The Leap Year Proposal: 4 years to 4-Ever

Monday, March 07, 2016

Leap with ChaMike to 4-EVER.

I never thought that February 29 would be The Day. It was the moment I had been waiting for ever since we became a couple four years ago. Yes, I waited for him for four years to propose to me because I had known and felt from the start that he was the one I wanted to grow old with.

I had always thought that he would do it in the Philippines with all our loved ones to witness it, so what happened in Australia was totally unexpected - that on this particular date, which only occurs once every four years, our four-year relationship would take a big leap to "4-ever."  

And knowing Mike, it wasn't a coincidence that he proposed on this date. This was perfectly planned: 4 year relationship + Leap Year (4 years) = 4-Ever. How clever, babe! :) 

The Plan
It took him months to plan the #ChaMikeProposal. Mike is the type of person who is really creative and always wants to be unique & he knew that using my own blog as a tool for the proposal would be the best idea.

In case you haven't read his surprise blog proposal you should read it HERE first. He was able to get my password for my blogger account because he volunteered to help edit my blog entries. Little did I know that this was already part of his plan.

Biggest Leap of our Lives
The morning of February 29, while I was preparing our breakfast in our hotel, Mike was busy doing his so-called 'homework.' He pasted his blog proposal from Word to my blogger account and hit publish right before we left our hotel building (right before the WiFi went off). The funny thing was, I wasn't aware at all. I didn't even check what he was working on. Luckily for him, the first part of the proposal was done but recalls that although he had planned the proposal for a long time already, it was the execution which was the hardest part. The blog was already posted online and for his proposal to work, it was crucial that I wouldn't have access to the internet throughout the day, which in this modern time, was not easy at all.

Morning of Feb 29 while he was secretly working on the blog proposal instead of his homework.
So, he found a way by making me swear not to use any social media accounts while we were on this trip because he wanted to have an intimate time with me. Activating our 3G or even turning on our WiFi would ruin our trip daw. Being naive, I just complied. It also helped that I didn't want to pay additional fees anyway. So the entire morning, I was in airplane mode and didn't have an internet connection until we dined at Grounds of Alexandria for lunch.  

I saw a sign that they had free WiFi. Unknowingly, Mike was panicking deep inside. He was afraid someone might have read the article already and messaged me because for sure, I would get a notification for anyone who would have commented on my blog. And if that happened, he would have had no choice but to improvise. Luckily, no one had seen it yet. His proposal gimmick was safe! :))

Mike and his panicked face which I never noticed because of how pretty The Grounds was.
When we were about to leave the place, Mike then posted on his Facebook wall the link of the blog proposal with a very catchy caption. And right after, he asked if he could borrow my phone to check for directions to our next destination but in reality, he was just making sure my phone was back to airplane mode already haha. 

So while we were on our way to Manly Beach, I was completely unaware that social media was already going crazy.

The FB post which made rounds online
Manly Beach - The best place in Sydney!
The moment we stepped on the sand of Manly Wharf, he kept on asking me where the beach was located as if I've already been to the place. We passed by the Corso to be able to reach Manly Beach and while walking up the Corso, Mike exclaimed a big 'I Love Manly!' (It was funny and a bit weird at first but it made sense to me later on. Actually ALL his weirdness on that trip made sense to me after the proposal. hahaha. I was so naive!)

Corso going to Manly Beach

When we reached the beach, we were both happy that it was not crowded. He immediately scanned the place and looked for an empty spot and insisted we had our photos taken - the usual couples poses, the emote-cheesy poses which I usually initiate but surprisingly this time it was him who initiated ALL of it. 

Manly Beach

Finding a perfect spot

The "GOPROposal"
We placed the GoPro on the sand facing the ocean on Video + Photo setting. We then started walking. After a few poses he checked the footage and wanted to change venue because of the shadow! In my head - "Huh? Are you really serious? Why are you too meticulous? That's not who you are! That's ME?!" But again, I was so clueless and never thought of its purpose so we changed our spot.

You'll notice the shadow of the GoPro so we had to change location. BTW the bird photobomb'd

After finding a new venue we then started doing again all these cheesy poses- holding hands while walking from left to right, right to left, front to back, back to front, hug, talk and even KISS! Yes, KISS! I usually initiate the #ChaMikiss because he was too shy doing it in public but for the first time he was the one who told me to kiss! Again, why? Why didn't I notice?

And right after that very kiss he picked up his phone from his pocket and gave it to me...

The #ChaMikiss. Look at his right hand reaching for his phone 

At first I was oblivious, then when I started reading the post on his phone, I became confused. Confused in so many ways I couldn't explain. My heart melted as I was reading #ChaMike's wonderful journey. After this, everything became a blur. I wasn't able to comprehend each line and I just wanted to scroll to the conclusion of the post. Shaking and in awe I was shocked to read the last line (Is this really it? The proposal I've been waiting for?) I stared at Mike then he pulled something from his bag - a love check, this check was the conclusion of all the love checks he had been giving me since we became a couple, it read there - 'I love you so much, will you marry me' tears started falling...

Reading the blog proposal

Then smack in front of me he knelt down, I cried even more. When I guy kneels down in front of you, you will automatically feel like a queen and I'm pretty sure most of us girls would love to feel like one. He pulled another thing from his pocket and this time it was  that little red box...

I felt like a queen

I sobbed continuously. For four long years, this was what I had been waiting for and it was finally happening! I stood there anticipating for him to open it and when he finally did, I was shocked! it was a ring EMPTY. The box was EMPTY! The cry shifted to confusion then transcended to laughter when we both realized the box was upside down hahaha! Everything was already going smoothly and something just had to happen during that special moment. haha Oh Mike, I love you! <3

Huh! Where's the ring?

Nonetheless that moment was magical. He uttered the four words I had been wanting to hear since forever and then I hugged him tightly. He happily told me, I haven't answered his question yet. Well, even before he asked me, he already knew my answer. It has always been a YES. Indeed, since day 1.


Put the ring on

The Ring
I just want to share with you how proud I am of my engagement ring! It's actually the real thing! Far from what Mike teased me, he always joked that he'll give me a fake one which I really feared. I even had 3 nightmare proposals wherein he gave me 3 fake rings (I don't even want to describe how horrible they were hahaha.) But my ring, my real ring - oh I'm so in love with it!

B-roll of the ring

Look at that rock!

You'll notice in the photos that I had to put it on the right and left hands since we didn't know where to properly place it. hehehe.

I put it on my right hand and all the while it was on the left pala
Love this photo but I was wearing the ring on the wrong hand

We're engaged!

Good thing we made a safety. Btw my nails are Australian flag inspired. A proof that his proposal in Sydney was totally unexpected!

My ring is a knock-out!
A new chapter of #ChaMike unfolded right at this very place
We love Manly Beach. We love SYDNEY!

Yes, on February 29, 2016, #ChaMike took the biggest leap of their lives. Thank you, Babe for the surprise, thank you for writing the most beautiful blog post and making it the most viewed article on my blog, thank you for planning the proposal in the most romantic way, thank you for the dream engagement ring. Thank you. Thank you. I am excited to walk with you in the journey to forever. I love you so much Michael Magsaysay! <3

Thank you so much to our families, friends and supporters. Hope you all had a wonderful & kilig experience reading our posts. We will now start getting ready to #WalkWithChamDownTheAisle. <3

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