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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Walk with Cham inside the Sleeper Train from Vienna to Venice

I've tried riding a sleeper train once during a family's trip from Beijing to Xi'an (Read: Sleeper Train from Beijing to Xi'an China) and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted Mike to experience it with me. So when we were looking for a train from Vienna to Venice we opted to get sleeper train tickets for that 11-hour travel.

If you prefer to do the same I made a precise step by step process on how to book a Nightjet OEBB train. Read on.

How to Purchase an OEBB Ticket
Whenever I plan for a trip I make sure that I book transfer tickets in advance which means before we even fly to any destination, I purchase all our transfer tickets as I want to secure our slots on a particular schedule. So for our Eurotrip, we already purchased all the intercity/country tickets. Cheap tickets are even available if you'll purchase it months in advance. 

For our Vienna to Venice transfer I booked a sleeper train because of the long travel hours. Booking a ticket at night can save you time and money. Time - because you will travel at night and can save the morning for your day trip agenda. Money - because you don't need to purchase a hotel for an overnight stay. We booked our tickets at a train company called OEBB via online HERE. Here are the steps:

1. Click on the date of departure and choose your preferred date
2. Click on the city or station of departure and write Wien HBF (if you have the same area as ours)
3. Click on the city or station of arrival and write Venezia, choose Venezia Sta Lucia as this is the main station of Venice
4. Choose your preferred time and number of pax, if you want a Nightjet choose the later time. For us we chose 9:27 pm departure
5. Choose your services options:
   a. Seat Reservation - 6 people in one berth in a sitting position
   b. Couchette- 4 or 6 beds in one berth with breakfast
   c. Sleeper Cabin- 3 beds in one berth with breakfast
Sleeper cabin is too expensive for us so we chose the couchette (6 beds because 4 beds is more expensive)
*Take note that prices of tickets vary based on the options and the date you purchased your ticket. So it's advisable to buy your tickets in advance if you already have a confirmed itinerary.
6. Fill out the names of the passengers
7. Input your e-mail address and then pay thru credit card or online bank transfer
8. Wait for your ticket thru e-mail and print.

Reading your Ticket
To understand your ticket kindly see picture below

Our OEBB Ticket

Wien Hauptbahnhof Station
The main reason why we chose to stay at Motel One - Wien Hauptbahnhof because of its close proximity to Vienna's main station, so going to the station was a breeze even if we had very big luggages. The station is huge but you can always ask the concierge where the platform is for OEBB Nightjet. 

Wien Hauptbahnhof Station
Looking for our platform
The train has arrived
Second Class Carriage 403
After looking for the carriage number we then searched for our berth. It was different from the photos I saw online as it was too small. I couldn't even believe that 6 persons can actually fit in one berth. Not only that, storing our big luggages seemed impossible. 

Our carriage

Couchette Berth
A couchette berth has 6 beds, 2 at the lower, 2 at the middle and 2 on top. It also comes with 6 complimentary bottled waters, a trashbin, air-condition with control, light control and sound control. Luggage compartment can only fit 4 small luggages. 

Our berth
Volume, Light and Temperature controls
Good thing we shared the berth with a nice family of four and they agreed that we stayed at the top most instead of the middle. Because there was no available luggage compartment, we had no choice but to put our big luggages on our beds. Sleeping with a luggage on our feet was a bit uncomfortable but fortunately we slept soundly that night.

Each bed has a pillow and two blankets
Luggage compartment that can fit four small luggages
This was how we slept
Thank you, Babe for experiencing this with me :)

The next day, first thing I did was to find the toilet. It is located on every end of each carriage. The toilet is very compact with tissue and lavatory. 

Clean and compact toilet

Wash Area
There is also a wash area for those of the passengers who want to wash their face, brush their teeth or change their clothes. 

Wash area with bottled waters
Another wash area

Seat Carriage
Our friends April and Neal availed the seat reservation because the couchette was already fully booked.

Neal and April's Seats
The view is of course prettier in the morning 

Good Morning!
Staring at the view while waiting for Mike to wake up
Italian landscape
Included in the ticket is a simple breakfast which includes 2 pieces of bread, spread and coffee or hot chocolate

Breakfast for two
Our berth-mates having breakfast
Breakfast time!
It was a nice breakfast with my husband
Yes! We survived an 11-hour train ride
After a few minutes it was time to leave the train because we arrived in Venice!

Honestly the sleeper train in China is better than the sleeper train in Vienna. It's more spacious, comfortable and it's even cozier. But nonetheless we had fun experiencing it together. 

Venezia Sta Lucia
Off to the next adventure, VENICE!

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