La Rose Blanche Boutique Hotel Siem Reap Cambodia

Friday, September 23, 2016

Walk with ChaMike at La Rose Blanche Boutique Hotel Siem Reap.

Have I told you I love boutique hotels? Yes, I absolutely love staying in a boutique hotel that's why I felt so lucky I was able to book a good one in Siem Reap. 

La Rose Blanche Boutique Hotel is a hidden gem in Siem Reap. Saw this on and it caught my attention for its high ratings from previous reviewers. And when I saw the room and its amenities, I immediately booked it during the whole duration of our stay in Siem Reap. 

Tucked in a quiet area a few blocks away from the busy streets, La Rose Blanche was indeed a little paradise! I instantly fell in love with the ambience especially the gorgeous pool.

La Rose Blanche Boutique Hotel 
Hidden Gem!

Impressive Pool
This hotel costs about $30-35 per night, during our stay we paid a total amount of $100.80 (Php 4,805) for 3 nights. Yes, that cheap! Here are the amenities this hotel offers

Airport Transfers
Booking the transfer service should be made in advance, we booked going to the hotel from the airport and from the hotel to our bus terminal going to Bangkok. I initially thought our transfer was a van (like most of the transfers I experienced) but this one was different. We were transferred via tuk-tuk. It was indeed an experience! 

Welcome to Siem Reap!
A tuk-tuk!
Welcome Drinks
We were given flavorful iced tea and cold towel when we arrived.

Refreshing ice tea
Double Room
We booked an air-conditioned double room with balcony. Can't help but gush on how pretty (and extremely cheap) our room was, it was unbelievable! The room was spacious and well appointed. It has a king sized bed, en suite toilet and bath with hot and cold shower plus a bathtub (yes! with bathtub!), a balcony overlooking the pool, LED TV with cable, closet with bathrobes, in room safe, mini ref, coffee and tea making facility and complimentary WiFi. 

Although it has two downsides - the telephone was not working and the air condition wasn't functioning properly, although when we asked them to fixed the aircon, it was adjusted quickly. 

King Sized Bed
Balcony with a view
Coffee, tea and complimentary bottled waters
LCD TV, closet, mini ref, safe and bath robes
Bath tub and ensuite bathroom
Toilet with bidet!
Hot and cold shower
Toiletries. They don't have cotton buds btw
Bubble bath <3

Plated Breakfast
The breakfast has several options, we chose the American Breakfast which consists of toasts, bacons, eggs, a slice of tomato and potatoes. It also comes with your choice of drink like coffee, juice or tea. Even if we were allowed for just one brekky option the waitstaff was kind enough to grant my request for an additional order of french toast. Yay!

Good Morning!!!
My breakfast plate
French toast!
Sipping my tea while staring at this view

Aside from breakfast, they also offer dining option from 10am-10pm. We had an affordable lunch here after our temple tour. I ordered a Khmer Cuisine of chicken and turmeric rice which I loved. Mike ordered a beef dish, he liked my order more. hehehe.

Mike's plate + Coke

My yummy Chicken and Turmeric Rice lunch + Coke

Swimming Pool
I read in several blogs that it is advisable that your hotel has a pool, why? Because it's the best way to end your day after all the tiring temple exploration. Good thing the hotel offers a beautiful clean pool, we liked it even more as it was all to ourselves. 

Great way to de-stress
We've got the pool all for ourselves
Cam whoring
Trigger happy Mike
Keep calm
and Keri lang
Room Service Massage
Although they have a spa room, I preferred having a room massage so that I won't have to walk back to our room. For just $15 per hour, I experienced a traditional Khmer Massage, it was good!

Khmer Massage
Transportation Rental
They also arrange transportation tour going to the temples and around the city. For the Sunrise in Angkor Wat, Temple Tour and Sunset in Phnom Bakheng we paid a total of $25 via tuk-tuk. Not bad at all!

Inside the tuk-tuk at Bayon Temple
Because the hotel is not a walking distance from the center they offer free shuttle service going to the area - you only have to pay for the tuk-tuk going back. Still a good deal!

Tuk-tuk going around the city
Free Bike Rental
It already became a custom for ChaMike to bike around the area whenever we visit a foreign land (Read Biking in Sydney Austalia, Biking around Kyoto Japan, Tandem Biking in Nami Island South Korea) so biking in Siem Reap was a must! Good thing the hotel offers free bike rentals so we grabbed the opportunity to explore the city via bicycle. 

Bike with ChaMike
Bike with Mike
Wishing for more days like this
The river is a nice backdrop
ChaMike was extremely satisfied with the service of our hotel. The customer service, the room and its amenities, and of course the rate. I was so satisfied that it became an inspiration to have my own boutique hotel.

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