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Monday, August 22, 2016

As much as possible, I try not to mention my work whenever I post something on my blog. For me, blogging is my escape from 'reality.' I find balance whenever I blog; If you are in the TV industry you would understand. But recently, I had this great opportunity to travel for work and I just couldn't resist not sharing with all of you my experiences from this trip.

It started on the month of June when I was asked by my boss to go to Ho Chi Minh Vietnam for the first three-week run of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition. This was not just any other shoot. The celebrity housemates were to live in Vietnam Big Brother House for three weeks and for us to be able to do it we had to fly in groups of people - celebrities, production staff and technical crew. We also had to renovate the studio to give it a more Vietnamese look. Apart from that we had to adjust to their work ethics. Language barrier was quite a challenge too. Believe me, it was NOT EASY! But we were lucky that the Vietnam team was there to help us all the way. We partnered with BHD, a big time independent production company that produces original and franchise TV Shows in Ho Chi Minh. One of the TV shows they produced was Big Brother.

So yes, I, together with PBB's amazing team, flew to Ho Chi Minh Vietnam and for three fun, hardworking and exciting weeks we got to experience being an OFW. Sharing with you few of the shots I got to take during the whole run.

Vin, our driver welcomed the three of us - Me, Uzel and Carlo
No ID, No Entry
Aside from being a program producer, I was also the field cashier. I'm a millionaire in Vietnam!
General Assembly with Direk Lauren
Uyen (Vietnam Production Manager) and Giang (Translator)
Manila and Vietnam Team unite!
They've arrived! PBB Celebrity Housemates at the HCM Airport
We were only given less than a week to renovate the place
The challenge was to make the house look Vietnamese
Welcome to Vietnam!
Garden and Pool Area
Non La is 100% Vietnamese!
Bought these Vietnamese chess as a personal souvenir then decided to display it inside first
Birdcages and Vietnamese lamps are distinctly Vietnamese
Vietnamese masks as decors
Me, Uzel, April and Carlo (not in photo) were the ones who finished the interior. Of course with the help of the Vietnam team.
Bare face don't care
Confession Room

We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at their cafeteria
Other shows like Vietnam Idol are in the same studio as ours
PBB's ligtask challenge was to eat this coconut worms (btw, they're alive!)
Fried scorpions too
There were times that we get to go out because of the outdoor shoots like this one
One of the tasks was a challenge involving crocodiles. That's James btw.
Of course, Robi (our host) was with us for the entire run.
They seldom use cars for transportation. Tunying, one of the associate producers at the back and Trang in front, one of their translators.
Mekong Delta for our last outdoor shoot. Missing this bunch!
We had a thanksgiving party on our last day. Here's the Philippine Technical Team
Technical Team and Creatives
Philippine and Vietnam Team
Mike with the VieTeam
Dyrek Jillmer and I with the Vietnamese Executives
with Mr Binh, CEO and President of BHD. It was truly a pleasure working with you, Sir!
Happy I was with this boy too during the three weeks.
Last dinner with my fave person, Sinh. Of course with Beck and April
Surely, working in a different country is totally different from working in your own. There were indeed a whole lot of challenges and sometimes I saw myself giving up. But of course obviously I didn't, thanks to the people who were with me the entire time. 

Aside from that, the experience of working outside of the country is far from the experience of just wandering around (leisure is obviously better than business) but to tell you honestly, I enjoyed the journey. I miss Vietnam. I miss working in Vietnam. And if I will be given a chance to work in a different country again, I would probably accept the challenge.

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