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Friday, October 14, 2016

Walk with ChaMike in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand was the other half of ChaMike's Dual-Country trip, the other one was Cambodia. Supposedly it was a TRI-COUNTRY adventure (Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand) but because I spent almost a month in Ho Chi Minh for work (Read Work wth Cham in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam), I skipped it and pursued Cambodia-Thailand instead.

It was not my first time visiting Bangkok, it was actually my third time here. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand was one of the first countries I visited. I didn't even have a blog at that time yet so you won't find any of my experiences here. But because Bangkok has always been one of my favorite countries I kept (and will keep) coming back. The preservation of their rich culture, their strong belief in Buddhism, the rowdy bars, delicious spicy Thai cuisines and endless shopping made me (and thousands of other travelers) fascinated about the Kingdom of Thailand.

July 2010 in Ayuttaya with HS Friends - Christian and Chatt
October 2010 in Floating Market with Family - Gin, Tita Marlyn, Mama, Papa and Kuya
So here are a list of things I learned from the three times I've been to the Land of Smiles.


1. Thailand is one of the Southeast Asian countries and shares a land border with Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos and Myanmar
A lot of travelers consider going to these other countries whenever they visit Thailand (like us) or vise versa. Travel Time from Manila to Bangkok is 2 1/2 hours.

Asia Map
2. Visa is not required for Philippine Passport Holders
Filipinos are not required to apply for a visa and are permitted until 15 days of stay in the country from the date of entry.

3. There are several airlines that service direct flights from Manila- Bangkok and vice versa
Airlines such as Cebu Pacific, Thai Airways and Philippine Airlines service direct flights to and from Manila and Bangkok from Sunday - Saturday. 

Suvarnabhumi Airport

4. Thailand is 1 hour behind Philippine time

5. Thailand, like any other Southeast Asian countries is a tropical country that experiences two seasons - Wet and Dry

November to February is the cool and dry season. They say that these are the best months when visiting this country. It still is hot but bearable as compared to other months.

March to May is the hot season. For less crowded months you can opt visiting during this time but I have to warn you that Thailand is, if not the hottest, one of the hottest countries in the world so try to avoid these months if you can't tolerate the heat.

June to October is the rainy season. This was the season for all my three visits. Although, during the course of these visits I can recall that it only rained once unlike in the Philippines during rainy season, we experience rainfall even storms almost everyday. I'd still recommend going to Thailand between these months as the heat is not as hot as compared to the summer season. 

I also remember that they also experience flooding during rainy season so be prepared. 

September heat is tolerable but I seriously got awkward tan lines.
6. The currency in Bangkok is Thai Baht 
1 USD = 45 THB as of this writing.

Currency exchange can be found at most tourists spots
7. Note down the Philippine Consulate in Bangkok
Address:  4760 Sukhumvit Rd Bangkok, Thailand
Business Hours: Mondays- Fridays | 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Phone: +66 2 2590139
Email: Bangkok.pe@dfa.gov.ph


1. A bustling city that has a strong belief in Buddhism 

Bangkok is a very busy city, so busy that tourists never ran out of things to do, places to visit, food to eat and items to shop. Even if it was already my third time going here, it always felt that my stay wasn't enough. Indeed Thailand is consistently on the list of one of the top destinations in the world. 

The golden palaces and golden buddhas speak of how strongly they believe in Buddhism. 
Golden Reclining Buddha
This slogan is seen everywhere in Bangkok
2. Tuk-tuk, cabs, water taxis and trains are the main source of transportation for tourists
There are several ways in going around the city, of course we tried all of these transport systems. In Bangkok, tuk-tuk is mainly used by tourists (like our kalesa in Luneta) so they say that it's better to take a cab than to ride a tuk-tuk because it's cheaper. If you still want to try the tuk-tuk, don't forget to haggle your fare or else you'll get ripped off.

Waiting for our Cab at MBK
Water Taxi from Wat Arun
Train going to Chatuchak

3. Dress appropriately when entering temples
Because they consider the temples as a sacred place, they have a strict dress code:

  • No sleeveless tops 
  • No shorts & shorts skirts
  • No leggings
  • No clothing that has holes such as ripped jeans
  • No sportswear and sweat shirt or sweat pants
BKK Temple #OOTD
Top: Forever21
Bottom: Night Market in Ho Chi Minh
Footwear: Birkenstock
Straw Hat: H&M

Outside the temple you can wear anything that suits you 

#OOTN in Bangkok
Dress: Uniqlo
Footwear: Birkenstock

3. Almost anyone can understand and speak simple English
We did not have any difficulty asking locals for directions, price, discounts and recommendations.
Talking to the receptionist of our hotel
4. Wai is a sign of respect
Wai is a social behavior that consists of a slight bow while your two palms are pressed to each in a prayer-like fashion. It is a sign of respect especially to the elderly and to those who have a high stand in society. You should not wai someone younger than you except in return for their wai. However, one should always return a wai that is offered as a sign of respect.
Wai-ing with ChaMike
5. Thai Massage can be seen almost everywhere
Thai Massage is highly popular - their massage technique is one of the best and is very affordable hence the reason why you can find so many massage stalls and spas almost everywhere in Bangkok. The bone cracking, stretching and acupressure will definitely relax you after a long tiring day of walking and shopping. 

Food Massage in Ayuttaya Floating Market
7. Thai cuisine is affordable and spicy!
Thai cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Of course eating it in the country itself is a whole new experience. Because Thais love spicy dishes, be prepared to encounter many spicy food whenever you eat out. There are also so many street food stalls that are scattered around the city. What's more amazing is that Thai food is cheap especially at low end restaurants.  

Tom Yum!
Street food in Khao San Road
8. Bangkok is a Shopping Paradise!
You will find so many malls and markets in Bangkok so prepare to bring extra cash if you want to go shopping crazy. They seldom accepts credit cards so bringing cash is your safest bet.
at Chatuchak Weekend Market

Now that you know what to expect in Bangkok you can book your flight, pack your bags, fly and enjoy BKK!

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  1. Hi Ms. Cham! Do we need USD pa, or pwede papalitan PHP to Baht pagdating doon? :)

    1. Hi Dianne! Swede papalitan na dun from php to Baht :) Happy trip po!

  2. Hi Ms. Cham! Thank you for sharing this one for we have a trip to Thailand next month. I look forward to visiting Chatuchak Market since I'm fond of thrift shops. :)


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