Unattended Luggage: Everything You Need to Know About your Belongings

Friday, December 16, 2016

Going on holiday is always the highlight of the year – but one thing we could really do without is the stress of having to worry about our luggage. You’ve probably thought one step ahead though, and taken out some sort of insurance to cover your belongings going missing, right?

Unfortunately, even if you have, there are still a host of circumstances where if things do go missing, you’re still responsible. Today we’re going to look at the repercussions of leaving luggage unattended, and when and where you’re covered or not.

1.     Pick-pockets – Covered

These nasty rascals are likely to pounce in pretty much any major city in the world (albeit some are worse than others), and often target people they know are tourists visiting an area.

This’ll most often occur in densely populated locales – such as on a busy street or public transport – and will often see you parting from items like wallets and passports in the blink of an eye.

There are steps you can take to detract pick-pockets from specifically targeting you, but, regardless, it’s never really your fault. As such, you’ll always be covered.

2.     Intoxicated – Not covered

We all like to go out and get merry when we’re on vacation, but all bets are off when it comes to missing belongings. You’re responsible for everything you carry with you on a night out – and being drunk is no excuse for losing track of important items.

Alright, being drunk doesn’t instantly mean you lose all coverage, but if it can be proven you were acting irresponsibly (as most drunk people often do) when you lost the items, it’s very likely you want receive any insurance.

3.     Car Break-in –  Covered

In truth, this one is actually a mixed bag – with it depending heavily on where you left the item in your car as to whether you’re going to receive some compensation or not.

You’ll always receive coverage if you kept your luggage in the boot of your vehicle, or kept it well hidden, and then had someone break in and take it.

However, you are not insured for items left in the back of a car that are visible to passers-by. Your belongings must be locked in the boot or locked glove compartment for your cover to kick-in.

4.     Out of sight – Not covered

If you leave your items unattended and away from you, you won’t be covered if they suddenly go missing.

It’s hardly your fault if someone reaches into your pocket or bag and takes an item out, but if you leave something lying around and it then goes missing, you’ve nobody to blame other than yourself.

Going for a dip in the sea and leaving your phone lying around is setting yourself up for disaster, so you can blame nobody other than yourself for something going missing.

5.     Missing or delayed luggage – Covered

Everyone’s worst nightmare on holiday is turning up at airport and finding their luggage has gone missing. Thoughts race across your mind; What’s happened to it, and when are you likely to get it back?

If your baggage is delayed or doesn’t arrive at all, you’ll be able to claim some compensation and purchase whatever clothes you need to get you through your time overseas.

Hopefully you’re now that little bit clearer on when you are and aren’t covered by travel insurance. Make sure to bear these points in mind on your next holiday.

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