ChaMike High 5: Snorkel and Barbecue Lunch at Mapating Island

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ChaMike's 5th Anniversary Celebration at Mapating Island.

Because Anilao is a well-known dive spot, Mike and I didn't miss the chance of doing it on our anniversary... Snorkeling that is, kasi we didn't have a diver's license.

Swimming wasn't allowed in front of the main resort, so we needed to go to a different island to experience snorkeling. The resort offers a package that includes snorkeling equipment rental, boat for island hopping and barbecue lunch which costs P2,240 each depending on how many you are on the boat. In our case, we were four. Of course, the more passengers would mean a cheaper rate. I believe the boat can carry up to six passengers.

Diving and snorkeling gears for rent
Included in the snorkeling gear is a snorkel, googles and aqua shoes or flippers. We got the aqua shoes instead of the flippers but later on we were told that flippers are the better option so we could swim quickly with less effort. 

Aqua shoes and flippers
After breakfast we left the resort at around 8am. Mapating Island is a 30 minute travel from our place via boat.
View of our resort from the boat
Off to Mapating Island
Mapating Island is not a big island but it seemed popular to tourists. It has a couple of kubos or cottages where guests can take their lunch and leave their stuff while they enjoy the beach.

Mapating Island

Ready to explore the island

When we reached the island, a muro-ami greeted us and asked us to buy his pearl goods. I wanted one so Mike told me to choose from his stash. After so many negotiations, I settled for a white pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings for P2,000. Haha, instant gift. Thanks, Babe!

My new pearl necklace
We scanned the place before going on a dip. The island itself is not at all special, although the underwater beauty is its main attraction.
Wearing a swimsuit from @GeorginaSasha

Palm sunnies from @GeorginaSasha
So before having lunch, we spent most of our time in this island snorkeling. It was so fun looking for fishes, sea creatures and reefs. I feel like I'm Ariel. hehehe.

Ready to snorkel

Holding hands while snorkeling
Thank god for GoPros
Finding Dory
Just keep swimming
Part of your world
High 5!

Under the sea
Coral reefs
Sea Urchins
Saw a lot of amazing creatures!
Pink <3
Water world

Ariel and Eric <3

Obligatory selfie

Barbecue Lunch
After such time, we were all hungry! Our boatman was also our cook. He started grilling the moment we arrived the island so our lunch was ready just right on time after our snorkeling session.

Our lunch included grilled shrimps, chicken wings, fish, liempo, potatoes and eggplant. YUM!!!
We were all hungry we weren't able to take a photo of the food before eating them. Ooops!

Our BBQ Lunch
The sumptuous bbq lunch was a good way to end our island hop adventure. I ate A LOT!!! Hihihi.
with our new snorkeling buddies from New York
This concludes our weekend anniversary celebration. It was a nice half day tour with my man. I longed to dive in Anilao and realized that snorkeling turned out to be a fun thing after all. I would certainly want to do this more often now.

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