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Friday, March 25, 2016

Walk with ChaMike at Blue Mountains.

As I've mentioned, Sydney itself is an enormous city and its famous tourists spots are not only contained in the Central area. Blue Mountains is a two long hour drive from Sydney but then again because of #fomo (I've been using this hashtag ever since I've known it's meaning, apt for my travel habit) I told myself, I have got to see the Three Sisters in person.

Blue Mountains National Park is a vast landscape of rich mountainous range. Its name was derived from the visual effect of the blue haze surrounding the area thus the name Blue Mountain. This national park is a huge area that has a lot of things to offer like hiking, trekking, Scenic World tour and canyoneering. But because we didn't want to spend the whole day at Blue Mountains alone, we settled for a trip to Echo Point and spent a quick time gazing and taking photos of the wondrous Three Sisters.

How to get to Echo Point Blue Mountains
Alight Katoomba Station via Blue Mountain Line from Central Station
then Ride Bus 686 and drop off at Echo Point

The Blue Mountain Line has the same route as going to Featherdale Wildlife Park (Blacktown Station) so usually tourists put these two sites in one day.

Katoomba Station
Bus Station

Opening Time
Daily | 9am- 4:3pm

Three Sisters at Echo Point
Three Sisters is a unique rock formation in the Blue Mountains. It is considered to be the most famous tourist spot among all others. The iconic Three Sisters mountains are also the most photographed landmark in the park.

Entrance Fee
Echo Point - FREE

We're here!

A restaurant, information center and toilet are available in the vicinity

Restaurant at Echo Point

After the long hours of sitting in the train and bus it was so refreshing to walk in a pleasant weather. The weather was colder here as compared to the city. And oh! I loved the clear cloudy blue skies in Blue Mountain. 

View Deck

Indeed, the grand mountain range was covered with lush greenery and a hint of blueish haze. It was just so relaxing to look at. 

Blue Mountain

There are two view spots at Echo Point, one was at the top and one was at the bottom. We both checked the view.

Another view deck at the lower part
Going to the lower view deck

The bottom part gives an even more lovelier view of the Three Sisters. It was so majestic. 

Three Sisters

Hikers can opt to walk on the trail and trek the Three Sisters for an up close and personal experience. Mike and I were very much contented with our view and we were in a hurry (as always) so what we did was to take a few snaps 

Closer look- there are people crossing the mountain
Photo op 1

Photo op 2
Photo op 1
Photo op 2


Look at that!

Last one...

If you want to spend more time at Blue Mountains, you can try the walking trail or even the Scenic World which is also a famous activity. But for us, just staring at this natural artwork was a blessing already. It's a testimony to how beautiful the world is. It also reminds me that I need to travel more and explore more of God's wonderful creations!
Waiting for our bus

After our trip to Blue Mountains, when we arrived at Central Station, Mike and I headed over to Market City where Chinatown and Paddy's Market are tucked in.

Market City
Is a premier hub in shopping for retail items and factory outlets. This is a home to the famous Paddy's Market and Chinatown. 

How to get to Market City
Alight Central Train Station, take the Eddie Avenue exit, walk down to George Street, turn right on George and then the first left on to Ultimo Road.

Opening Hours
Daily except Thursday | 10am- 7pm
Thursday | 10am- 8pm

Paddy's Market is more like a flea market where you can find cheap but good Australia souvenir items, imported clothes and affordable giftware. We wanted to buy Australian souvenirs to give to our friends, families and officemates but unfortunately, we didn't know that it was close every Monday and Tuesday (we were there Tuesday) so we didn't get to check their items so instead we made a quick stroll at Market City and we were able to buy original Adidas Stan Smith all white at a shoe store called Platypus. Mike and I bought 2 pairs for a cheap amount of  AU$120 each.

How to get to Paddy's Market
Ground floor of Market City

Opening Time
Wednesday-Sunday | 10am-6pm
Monday- Tuesday | CLOSED

Market City

Stan Smith bought at Market City

Chinatown was just a small area that offers cheap Asian restaurants and Asian retail shops. We tried our luck to check the stores for souvenirs, luckily there was a store that sells all sorts - shirt, keychain, ref magnets, the works. 

How to get to Chinatown
Just beside Market City

Opening Hours
Sundays-Saturdays | 10am-10pm

Souvenir items at Chinatown

After buying tons of pasalubongs, we scanned the place for a restaurant. Finally, an Asian Restaurant! We found one, a Taiwanese-Chinese restaurant and ordered a lot! (Yes, there's rice!)

Taiwanese-Chinese Restaurant
Egg Soup. Dimsum, Fried Rice and Spicy Pork
Happy Tummies!

After not eating rice for three days, we absolutely missed it! We missed Asian cuisine and good thing we made a stop at Chinatown so we could have a satisfying meal, not to mention a fairly cheap meal as compared to the ones in our area.  

Details of Three Sisters
Address | 23-31 Echo Point Rd
Number | +61 1300 361 967

Details of Market City
Address | 9-13 Hay Street Haymarket, Sydney NSW
Number | +61 2928 889 00

Details of Paddy's Market
Address | Market City, Cnr Hay St & Thomas St, Sydney
Number | +61 1300 361 589

Details of Chinatown
Address |14/8 Quay St, Haymarket, Sydney NSW
Number | +61 2 9281 9051

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