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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

#WorkwithCham in Mekong Delta.

Mekong Delta was the place I didn't get to visit when I first went to Ho Chi Minh year 2012. So at last, I finally did during my recent trip. When I first heard of Mekong Delta tour, I thought that it was just a cruise along the small canals of the river but the tour had a lot more to offer.

Mekong Delta is located at the southwest region of Vietnam. It is a vast maze of rivers and islands where boats are the main means of transportation. Mekong Delta is one of the main tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh because of the sampan ride experience along the narrow canals just like what the locals do.

Tour Inclusion
The Mekong Delta Tour is usually arranged by travel agencies. Package includes: 
-Transportation to and from Mekong Delta from HCM City
-English speaking tour guide
-Entrance fees
-Boat trips

From Ho Chi Minh, the travel time to Mekong Delta is 2.5 - 3 hours, the tour duration takes up the whole day.  

Ho Chi Minh to My Tho
We traveled early in the morning from Ho Chi Minh going to My Tho where the port is located. We then embarked on a boat then sailed to Unicorn Island.

Pier at My Tho
Mekong River
Inside the boat
ChaMike <3

Fruit Tasting at Unicorn Island
In Unicorn Island we were greeted by lush vegetation and all sorts of Vietnamese items for sale. We then stopped by for a tropical fruit tasting while a local girl in traditional costume serenaded us with a Vietnamese song.

Don, Dyrek, me, Mike, Joanna and Otap
Rambutan, Chico, Pineapple, Papaya and Dragonfruit
Mekong River
After tasting all the different fruits, we excitedly braved a small shaky boat that cruised along the narrow creek. This seemed really popular to tourists as we encountered many along the maze-like river. 

Mekong River
My boat clique. l-r: me, Mike, Joanna and Dyrek
Our boatman
Wearing a Non La makes the whole experience legit
Row your boat

How handsome <3
Another one. Last na!
Bee Farm
We were  dropped off at a local bee farm and sampled a tea with honey. At the back of the farm we met another local friend, a python! Shrieks!

Tea with calamansi and bee pollen
Our friend, python

Going to Turtle Island
We again sailed going to another island called Turtle Island via a medium sized boat.

Another boat ride going to Turtle Island
Turtle Island

Coconut Village at Turtle Island 
We were able to satisfy our 'sweet tooth' when we tried the coconut candies at the coconut mill. We also witnessed how these candies were manually made. At the same area, all sorts of coconut delicacies were being sold and since I liked the taste of the candies, I bought different flavors for me to take home.

This is how coconut candies are made
Horse Ride going to a Local Restaurant
Our last stop was a hefty lunch at a local restaurant. Going there, we were transported via a horse carriage while we got to see Nam Bo houses or traditional Southern Vietnamese Houses along the way.

Horse carriage : Mike, me, Dyrek and Joanna

Going to the restaurant

Lunch at a Local Restaurant 
The restaurant was not at all extravagant, the house was simple and seemed old but the food was satisfying nonetheless. We tried a fried fish that we wrapped in a rice wrapper,  coconut tree salad, sautéed prawns, peppered beef in hot pot, glazed chicken with sticky rice and a vegetable soup dish. It was really filling!

Fried Fish
Fish Spring Rolls
Sautéed Prawns
Peppered Beef in Hot Pot
Glazed Chicken with Sticky Rice
Vegetable Soup
Some of our group

Our tour guide
Such an educational, exhausting but fun day in Mekong Delta especially if you're with an ecstatic group. 


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