Shibuya Revisited: L'Occitane Cafe Shibuya Tokyo Japan

Friday, April 29, 2016

Walk with Cham at L'Occitane Cafe Shibuya.

From all the cities I've visited in Tokyo, Shibuya was my favorite - the wide array of shops, endless options of restaurants, the Hachiko statue and of course the busy scramble of crowds walking on one of the most famous pedestrian crossings in the world plus the restless energetic vibe from morning to evening make this place the most flocked by tourists in Tokyo.

It was not my first time here and because I adore this place so much I visited it again with my parents on our first day (actually, I visited this place thrice during our recent trip)

How to get to Shibuya 
Alight Shibuya Station via JR Line, exit at Hachiko

Hachiko Statue
You will first encounter the famous Hachiko Statue that's ALWAYS filled with tourists. Of course I took a picture with it again. Incase you didn't know Hachiko was the ever loyal Akita dog who waited for his master's return in the same location every single day for 10 years after his master's death. Aaaawww. 

Hello, Hachiko! We meet again
Tourists around Hachiko

Shibuya Crossing
A few steps away from Hachiko is the famous Shibuya Crossing, the world's busiest crossing. No tourist goes to Tokyo without walking along this crossing. Of course, my parents had to experience crossing it too.

Shibuya Crossing during day time
Just had to have a photo. Again.
First time to visit this in the morning and the energy is still the same
Thanks to my Papa for this shot

There are a number of places where you can have a good view of the crossing and one of those is at a posh cafe in front of the crossing. 

Okay, you probably don't know that L'Occitane, a french organic beauty brand is also a cafe. I bet you also don't know how to pronounce it do you? Hahaha! Because I don't! We even had to ask the service staff for the right pronunciation of it. Apparently it is pronounced as LOCK SEE TAN.


L'Occitane Cafe is a high-end cafe famous for their coffee and impeccable desserts. It has several branches around the world, in Asia they have a branch in Taipei, Macau and Tokyo. Since I am not fond of drinking coffee I ignored it during Mike and I's first visit but because I heard that this place can give you a beautiful view of the Shibuya Crossing, we just had to visit it. 

Frenchy interior
The ground floor is the L'Occitane beauty shop
Mama and I planned on eating at the famous sushi place, Genki Sushi and since my Papa does not eat sushi, dining here was a perfect alternative.

Second and third floor is the L'Occitane Cafe
We're on the third floor
Good thing we got a seat. It was packed.

Honey Lemon Tea Soda Y980
Mama's drink of choice. It is good but too much for the price.

Honey Lemon Tea Soda

Orange Iced Tea Y980
My drink of choice. Refreshing and citrusy (of course). Though it is one of those drinks that you order once in your lifetime just for the sake of experiencing it.

Orange Iced Tea

Provence Quiche with bacon and vegetables Y1,340
with salad and iced coffee + Y450
Papa's lunch. This is really good, tasty and flavorful! But again, too pricey.

Provence Quiche with bacon and vegetables
Papa's lunch

As I've told you, it was not the food why we went here. It was the view. 

Shibuya Crossing from Cafe by L'Occitane
People watching at its finest
Busy busy busy
If people watching and picture taking of the famous crossing are what interests you in Shibuya, I'd recommend you to visit this place. Starbucks Coffee is way too much crowded already. Plus they have the best tasting coffee and desserts here (they say) or you can just order a juice, take a sip of it while you enjoy your view. 

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