Pub Street Siem Reap Cambodia

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Walk with ChaMike at Pub Street.

Every night tourists who visit Siem Reap end their day at Pub Street to eat, unwind, shop, people watch & have fun. Pub Street is where the bars and clubs are located, it is Siem Reap's party hub so going here is a must.

We went here on our last night, although we are not the type who drink all the time, experiencing Pub Street was on our list since this rowdy area is one of the most iconic places in Siem Reap that is not a temple. 

Pub Street is just a short Tuk-tuk ride from our hotel. We visited it twice - in the morning and in the evening. In the morning we went here to try the famous Blue Pumpkin ice cream. It was indeed delish! We also got to hang out at the second floor where they have beds for the guests to relax.

Mike's and mine
Coolest dining setup ever

We also did a little shopping at the Old Market which is located a stone's throw away from the Pub Street.

Old Market

In the evening there were bigger crowds. All sorts of restaurants and bars can be seen along the street. Colorful lights from different establishments illuminate at night. It was indeed the place with the most "happening" in Cambodia. 

Pub Street

Night life in Siem Reap
ChaMike in Siem Reap
Fish Massage anyone?
Night Market
They sell the same as the items at the Old Market
Out of all the bars I was most interested in checking out the famous Angkor What? Bar. It is probably the most famous bar along the stretch of Pub Street.

Angkor Wat? Bar is the oldest bar in Pub Street. It was the very first bar to open in 1998. It is also one of the bars that closes late. It also has reasonable prices.

Angkor What? Bar

Mike ordered Anchor Draft Beer for $1 only

Mike's Anchor Draft
Mike enjoying his $1 beer
While I ordered Sex on the Beach for $3.50

Sex on the Beach
Not a beer drinker so opted for a cocktail instead
Looking at the crowd of different races
People watching is always fun
My Titas came along too, it was just a quick unwinding then off we went back to our hotel.

ChaMike with Tita Amy and Tita Marlyn

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