ChaMike High 5: Hike at Mt Gulugod Baboy

Saturday, July 23, 2016

ChaMike's 5th Anniversary Celebration at Mt Gulugod Baboy.

Celebrating ChaMike's 5th year wouldn't be complete without a hike up a mountain. Oh, I sounded as if we conquered a high one (haha) but because it was our first time, it was still an achievement for us.

One of the things that you can do when staying at La Chevrerie Resort and Spa in Anilao Batangas is to hike at Mt Gulugud Baboy. Mt Gulugud Baboy is a 20 minute drive from the resort which is ideal for a side trip escape. Usually, a van will drive you to the mountain with a corresponding fee but during our time the driver was not available so a staff from the resort accompanied us instead.

Mt. Gulugud Baboy
Mike parked at the foot of the mountain for a minimum fee and then started the hike. Mt Gulugod Baboy is located in the southern part of Batangas, it is an easy hike relative to other mountains.

Moooo! Watch out for cow poops!
Ready for the quick hike
Walk with Cham
Hike with Mike
Almost there
When we reached the top, we were mesmerized by the view. It was stunning! So of course we took a lot of pictures.


Told you it was a quick hike
No sweat at all
Love <3
High 5
And of course a #ChaMikiss to cap off the hike...
We also waited for the sunset but we decided to witness it at the resort instead. 

Almost dawn
Sunset <3
When we went back at the resort, a romantic dinner set-up was waiting for us.

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