Honeymoon in Venice Italy for 2 Days

Friday, August 11, 2017


Enchanting. This was the word that entered my mind when I first stepped on this beautiful quaint city. We instantly fell in love with Venice - the sight of the rustic buildings, the feel when you walk on cobblestone streets, the mouthwatering smell of pizza and pasta, the taste of an authentic Italian gelato and the sound of the paddling and singing gondolier along the romantic canals. The overall charm of the city made me feel I was in a dreamy movie. It was so magical!

Venice OOTD
White Long Sleeves | Uniqlo
Blue Coat | Forever 21
Leather Leggings | Forever 21
Boots | H&M
Straw Hat | H&M
Backpack | Longchamp
Sunnies | Georgina Sasha

Venice is a city that is composed of 118 small islands that is separated by canals and connected by bridges. It has no roads so you will not be seeing any cars or buses, you have to take a water taxi or water bus to be able to get to your preferred destination. But mostly, tourists just walk to explore the city. Venice was the first Italian city we visited and is relatively small as compared to other cities in Italy so we allotted 2 full days to explore it. Here are the things we did in Venice:

Appreciate the Grandness of the Grand Canal
The main waterway of Venice that is connected to smaller canals. From above Venice looks like a big fish and the canal forms an S-shape inside the big fish. It's major transportations are water buses and private water taxis, gondolas also paddle in this area. The Grand Canal is lined by various establishments on both sides like hotels, restaurants, palaces and churches of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance style. The Grand Canal is mesmerizing, always a sight to behold and every angle is picture-worthy.
Grand Canal
How to go:
It is the first canal you see when you exit Venezia Sta Lucia and since it is the main canal, it is not that hard to miss whenever you walk along the city.

Opening Time:
Since the canal is a public area, it is open any time of the day.

Ticket Fee:

View from the Scalzi Bridge
View from Ponte dell'Accademia
ChaMike at Ponte dell'Accademia
View from Rialto Bridge
Ride the Gondola
Main transportation during the 12th century but is now considered to be a tourist mini cruise and not a viable means of transportation. However, your trip to Venice would not be complete if you will not ride a gondola at least once. I should say that it is a must to experience this in Venice where you will have the chance to tour along the canals, glide through serene waters while you are serenaded by your gondolier against the stunning baroque backdrop. I would say it is perfect for couples like us who want a romantic experience in Venice. 

Gondola Ride
How to go:
You will come across a gondola port in most of the popular public areas in Venice.

Opening Time:
Gondolas are available at anytime of the day, from morning till evening although price increases at 7pm onwards.

€ 80 - € 100 depending on the duration and time
€ 80 for 40 minutes, for additional 20 mins increments cost € 20

After 7pm the price rises to € 100 for 40 minutes, € 50 each for additional 20 minutes

At the Grand Canal
Perks of having friends join your trip
Made the most of our 40 minute ride
At the small canals
Of course a #ChaMikiss
Our gondolier was very informative and lean, he even showed us his 6-pack abs!
Although he is not the singing gondolier
Our view <3
End of tour. Thanks, April for the shot :)

Ride a Water Bus or a Water Taxi
Because cars and buses are not possible in Venice Water Bus or Vaporetto are the main means of transportation in Venice. It's a great way to explore the city. We tried a vaporetto twice - once from the train station going to our hotel and the other one going back at the train station from our hotel. 

Inside a Vaporetto

Bus Fare
Single Ticket | € 7.50
1 Day Travelcard | € 20
2 Day Travelcard | € 30
3 Day Travelcard | € 40
7 Day Travelcard | € 60

Nice to sit and just enjoy the view!
Water Taxi or motoscafi is also an option, it functions like a normal taxi but travels on water, though we weren't able to try it, so I am not sure about the price but according to some blogs base fare is € 13 plus another € 1.8 for each minute of travel. Fare is the same up to five passengers but for six or more additional € 10 each is added.

People Watch at Piazza San Marco
Piazza San Marco or Saint Mark's Square is one of the most beautiful squares in the world, it has been the city center for centuries so visiting this area is a must when in Venice. Here you can see St Mark's Basilica at the center, St Mark's Campanile or Bell Tower & Doge's Palace. 

Piazza San Marco
How to go:
Vaporetto | Line 1 & 2, S. Marco Vallaresso Stop
You can also walk since Venice is a pretty small city. We walked from our Airbnb to Piazza San Marco

Opening Time:
The square is open any time of the day

Ticket Fee:

St Mark's Basilica
Establishments at Piazza San Marco
Wearing all pink ensemble
A large flock of pigeons enlivens the square and feeding them is one of the things tourists can do. You will encounter locals who will give you pigeon food but we didn't entertain any as they will ask you for a fee afterwards. What we did is we brought our own food to feed the birds and they liked it. We even went here twice just to feed them. It was something fun to do especially if you like animals.

Pigeons everywhere!
Mike's friend
Day 2 of feeding pigeons
Friendly and very hungry pigeons
Didn't know feeding pigeons can be this romantic. haha.
Piazza San Marco is also very charming at night <3
Go around Rialto
Rialto is a central area in Venice flocked by tourists as it has numerous establishments of different kinds and is known for the iconic Rialto Bridge. Rialto Bridge is one of the four main bridges in Venice and it is the oldest bridge across the Grand Canal. The bridge is a nice spot to take a photo of the Grand Canal though the whole stretch is always packed with tourists. 

Rialto Bridge
Jam-packed with tourists
Walking along the bridge
The bridge has so many different shops
Souvenir shops to choose from
Looking for a place to eat
Eat Pizza and Pasta
Who wouldn't want to try an authentic Italian cuisine when you're in Italy? Of course pizza and pasta are staples when eating in Venice so whenever we had our meals we made sure to eat any Italian dish we encounter whether an ala carte meal or in a dine in restaurant.

Ala Carte Pizza!
First meal in Italy!
Pizzeria Birreria Barbanera 
We stumbled upon this quaint restaurant of cozy ambience, red checkered tablecloth, and rustic wall finish, we instantly felt we had to eat here. 

Pizzeria Birreria Barbanera
So very Italian <3

We ordered the following:
Spaghetti Ai Frutti Di Mare | € 11.90
seafood pasta with small tomatoes

Spaghetti Alle Vongole | € 11.90
pasta with clams

Pizza Romana | € 7.90
pizza with mozzarella and anchovies

Pizza Lucifero | € 7.90
pizza with mozzarella and spicy salami

Chardonay by the glass | € 3.90

Our dinner with complimentary bread
Wine, of course <3
Our first Italian dinner was excellent! It was a good choice to dine here.

ChaMike with D'Mufs (April and Neal)
Fatt'a Naples
The next day we had our lunch at an Italian restaurant which has numerous branches in Italy. They say that the best pizza can be found in Naples so we were curious to try the pizza here since we had no plans of visiting Naples for this trip.

Fatt'a Naples

Scialatielli verdure e basilico | € 12.50
typical Neopolitan pasta in a creamy sauce of cherry tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, caciocavallo podolico and light basil pesto

Gnocchi corbarino e provola | € 11.00
potato gnocchi in a creamy sauce with Corbarino cherry tomatoes smoked Provola, Grans and basil

Verace | € 10.50
Margherita with Campania buffalo mozzarella DOP, tomato sauce, basil and Penisola Sorrentino EVO oil DOP

Capricciosa | € 10.50
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, champignon mushrooms, cooked ham, artichokes and black olives

Italian Lunch
Carbo loading!
Although the pizza and pasta were not as fantastic as I expected it to be, it still was an enjoyable lunch as we dined al fresco. 

Dining al fresco in Italy is <3
Eat delectable Gelato
It is a MUST try whenever you're in Italy! Gelato is an Italian ice cream that's delectable and has this distinct thickness and creaminess.

Suso Gelatoteca
We read great reviews of Suso so we had to try their gelato. When we found the place  there was a queue of people waiting to be served so we knew that we came to the right place. 

Kamut | € 2.20 per scoop
Bio cookies 

Manet | € 2.20 per scoop
pistachio al sale & grandura

Moro di Venezia | € 2.20 per scoop
dark chocolate

You can order from a waffle cone or a waffle cup, additional charge for the waffle biscuit if you want one. From the flavors we tasted, I loved Manet most, it was sooooo yummy I can eat a lot!

Suso Gelatoteca
Mike had two cups!
Grom Gelato
A gelato that has numerous branch across Italy, Grom has a branch near our Airbnb so we tried it. 

pistacchio flavor

filled with fine irregular shavings of chocolates

chocolate flavor

Price for cone
piccolo | € 2.60
medio | € 3.20
grande | € 3.80

Price for cup
piccola | € 2.60
media | € 3.20
grande | € 3.80
maxi | € 5.50

Grom Gelato
My pistacchio gelato
Mike had two flavors/scoops
Buy a Souvenir
You can buy tons of souvenirs in Venice. Ordinary ones are postcards, shot glasses, keychains, ref magnets and souvenir shirts but the unique ones are:

Carnival Venetian Masks | because of the annual carnival festival held in Venice, Venetian mask is the main feature of the festival making it a nice souvenir to take home

Murano glass | Not very far from Venice is Murano where glassmaking is prominent. Murano glass they say has a history and artistic value making it one of the best souvenirs to take home

Leather goods | Italy is well known for having a good quality of authentic leather so you can find tons of leather stores in Venice selling different leather items - gloves, bags, wallets you name it

Gondolier hat | Gondolier has an iconic look and it comes with an iconic hat that you can wear during your travel around Europe especially if it is the summer season. 


Typical souvenirs - we bought a shot glass
Different kinds of Venetian Masks
Trying out the masks
Murano Glass
Leather gloves
Leather bags
Gondelier Hat, you can also buy that stripes long sleeves for that complete gondolier look like my hubby. haha.

Appreciate Art and Classical Music
Whether it's a street painting, a street act or street music it's nice to stop and appreciate all these artsy showcase. Like in most of the cities we've been to in Europe, Venice has it's own art spectacle to offer. 

Street paintings
Italian work
Street acts
Street music
Enjoying the serenade 
Watch the Sunset
A dramatic sunset shouldn't be missed when in Venice. Staring at it together with the canal and the old structures is so picturesque. We spent the whole sunset session at the Rialto Bridge together with the hoard of tourists taking snaps and just looking at it. Sunsets make you love Venice more and more. 

Venice Sunset
Shot from Rialto Bridge
Lovely <3

Walk and Get Lost
Venice is an ideal place to walk, walk and walk. We spent two days walking around Venice and appreciate the surroundings. We were enamored by the city's charm just by walking and people-watching so even if we didn't visit any museums or go to its neighboring towns, our two days in Venice was so worth it.

Venice OOTD Day 1
White Polo Shirt | H&M
Pink Sweater | Hong Kong shop
Blue Jeans | Jag
Pink Sneakers | Adidas
Pink Sling Bag | Longchamp
Sunnies | Georgina Sasha

Day 1 at the bridge
#ChaMikiss in Venice
Day 2 with the wisteria flowers
Pretty backdrop
Pretty sight
Appreciating every angle
Small canals can be so romantic
Blue skies <3

How charming is this restaurant?
Coffee at the canal
It's still charming at night. Looks like a movie set!
Brassiere display at Bacaro Jazz 
Venice is a lovely city I'd definitely go back again, maybe during the Carnival Festival and then I'll visit Murano and Burano. 

After Venice, we then went to Florence Italy via TrenItalia

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