ChaMike's First Honeymoon: Hong Kong with Family

Monday, June 19, 2017

#WalkwithChaMikeinHongKong #HoneyMOONWALKwithChaMike.

Weddings can be great opportunities for grand reunions and ours was no exception. Everybody close to us were all excited for our union and fortunately all of our invited relatives confirmed their attendance including my Mama's siblings and Lola. Lola has 8 children and they're based in different cities two of which live in the US so we were all ecstatic when we knew everyone is coming! And since they never experienced traveling together, Hong Kong was going to be the best place to have a bonding, right? It's close to the Philippines so the airfare is relatively cheaper compared to other countries. It's tourist friendly (they have excellent railway system), the weather was pleasant during the time of our visit and visa free for Filipinos! These and a lot more were the reasons why we chose Hong Kong to spend our grand reunion. Because my parents wanted us to tag along (even if we initially refused because we still had to plan for our Eurotrip!) they insisted on paying for all our expenses, which sounded like a good deal. So off we went to Hong Kong for our first Honeymoon with the fambam!

First time to travel as Mrs. Magsaysay. These personalized travel accessories were my giveaways to our Principal Sponsors
These Mr and Mrs Magsaysay passport holders are so chic <3
We traveled via Cebu Pacific
With the family. It was our third time in Hong Kong!
For the very first time, Mike won in the Cebupac Fun games. Huraaah!
From Hong Kong airport we rode an airport express train
Off to Tsim Tsa Tsui where our Airbnb is located
Our very simple two bedroom Airbnb in the Chunking area. My Mama was the one who looked for it!
Clean and compact kitchen and bathroom
Grocery is just a few walks from our Airbnb
It also has a number of local restaurants in the area
The classic wanton. There is Ichiran Ramen right smack in front of our Airbnb (wasn't able to take a photo though)

Mongkok for all our shopping and people watching needs
Strolled around here for three days. Hahaha.
Yes,  I 💓HK and the Ladies Market (even if I didn't buy anything here, strolling in this area is so satisfying)
It was also Mike's favorite area in HK too! He's been to Hong Kong since he was little!
#ChaMikiss at the streets of Mongkok
The basement of Trendy Zone is where the NMDs and other OG sneakers are located
Mike bought me and himself a pair. It was waaaay cheaper here compared to the Philippines. 
Clean, efficient and fast MTR. On our way to Causeway Bay
Godiva Ice Cream is a must!
Causeway Bay is also my fave. If I have more time I'd spend it here in the area
Ikea in Causeway Bay!
Went here for condo inspo. Only bought 1 item - laundry hamper. hehehe.
Imagining having my own kitchen. 

Day 2
Mongkok again to meet with our family
Yay, we are all together! Almost.
Shopping with my Titas at the $50 store
Lunch time with this big group! Can't believe we're actually in HK!!!
Peking Duck and Hainanese Chicken Combo. Yumyum in my tumtum
Off to Avenue of the Stars
Apparently Avenue of the Stars is currently under construction. Boo.
It was temporary transformed as Garden of the Stars. So happy I'm with them <3
Dinner at McDonalds Harbour City. My Tita's friend treated the whole bunch here!
Lovely Victoria Harbour at night

Beautiful skyline calls for a perfect group photo
and of course a #ChaMikiss
Walked along this high end Canton Road going to our Airbnb
My beautiful Mama
Day 3

Bought birdcages for Mommy at the Bird Market near Royal Park Hotel
Lunch at Mcdo again. This time at The Peak
The Peak with the family! Not yet complete though
Family picture <3

Pic at the Peak
Off to go to IFC Mall. My Lola and Mike are so cute together <3
Going down the peak via double decker. Enjoyed the view every time

Ninang Lelet and Ninong Jonh treated all of us dinner at one of the Chinese restaurants in IFC Mall. Thank you po!

They're complete! Tito Lorenz, Ninong Leo, Ninong Lito, Tito Jun, Lola, Mama, Tita Lolit, Tita Luchi and Ninang Lelet

With their partners, complete attendance! Wooot!!!
Day 4

But first, Egg Tarts!
Victoria Harbour during day time

View from our ferry going to Central
Star Ferry Ride
It was just my parents, Kuya and Gin who went on a morning tour to ride the tram
Touring Hong Kong via tram
At the second level inside the tram
Roast Duck, Chicken and Goose!
Typical Hong Kong lunch plates. Saraaap!
Family after the tram ride
Got Coke?
After Lunch we rode the mini bus going to Stanley Market to meet the rest of the crew
After around 40 minutes we were in Stanley Market where we agreed to meet all our relatives. It's one of the few places where everyone hasn't been to before
Stanley Market is considered as one of the tourist spots in Hong Kong

The street is a typical example of a traditional old open-air market in Hong Kong

It has numerous stalls that sell clothing, electronics, accessories and souvenirs like this
At the shoreline you can see a strip of restaurants that serve international cuisine
Stanley Bay has a beautiful coastline too
The view is perfect for moments like these!

You can also find here local fishermen with their boats
There's a huge H&M too
We had a snack at one of the Italian restaurants. This time it was Ninong Lito and Tita Ellen who paid for our meal.
Paired the meal with white wine
Of course a photo opportunity is a must!

Another complete family photo <3 <3 <3
Lola's evidently happy face <3
Went down to the city via their clean and efficient bus
Last dinner in Hong Kong. Aaaaw.
The food are so delish!
Food coma!
Last picture before separating. Waaaah :(
After dinner, we strolled around Nathan Road and bought a magazine for my growing collection. Hey Sandara!

Day 5
On our last day we had to check out at 11 am, since our flight is at night we stored our luggages in a luggage counter we found near Harbour City. They also offered to drive us to the airport.

Rode the double decker going to Mongkok. Yes. Mongkok. again. hehehe.
Photo from the double decker bus
Double Decker Selfie
Waiting customers at the Dim Dim Sum restaurant in Mongkok which Mike recommended
Ordered Dimsum!
We are in dim sum heaven!
Ladies Market again. hihi.
Window shopping with Gin <3
We stopped at a cafe at the heart of Ladies Market
Coffee bonding with this one <3
After a few hours went back to TST to get our luggages. You go, Babe!
Had a last look at the harbour <3
Waiting for our ride. Goodbye Hong Kong!

Off to Europe!

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