Ta Prohm Siem Reap Cambodia

Monday, September 26, 2016

Walk with ChaMike in Ta Prohm Siem Reap.

Ta Prohm was our last temple stop before we went back to our hotel to have lunch and freshen up. It was already 10:30 am and Mike and I were both a little tired and hungry as we've been up since 3:30am (Read: Angkor Wat Siem Reap Cambodia and Bayon Temple Angkor Thom Siem Reap Cambodia)

Ta Prohm was the temple I was most excited about as it is most popular for the huge trees going out of the ruins. Some scenes from Tomb Raider were shot here while Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) roamed around the jungle temple.

How to go to Ta Prohm
Almost all the hotels in Siem Reap offer tours/transportation going to the temples, in our case our hotel offers two options - via van or via tuk-tuk, we chose the latter as we wanted to try riding the local transportation plus it is way cheaper than renting a van as we are just two. 

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Because Mike and I wanted to finish all the temple exploration in one day, we availed of the following:

Sunrise in Angkor Wat
Small Tour -  Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm
Sunset at Phnom Bankeng

The entire tour costs $25 (Php 1,200++) only, included on this fare are side trips going back to our hotel, going to Blossom Cafe and Cuisine Wat Damnak so it was really a good deal. I told you it's cheap here.

Temple map from www.canbypublicaitons.com
Entrance Fee
1 day - $20
3 days - $40

We first stopped at the ticket office where we paid $20 (Php 960++) each for a one day exploration, one day was enough for us since we wanted to visit the main sites only. 

Ticket booth
This ticket is the entrance fee for all the temples in Angkor Archeological Park.
Printed ticket with our photo and date of entry
After our tour around Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, our tuk-tuk driver then ventured to Ta Prohm. From the parking, we had to walk a few meters before reaching the main temple and since it is a temple within a jungle, the weather was pleasant and atmospheric, I started feeling excited. 

Entrance to Ta Prohm with Jayavarman's face
Pathway going to the main temple
Temple Run
Ta Prohm was a Buddhist temple that was built during the 12th century dedicated to the mother of King Jayavarman VII. After the fall of the Khmer empire the temple was abandoned, leaving it to the jungle to take over.

Piles of carved stones from the ruined temple
Since the temple was located in a jungle, huge trees are densely seen everywhere that filtered the sunlight and provided a welcome shade to the visitors . The atmospheric mood all throughout the temple gave a mythical feel. It was pleasantly different which added charm to the already famous temple.

Filtered sunlight and welcome shade bring an atmospheric feel
Mythical <3
One of the first trees we saw
They say that Ta Prohm was in the same condition in which it was found. After it was neglected, the conservation team left the trees as is since the trees were Ta Prohm's distinct feature out of all the rest in the Angkor Archeological Park. The unexplainable trees growing out of the ruins and the surrounding jungle make it one of Angkor's most visited temple.

Great trees tower above Ta Prohm
Staring at the huge trees growing out of the ruins as if it were eating them up was one of the most magical things I had ever seen. It was simply unbelievable and magnificent

How on earth, really?
In awe!
How can the roots grew from this sandstone?
Tourists are only allowed to stay at certain areas 
Got to have a photo here!
And then suddenly this pretty butterfly came out of nowhere <3
The roots are firmly attached to the structure itself slowly crushing it. Good thing it was being restored and conserved to help preserve the ruins.

The ruins are being supported to stop it from being crushed
Wooden railings and walkways were installed to help protect the monument
Our tuk-tuk driver was also our photographer
Ta Prohm has got to be my most favorite temple out of all the rest. It was so photogenic and scenic! We were also thankful we witnessed it before the jungle completely consumes the temple.

Another conquered structure
Good thing, we can touch this tree!
One of the few trees we can touch and get close to 
At the middle of the temple we were introduced to another iconic tree. This one looks different because of the smaller strand of roots that cover the building making it picturesque.

How magical!
We had to line up so we could get a photo here
This tree is quite popular
Angelina Jolie shot a few scenes from the movie Tomb Raider and I think this tree was part of a scene with Lara Croft.

Mike feeling like Lara Croft >.<
Nature vs Man Made Art

There are 39 towers at Ta Prohm connected by numerous galleries although visitors are not allowed to walk or climb due to the possible harm it could do to both the temple and the visitors.

Stone playground turned jungle
We are just a mere speck in the marvelous scheme of the world
Ta Prohm you are amazing <3
of course a #ChaMikiss
Ta Prohm was truly magical! We wandered around the temple for more than an hour, it was an incredible feeling witnessing all these awesomeness. Walking around Ta Prohm was a surreal experience every traveler should try.

After visiting Ta Prohm we went straight to our hotel for lunch and a quick rest. Life is good.

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