Maria Luisa's Garden Room Cafe

Friday, March 31, 2017

An Intimate Engagement Lunch for #ChaMikeMagsaySayIDo.

One dainty afternoon, my family and Mike's had a wonderful lunch at Makati Garden Club's Maria Luisa's Garden Room Cafe.

On top our long list of things to do before we get married was of course meeting of both parties. Because my family haven't met Mike's family, well aside from the Facebook messenger convos, this meet up was a big thing for ALL of us. It was a modern day Pamamanhikan, because it was not the usual type where the groom's side visits the house of the bride's. Both of us decided that it was best to do it in a lovely environment not too far from their place in Quezon City and our place in Muntinlupa. Tita Jackie had the best idea of gathering us in a cosy and homey environment that is Maria Luisa's Garden Room Cafe.

Maria Luisa's Garden Room Cafe is like dining in a quiet town away from the hustle and bustle of the city the only difference is Maria Luisa is IN the city. Yes, it sits just along EDSA southbound, entrance is at Ayala in Recoletos street. 

I feel like dining in a Cath Kidston store only classier. The place gives a relaxing vibe and not intimidating at all. Just what we needed.

Outside is a garden of lush greenery. Mike and I had fun taking photos at the plant archway. <3

Gourmet Buffet Special | P1,900++ per person
The buffet special includes the following:
Standard Salad & Appetizer Buffet Special
Chef's Mussels
Gravlax Salmon
Spinach & Artichoke Dip
White Omelet with Olives and Feta
Tomato Salad Provencal
Shrimp Cocktail
Ceasar Salad & Crispy Bacon
French Sour Dough Bread
3 Dessert du Jour
Linguini with Prawns, Asparagus, Dill Cream and Garlic
Grilled US Rib Eye with 4 Hours Baked Potatoes
Herb Roasted Chicken with Paella Rice

French Sour Dough Bread

Tomato Salad Provencal


Linguini with Prawns, Asparagus, Dill Cream and Garlic
Spinach and Artichoke Dip
White Omelet with Olive and Feta
Gravlax Salmon

Grilled US Rib eye

Herb Roasted Chicken
Paella Rice
Carrot Cake

I just have to remind you that dining here is only exclusive for members (or friends of members) of Makati Garden Club. You can always sign up if you want with a certain fee of course.

the Parentals

Family <3
It was a fantastic and very satisfying lunch. Believe me I felt so much relieved after that day. One out of 100 (and more) wedding preps to go!

with our dear parents <3

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