Iron Man Experience with the PBB Housemates at Hong Kong Disneyland

Sunday, June 04, 2017

#WorkwithCham at Hong Kong Disneyland.

For the second time this year I was assigned to travel for work for the same show, Pinoy Big Brother. My first was in Ho Chi Minh (Read: Work with Cham in Ho Chi Minh) and this time my job was to tape for four days in Hong Kong Disneyland. 

I've been to Hong Kong for four times already, twice of which was spent in Disneyland so when they gave me this assignment I was a little worried. In my head I was thinking  - my daily work alone took up most of my time already, so I would be left with little time to fix my wedding if this assignment pushes through. But because I am a good soldier and I always want to challenge my limits plus the fact that I really had no choice but to say yes (hehehe), I went on a 6 day (ocular included) adventure in Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is the closest Disneyland to the Philippines so most if not all Filipinos who travel to Hong Kong visit the happiest place on earth. True to their tagline I was automatically transformed into a happy little girl on my first two visits years 2008 and 2012. And because I've visited it twice I never thought I would enjoy my third visit that much too (or even more).

Third time here!
The amazing thing about Disneyland is that they keep on improving and adding more entertainment and attractions so that guests always have a reason to go back and create magical experiences. 

We were invited here for two separate visits, one was for the ocular and the other one for the actual taping. During the ocular it was just me, Marcus (our Business Unit Head) and Molly (Director) who were there so we could tryout this new attraction they were offering.

This iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle <3

The Iron Man Experience

Calling all Superheroes! Yes, we are all superheroes in Disneyland's newest attraction. The Iron Man Experience is the first ever Marvel themed ride to be featured at a Disney theme park - the main reason why we were here. Located in Tomorrowland, The Iron Man Experience was the first place we went to. 

Iron Man Experience in Tomorrowland

Encounter with Iron Man
Luckily we were early so we were the first ones to be there. And yes, right before our eyes we saw Iron Man in the flesh! And it's great that he even threw a number of witty lines with the guests, very Tony Stark.

A flying robot?
It's Iron Man!
His suit was on point!
Privileged to have met Iron Man!

Stark Expo
After the meet and greet encounter we were able to step inside the amazing world of Stark Industries where we saw several exhibition halls. One of the halls is the Hall of Mobility which was the most important one. Here we were introduced to the latest technological masterpiece from Stark Industries - the gravity-defying Iron Wing.

Iron Wing
Flight with Iron Man in Hong Kong
After the Hall of Mobility we were totally unaware of what would happen next. All we knew was that we should prepare to be launched on Star Expo's latest technology. So we picked up a pair of StarkVision glasses and then we stepped inside the Iron Wing. When it took off we were taken on a thrilling aerial tour of Hong Kong, we even saw the HK Stark Tower! It got more exciting when the Hydra elements came to attack. Good thing Iron Man came to the rescue and yes, we even rescued the city too!

How to enjoy the Iron Man Experience
Wear the Stark Vision Glasses

After the exciting ride guests can buy Iron Man and other Marvel merchandise.

Iron Man Merchandise for the fanatics
They have Iron Man Waffle too!

Aside from the Iron Man Experience which was the newest attraction, we were also introduced to other recently opened attractions.

Star Wars Tomorrowland Takeover
One of the new attractions is the Star Wars Tomorrowland Takeover. The force was strong in this new command post in Tomorrowland. Last 2016 forces of light and dark took over Tomorrowland with special experiences including Hyperspace Mountain (which was Space Mountain before), Jedi Training and Star Wars Character Encounter.

Star Wars Tomorrowland Takeover

Star Wars Character Encouter at the Star Wars Command Post
I was able to meet Chewbacca and R2-D2 in the flesh! We also encountered Captain Phasma and two of her Stormtrooper roaming around like bosses.

Star Wars Command Post
Met this super cute and nice, R2-D2!
Face to face with the Wookie warrior Chewbacca
The snobbish Captain Phasma with her Stormtroopers
Hyperspace Mountain
My favorite ride became even better! This time we were engaged in the middle of an intense and thrilling Star Wars battle out in the galaxy. 

Hyperspace Mountain
Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple
Young recruits were taught how to use the force and wield the lightsabers. And at the end of the training the young Jedis get to fight with Darth Vader himself.

Young ones at the Jedi temple donned in brown robes
One-on-one fight encounter with THE DARTH VADER!
Fairy Tale Forest
We also explored the interactive enchanted Fairy Tale Forest where scenes from some of my favorite princess fairy tales come to life in a magical miniature garden. 

Beauty and the Beast

Rapunzel of Tangled
Prince Eric and Ariel of The Little Mermaid
Toy Story Land
A land dedicated to the hit 3D animation, Toy Story. Here most of the rides are thrilling and daring which are not for the fainthearted. My fave are the RC Racer and the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop.

Toy Story Land

Night Parade
Of course we never missed this opportunity of not seeing the night parade. It was a spectacular showcase of well-lit colorful gregarious Disney character floats.

Little Mermaid
Tinker Bell
Slinky Dog

Of course, Mickey Mouse!

Disney in the Stars Firework
After the night parade an exhibition of breathtaking light and color sparkle above the Sleeping Beauty castle in classic Disney music. This is the grand finale every night (if weather permits) that is witnessed by almost everyone who visits the park. Be sure to save a seat early to have a good view of the fireworks.

Second time to witness it. The first made me teary-eyed!
We had the best view because of our man, Philip

Dinner at Plaza Inn
One of the restaurants inside the park that serves classic Chinese cuisine. We ordered yang chow, peking duck, roast goose among many others. Philip, the marketing officer who toured us around ordered the best dishes Plaza Inn offers. 

Plaza Inn hosted by Maxims
Molly, Marcus, Me and Philip
Chinese food!!!

During the ocular we also learned that almost 80% of the entertainers in the park are Filipinos which made me so proud. They say that there are so many Filipinos who are very  talented in singing and dancing. 

Pinoy Big Brother Housemates at Hong Kong Disneyland
The PBB x Disneyland episodes that aired 5 days became very much successful. Elisse, Maymay, McCoy and Nico went on a three day adventure in HK Disneyland to fulfill several tasks given by Big Brother. Here are several snapshots I took during the course of the taping.
Blind folded at the Hong Kong Harbour City
Inside the Harbour City
Maymay, Elisse, Maccoy and Nico waiting for the train
They're finally at the happiest place on earth!
Reading the task from Kuya all the way from Pinas
Walking along the Main Street USA
The HM's performed at the Grand Marshall
Proud moment! Everyone watched and cheered!
Highlight of the day!
While waiting for the day parade.
Day Parade
The last event before going to Pinas. The housemates had FUUUUUN!
Kudos to the staff and crew of the HKDL unit! Everybody worked double and multitasked. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to the HK DL hardworking staff, they've been very helpful and cooperative with all our requests. It was a successful run because of this amazing team. 

PBB Staff Dreamteam
Never thought I'd be working in two different countries for the same show in one season. Even if I got really exhausted with work, at the end of the day I felt fulfilled and happy. Here's to more out of the country shoots. Bring it on! :)

Perks of the job is to have a photo at the castle with zero people around!

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