3. Choose one way or return
4. Indicate date and time
5. Indicate number of passengers
6. Click on Search
7. A table of departure and arrival time, duration, train and price will be displayed. Click your preferred schedule.
8. You can customize the option by clicking on the drop down box at the price tab. Choose your preferred service (Base, Economy, Super Economy, Online Special Rate, etc) and class (1st class or 2nd class)
9 Click on the choose a seat box
10. Choose your preferred carriage and seat number (you can't choose a seat on other services)
11. Indicate the name/s of the passenger/s, birthday and email
12. Choose you payment method and input the details:
Credit card and pay pal can be used
13. Wait for the email of the ticket then print

Sample Ticket
Trenitalia tickets are easier to understand because they are translated in English. It's important that you print your ticket but it is also allowed to save it on your smartphones. Be cautious on the bar code as inspectors will scan it before or during your train ride.

One of our Trenitalia tickets

Trenitalia from Venice to Florence
After our 3-day stay in Venice, we moved to another popular Italian city near Venice. Florence is just a two-hour train ride from Venice. We left Venice at 2:25 pm then we arrived Florence at 4:30 pm. Because of time constraints, we had a very quick and light lunch inside the train. We bought our bread at the station before leaving. Our seats were very comfy, clean and the ride was on time and really fast. We also had no trouble storing our luggages as there were storage areas per carriage.  

Venezia Sta Lucia
Inside the station

Trenitalia Trains
Inside the very clean, comfortable and modern carriage
A monitor that updates passengers about the stops and time
Mike's lunch

My lunch
Luggage storage, thankfully all our luggages were untouched during the whole course of our travel

The compact but clean toilet

ChaMike at Firenze S. M. Novella
Trenitalia from Florence to Pisa
From Florence we went to Pisa for a day tour. Pisa was near Florence so the ride was a quick one hour travel. Our train during this travel was very small, we didn't have enough storage space for our luggages so we were left with no choice but to put them beside us, right next to our seats. We also had no assigned seats so we sat anywhere we wanted. Though, I noticed that the toilet is bigger and high-tech (the door has sensors). 

Goodbye, Firenze!

Our ticket

Firenze S. M. Novella
Our very small carriage

Me with my luggage
Mike with his

The very big and high-tech toilet

Our view <3

Hello, Pisa!

Pisa Centrale Terminal
Trenitalia from Pisa to Rome
On the same day, after our quick photo op with the Leaning Tower, we went straight to the same terminal and waited for our train going to Rome, our last Italian city destination. This was the longest travel from the rest: 3 hours. We left Pisa at 5:07 pm then we arrived in Rome at 8:03 pm. The train has the same amenities as our first train, it's spacious, clean and comfortable. I know that this was our last Trenitalia route so I took the time to roam around. I also bought snacks and drinks to enjoy our few hours inside the train.

On our way to Roma!

Chose a seat that is opposite each other so we both had window view seats

Our luggage storage

Our carriage
Clean and comfy, it also has an extendable table and socket for charging

Bar area

They offer different kinds of coffee and snacks

Dining carriage

We opted to eat at our seats as we were afraid to leave our luggages out of our sight

My 3-in-1 coffee


The view is refreshing

We've arrived!

Roma Termini
Hello, Rome!

I love train rides and it was a dream come true riding a train in Europe. I enjoyed every moment of it so for me I highly recommend to ride a train if ever you visit Europe.

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