Wedding at Narra Hill Tagaytay

Sunday, May 28, 2017

#ChaMikeMagsaySayIDo at Narra Hill.

Mike and I were really happy we found Narra Hill as our wedding venue.

Looking for an ideal wedding venue is a challenge especially if you have a specific preference (a lot of married ladies can relate for sure!)

As for me, here were mine:
1. A garden for the Christian ceremony area
2. A place in Tagaytay. Because I didn't want our guests to be sweating during the ceremony and the nearest city in Metro Manila with cold weather is Tagaytay.
3. A ceremony area and a reception area in one venue that can fit 200 guests
4. Cocktail area for guests
5. Accommodation for me and my family
6. Available on March 18 (18 is our number and March is our preferred month, luckily March 18 fell on a Saturday which was even better)
7. One reserving client per day, so the whole venue is exclusive for us
8. No corkage fee and is open to any caterers and suppliers
9. Ample parking space

We found all of these in one magical venue that is Narra Hill, Tagaytay. After 3 weekends of looking for THE ONE we were ecstatic that we were able to stumble upon this venue thru Mike's friend who recently attended a wedding here.

Here are the photos during our ocular

Ceremony Area
A beautiful walk way for the entourage
Garden area for the ceremony. Plus it has a mini stage for the bride and groom. 
Just below the ceremony area is another flat area for the cocktails.
Here I put the photo booth, lawn games and postcard guestbook.
You can see the Taal lake from this view <3
They also have a man-made waterfall and a lagoon
Above the ceremony area is where they Pavilion is located
The Pavilion is the reception area that can fit up to 200 guests
200 guests is a bit jam packed so if you have that much guests they will suggest to put rectangular tables instead of circular ones
Outside the pavilion is the bar area 
There are no air condition units in the pavilion but they will provide portable coolers and the glass walls/windows will be opened for the breezy fresh Tagaytay air.
Nice and spacious toilet for guests
This happy face when you knew you found the one!

Prenup Shoot
Included also in the wedding package is a prenup or engagement for one day. Here are some of our photos from Airballoon Project.

More prenup photos HERE.

Aside from the wedding venue, Narra Hill is also gaining good reviews for their boutique bed and breakfast in being the perfect escape place away from the stress of the city. And yes, if you book the venue an overnight accommodation is also included from the actual day until the next day good for 13 guests. So if your wedding falls on a Saturday, you can stay there till Sunday at 10 am. In our case we also booked it the day before the wedding so that we could use the place as a prepping area (Of course it comes with a separate fee.)

Their accommodations are designed like a modernized Kubo or a nipa hut that are fit for guests who are looking for a relaxing retreat, no televisions and wifi.

If you want to experience their accommodation alone you can book their 4 kubos thru

Balcony Room | P5,025 per night
This is the farthest from all the rooms which can fit 2 people, it has the best view of the Taal Lake. Perfect for couples who like to have a private moment. This was where my Ninang and her husband stayed.

Queen Sized Bed at the Balcony Room
Mini ref, coffee and tea making facility and sink
Toilet complete with bathroom essentials
My Ninang Lelet and Ninong Jonh

Kubo 1 Suite | P9,006 per night
For a bigger family or group of friends, you can opt to get this room that can fit up to 5 pax.  At the first level you will be welcomed by a spacious lanai and kitchenette, it is also where the masters bedroom and bathroom are located. At the second level you can see three single beds. Masters bedroom was where my Mama and Papa stayed, while my Ninong and his wife stayed at the second level.

Queen sized bed at Kubo 1 Suite
Bathroom with complete essentials
Kitchenette with bar counter
My Mama and Papa at the spacious receiving area
Three single beds at the second level

Kubo 2 Room | P5,025
The third room is located at the second level of the bridal room/honeymoon room (our room.) It can fit four persons - 1 queen sized bed, 2 single beds and a bathroom.

1 queen sized bed
1 single bed
1 single bed
Bathroom at the second level
Kubo 2 Suite | P6,021 per night
Our room. It can accommodate 2 persons and is perfect as the bridal room (before the wedding) and honeymoon room (after the wedding) because it has its own kitchenette and spacious receiving area.

Queen sized bed of Kubo 2 Suite, me and Mike's bed
Enormous receiving area and bar counter

Bathroom sink
Before the day of our wedding my sister was my companion in the room while my husband-to-be stayed at Escala Tagyatay together with his family. It was after the wedding when Mike and I stayed together in this room. 

Big prep time.
When you book a room, breakfast is already included. You can choose from the Filipino breakfast or sinangag at itlog or silog (garlic fried race and fried egg) that they offer  such as tapsilog (tapa), longsilog (longanisa), bangsilog (bangus), adobosilog (adobo) and tocilog (tocino). It also comes with a basket of bread and coffee or tea.

You can also choose to have breakfast at your room or at the dining area just below Kubo 2 Suite.

Breakfast at the dining area on my last day as a miss - Bangsilog
Breakfast as husband and wife at our room - longsilog
Happy morning as Mr and Mrs <3

Infinity Pool
Between Kubo 1 Suite and Kubo 2 Suite are two small swimming pools with a breathtaking view of the Taal Lake. No heater so it can be very cold, but because I really wanted to try dipping in the pool, I braved the freezing water and tried swimming for a few minutes. This happened the day after our wedding by the way.

Pool with a view
Customized swimsuit from @georginasha
Mrs. Magsaysay
It was actually freezing!
Certified wifey!

The view is everything!
You can see more photos of Narra Hill during our wedding HERE. Venue rental costs was P165,000.00 during our time but upon checking their website it is P170,000 as of this writing.

There are only two things about this venue that may be difficult for some:
1. The WAY going to the venue. The roads are a bit rough and really steep. So going down and up might be a problem if you have a very small and old car so you really have to consider not renting a vintage classic bridal car if you prefer this venue. Please also inform your guests so they would know what to expect.

2. Very poor 3g signal. So doing an FB live and having the hashtag contest are impossible. But some of my guests told me that it actually became a good thing since they concentrated on the actual event and socialized with others guests rather than focusing on their social media accounts.

Other than these, I would say everything was perfect. It was also relatively new compared to other Tagaytay venues so their amenities are still in pristine condition. March has still a nice breezy weather since it is located at the top area of Tagaytay. 

Narra Hill Tagaytay
Laurel Batangas
(located after Breakfast at Antonio's and before Sonya's Garden)

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