How to Apply a Multiple Entry Visa to Japan for Philippine Passport Holders

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cham's 5 year multiple entry visa to Japan.

If you've been reading my blog, you probably know that I've been to Japan once two years ago so it was not my first time to apply for a Japan Visa. Since I fell in love with this country so much during my first visit, I longed to go back again and luckily, I got the chance to travel again to my favorite country early this year.  I was only given a single entry visa in my previous visit, so I applied again for a Japan visa but this time, I tried to apply for a multiple entry. 

Because the Japanese embassy does not accept direct applications, we coursed it through accredited travel agencies. We availed the services of Friendship Tours during our first application then for our second we applied through Discovery Tours since their processing fee was cheaper than the former. It was also recommended by Mike's mom so we knew it was legit. Also, Discovery Tours had a standard processing fee of P800 per passport for both single entry and multiple entry.

Below were the steps I did to acquire a multiple entry visa.

Step 1: Just complete the requirements
a) Philippine Passport 
Leave at least two blank pages. It would also help if you have an old passport with Japan Visa.

b) Accomplished Visa Application Form 
You can download it from HERE. Remember to print in an A4 size only.

c) Japan Visa Photo
(2) two 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm with white background, you can avail yours at any photo studio. Remember to wear a collared top with sleeves.

d) NSO Birth Certificate
Must be within (1) one year from the date of filing. Take note that birth certificate is only required for first time applicants so I didn't pass anything.

(If late registered, provide original baptismal and school record form 137 certified true copy. If no record from NSO, provide NSO Non Record Certificate and LCR birth certificate)

e) NSO Marriage Certificate
Because I'm not yet married, I skipped this one of course.

f) General Itinerary 
Try to research on where you want to go during your trip and make a general outline for your itinerary. 

d) Photocopy of Income Tax Return (form 2316)
I asked mine from our HR Department.

e) Bank Certificate
They need this just to make sure that you are financially capable of supporting yourself while you're in their country. However there is no specific monetary basis to get approved.

f) Additional Proof of Vacation 
These additional requirements are proof that you are there to have a vacation and will come back to the Philippines.
    Certificate of Employment- stating your position & monthly income
    Airline ticket with return flight 
    Hotel Voucher/Reservation 

g) Letter of Request for a Multiple Entry Visa
The letter would be of big help in getting a multiple entry visa. Right down your reason/s why you want to acquire a multiple entry. In this way, it would help convince the Japanese consul to grant your request.

Step 2: Give the requirements to any travel agencies that are accredited by the Japan consulate.
As I've said earlier, the Japanese Embassy doesn't accept direct applications so you have to course your application through an accredited travel agency. Take note that Japan visa is free of charge but all agencies charge a processing fee. I recommend Discovery Tours in applying.

Click HERE for the complete list of accredited travel agencies.

Please take note that you should apply no earlier than 60 days before date of departure due to visa validity

Step 3: Wait for someone to call you through your mobile phone
Usually they require to wait for 5-7 days from the date of application. Although in our case they called on the fourth day. In Discovery Tours, however, they do not announce the result of your visa application (whether denied or approved) until you see your passport for yourself.

I was so ecstatic when I saw my passport, multiple entry with 5 years validity. I could just imagine Mike and I traveling around all the beautiful prefectures of Japan and if we are luckily enough, we can even witness the 2020 Tokyo Olympics! Wow! Just wow! #blessed

Discovery Tours Manila
Telephone Numbers | 02-892-2849, 843-5832,843-5083
0915-320-0780(GLOBE), 0999-943-5231(SMART) 0932-650-0420 (SUN)

E-mailI |

Office Hours
Japan Visa Application 
(12:00~13:00-Lunch time)
Releasing of Passport 

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  1. I agree with almost all, except that you dont need a letter though.

    All of my friends got multiple entry visas for 5 yrs aftr prsenting a prior approved japan visa. I also got my multiple entry last week after presenting my used visa.

    None of us attached a letter.

    1. Hi Iya! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I guess this is a case by case basis. You see, I've already applied a Japan visa two years ago, at that time I was only given a single entry visa. Because I desperately wanted to get a multiple entry visa, I followed the suggestions of my friends, boyfriend and other bloggers I read online and the common thing that they did was to write a letter which was what I did. Luckily it worked for me. You guys are so fortunate that you were given multiple entry visas without a letter. But I guess it won't hurt to be extra sure, right? :)

    2. hi you think guys 50,000 bank cert is enough to approved this ismy 2nd time.
      unlike before i show my bank cert only 50k i can provide. and worry to get multiple visa.

  2. Hood inputs. As far as i know japan will give you a multiple entry bisa if you have a used japan visa in the past 3 yrs and all ypur docs are good and no bad records in japan. I got mine without a letter when i reapplied after a year with a used singe entry visa

  3. Yup. Got my 5-year multiple entry visa too. Didnt send a letter just my previous passport with Japanese visa. I guess they give out multiple visas if you visited Japan previously. Just visited once in 2012, and got my multiple entry early this year.:)

  4. Is multiple visa only applicable if you don't have a sponsor from Japan? Thanks!

  5. I just want to ask what was the visa you had before you applies for a multiple Japan Visa? thanks.

  6. I just want to ask what were the visas you had before you appied for Japan visa? Thanks

  7. Can you apply for a multiple entry visa on your first application?

    1. Yes you may. Just prepare a letter of request :)

  8. Quick question do you have idea i have single entry visa good for 3 years im living right now in tokyo but i want to go to Philippines this year.Do you have idea if i still need a sponsor tax credentials since i have certificate of eligibility in the first place? AND do i need also a form of Visa Application form?!If its necessarily to subbmit it in Tokyo Immigration aside a form of multiple entry visa and visa application requirements letter and my passport and ID.Help would be appreciated..


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