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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Walk with Cham at Tokyo Airbnb.

Looking for a place to stay in Tokyo was indeed expensive, cheap hotels ran out fast especially on peak seasons (we went there during spring/cherry blossom season) so my parents and I thought it would be more convenient to stay at an Airbnb.

This was my third time to stay at an Airbnb; first two were at South Korea - Busan & Seoul. Since this trip was a spur-of-the-moment decision (Booked 2 months before from the date of departure), we had very few months to prepare and looking for an ideal Airbnb listing was a challenge.

Ideally I wanted a place around Shibuya, Shinjuku or Harajuku area but unfortunately I found none. Hopeless, I settled for a place in Otsuka/Ikebukuro area which is still at the Yamanote Line (the most famous subway line in Tokyo). 

Tokyo House (Ikebukuro) by Ky | P3,605++ per night
Aside from the fact that it is around the Yamanote Line, I found this place really cheap as compared to other listings. They also offer early check-in and late check-out if there are no booking on that day.

Ky's Apartment facade- Yes, there is Domino's Pizza at the ground floor

Ky the Host
Ky was very prompt in replying thru a phone application, Line. During our arrival, he patiently waited for us for more than an hour at Otsuka Station. He's nice and very accommodating. 

Me and Ky
Going to Tokyo House (Ikebukuro)
I have to say that the distance from Otsuka Station to the place was quite far. We traveled carrying our luggages for more than 10 minutes. I felt so sorry for my parents as they were too old to walk that far with heavy luggages. 

Surprisingly, his place was better looking in person than on his photos. It's spacious and has complete amenities. Although the place needs to tidy up a bit. 

Please leave your shoes
From the door
Our towels

The place can accommodate up to five guests. Because we were only 3, the beds he prepared were good for three.

2 Beds - 1 double bed (for my parents) and 1 single bed (for me)
LCD TV with no cable channel
Air Conditioner/Heater
Vacuum Cleaner
*Did not see any flat iron and iron board



My bed- even if there were no cable channels, we enjoyed watching Japanese shows
Our view <3

I love their bathroom, it was a typical Japanese bathroom that has a small tub which we used every night to relax from all the walking.

Hot Tub
Toilet with no bidet :(
Bath Towels & Face Towels
Shampoo, Conditioner & Bath Gel
Washing Machine

Japanese style bathroom
Their kitchen was compact and complete. 

Spacious Refrigerator
Electric Stove
Rice Cooker
Electric Kettle
Drinking glass, cups
Dining utensils
Pots and Pans
Dishwashing liquid
Cooking oil, salt, sugar, soy sauce and other 

Checking out the condiments
Other parts of the kitchen
Their remote controlled stove
Dining Room
The dining table was just right for the three of us, there are five chairs to fit five people.

Dining area
Our tipid breakfast
Green Tea #wheninjapan

Nearby Establishments
There are several establishments near our house. Our two favorites were:

Take-out Bento Shop
A minute walk from the apartment. Affordable Japanese bento boxes that are really tasty. This was usually our breakfast and dinner (Papa's go-to restaurant every time he got hungry even if we had dinner already)

Bento Box Take-out Shop

24-hour Grocery
Closer to the apartment was a 24-hour grocery. We love checking out stuff here, especially Mama who loves raiding grocery stores. We bought fresh strawberries, fresh pineapple slices, bottled water, eggs, veggies, local snacks, coffee and green tea and many more.

24-hour Grocery
Convenience Stores
Aside from the two establishments there are several convenience stores near the apartment and one of it is the Lawson Store 100 where they sell items for Y100 or below. #cheap

Lawson Store 100
Between Otsuka Station and the apartment, you will pass by numerous restaurants along the way, unfortunately we never had the chance to dine at any of them.

Restaurants and other shops
Getting Around
As I've mention, Otsuka Station is quite far from the apartment relative to the other Airbnb we stayed at. It is a 10-minute walk going to and from the station. For me it's not a hassle at all (because I enjoy walking) but since my Papa was suffering from a serious knee injury, the distance became a challenge for him so what we usually do was to take a cab to and from the apartment for a flag down rate.

Otsuka Station
That one time when I asked my Papa to walk, good thing the weather was pleasant!
We walked at a slow pace so that Papa wouldn't suffer too much. 
Slow paced walk was also a good thing so we could appreciate the blooming cherry blossoms along the road. This is such a pretty sight! <3
I just had to take a photo with it
Ky's apartment was indeed affordable. It also is spacious with a good view and has many nearby establishments. However, the walking distance to and from the station might be far for senior citizens like my Mama and Papa. Also, there are no direct rides going to the airport. What we did was we took a train going to Shibuya and from there we took an Airport Express going to the terminal. This apartment is perfect for young groups with no walking problems. 

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