Da Vinci Canal and Garden View Airbnb in Venice Italy

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

ChaMike at an Airbnb in Venice.

Our Airbnb in Venice was as charming as its city. Opted to book at an Airbnb in our trip to the cities of Italy because accommodation prices in these areas are relatively higher especially if you book in a hotel. And because Airbnb offers local residences, we got to try how it was like to live like an Italiano.
Da Vinci Canal and Garden View Venezia by Federico | P6,427 per night
While I was browsing the net, I stumbled upon this listing which I instantly fell in love with. It is a house good for 6 persons (we were 4), 3 bedrooms with 2 queen size beds, a kitchen with complete amenities, a bathroom, a foyer, a dining area and best part is it has a veranda with a canal view. It also has a laundry area which is a plus for us since we needed to wash our clothes.

Federico the host
Airbnb hosts have different styles of communication and as for Federico we never got to see him although we met his partner, Andrea, who gave us the keys and lead the way going to the house. Andrea was around 30 minutes late from the agreed time and they didn't even bother to message us ahead for being late. It was also hard talking to Federico through email because of the language barrier and he often replies late. 

Going to Da Vinci Canal Airbnb from Venezia Sta Lucia Station
From Venezia Sta Lucia, Federico told us it is just a 10 minute walk going to Campo San Barnaba where we will meet his partner and where the house was located and because there was no sight of an information booth in the station, we relied on the city map and tried our best to walk and find the place. 

Just outside Venezia Sta Lucia Station
But after 20 minutes of walking and climbing bridges while carrying our big luggages, we were exhausted (more like our husbands were exhausted) so we finally agreed to ride a water bus. 

The struggle is so real!
We rode a vaporetto from Piazzale Roma going to Ca' Rezzonico and paid a single ticket worth € 7.50 each. Enjoyed the ride and view of the old city and after a few minutes we were at our stop and waited for our host to arrive. 

1. Buy ticket 2. Go to the stop 3. Validate your ticket 4. Wait and Ride the water bus
Inside the Vaporetto 
The view from the water bus
Nearest stop from Campo San Barnaba
The apartment is located at the second floor and because it is a local residence, there were no elevators, so you have to carry your luggages up the stairs. It was a dreadful experience for the boys. 

Our Airbnb door
First floor
Although when we went up we were welcomed by a pretty foyer. It's an old Venetian interior that's warm and cozy which I loved. There were 3 bedrooms but we only used 2, one for us and one for our married friends. 

Room 1 
Where April and Neal stayed -  the bigger room that has a queen sized bed and a single bed with big cabinets and windows. They provided two towels for this room

Room 1 - Neal and April's
With spacious wardrobe
Room 2 
A smaller room where Mike and I stayed, it has 1 queen sized bed, big cabinets and windows. They also provided 2 towels.

Room 2 - Mike and I's room
Queen size bed with towels
Room 3
There is also another room that has 1 single bed which we never got to use thus I didn't take any photos of it.

I love the kitchen, it's complete:
Electric kettle
Water heater
Glasses and Cups
Dining utensils
Pots and Pans
Coffee, creamer and sugar
plus a nice garden view

Spacious kitchen
Kitchen amenities
Lovely garden view from our kitchen window
Toilet & Bath
It's quite small but complete:
A shower
Toilet with a bidet
Toilet paper
*no shampoo, conditioner or body wash

The bathroom was okay but the issue we had was the water - the heater didn't work and the water flow was very weak so we all had a hard time taking a bath.  

Toilet and Bath
Dining Room
The highlight of this Airbnb is the dining room which I so loved. The table was good for 6 persons, a TV set and has a wonderful view of the canal. It was so romantic. We enjoyed lounging here even if we were so tired.

Dining Room with a view
Dining set for 6 with TV
Canal View
For two mornings, I enjoyed staring and hanging out at the veranda while sipping my Italian 3-in-1 hot coffee. It was one of my most wonderful mornings in this Europe trip.

Canal View
You don't get a view like this every day
My morning ritual
Nescafe moment :)
We just love the view <3
Gopro shot
Asked Mike to take a photo of me from outside
Closer look
Other Amenities
Washing Machine | although the washing machine is located at the next building, we were able to use it for free! Liquid detergent included too
Fast WiFi connection
Aircondition & Heater
Pinoy cleaner | Yes, on our last day, we met a very nice Pinay who was assigned to clean our Airbnb, she helped us wash our clothes and wash the dishes. We also heard a lot of good things about her life in Italy.

For two mornings, we had our breakfast at our place so we could save money for breakfast food. First morning was our left over dinner which I heated, on the second day we had toasted bread with cheese and prosciutto that we bought the night before at a local grocery. 

First breakfast- left over pizza
Cooking breakfast for my loves
Second breakfast - toast with cheese and prosciutto 
Nearby Establishments 
The main attraction of the Airbnb is the pretty canal just beside our place.

How pretty is this canal?
Just love our place
A wisteria flowers on site
Campo San Barnaba
Closest square from our place, it has a church, restaurants and shops.

Campo San Barnaba
San Barnaba Church
Grom's Gelato at Campo San Barnaba
It was such a memorable experience staying at our Airbnb and just looking at the photos makes me want to go back and stay in Venice again. Aside from the dysfunctional heater our stay in Federico's place was perfect.

ChaMike loves our Venice Airbnb
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