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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Walk with ChaMike at Sydney Harbour YHA.

Looking for an affordable place to stay in Sydney is HARD. Mike and I wanted a place near famous tourists spots yet easy on the pocket. It really was difficult as Sydney already is a melting pot for tourists, more so when staying at a prime location. Good thing I was able to book ahead of time (as in 4 months advance), so I was lucky enough to score a cheap accommodation in the Rocks District via

Sydney Harbour YHA is a famous backpacker hostel in Australia, YHA is part of the world's largest backpacker accommodation network. In Australia alone, there are more than 80 YHA branches, so the brand is a well-known hostel in the country. 

Sydney Harbour YHA
Sydney Harbour YHA is not just like any other hostels; its unique features make it an interesting place to stay. At the ground floor there is what they call The Big Dig. It is a parcel of land containing remains from the late 18th century (the time of Australia's first European settlement) and at the rooftop, there is a deck overlooking the Rocks District and harbor with a great view of Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The Big Dig

Because the first floor was preserved for the Big Dig, the lobby is located at the second floor. Upon entering, we were greeted by their friendly staff and after paying the full amount she handed us the key card to our room. 


Just beside the lobby, there is a lounge area where guests can hang out and use the free WiFi

Lounge Area

Free WiFi Hot Spot at the lounge

Payphone, vending machine and computers can also be used at the lobby

Computer and Payphone
The hostel offers daily activities their guests might be interested. Unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to try any of it. 

YHA's daily offerings


Notice the Big Dig below

Double Room with Private Bathroom | AU$ 188 (P6,500++) per night
When you say hostel, you'll automatically think of shared rooms of bunk beds with communal toilet and bath. In Sydney Harbour YHA, they also offer private rooms with en suite bathroom which was just perfect for us. (I don't think I can ever share a room with strangers)

Third Floor

Our room <3

As expected the room was very minimal, it has a double bed, aircon, study desk, open closet, coffee making facility and a bathroom.

Double Room

The clean and minimal room

Coffee making facility

The bathroom has a hot and cold shower, towels, bar soap and hairdryer (Yes, there's a hairdryer!)


Lavatory and blower

The view from our room was breathtaking. You can clearly see the contrast from the old Sydney to the new Sydney. Not to mention the Sydney Opera House peeking on the left.

View from our room <3

You have to take note that since it is a backpackers hostel the rooms are not equipped with television, refrigerator with bar, toiletries and even complimentary water and telephone. When turning on the aircon you should inform the reception first and when you check out they encourage to surrender the bed sheets, pillow cases and towels at the lobby.

Kitchen & Dining Area
Same level as the lobby are the kitchen and dining area. They do offer breakfast meals with a corresponding fee but Mike and I decided it would be fun if I play housewife and cook for him. Wonder what I cooked for him? Extra special...

Dining Area

There is a whole rack full of ingredients. The nearest rack with the label FREE FOOD can be consumed by anyone. Good thing there were cooking oil, salt, pepper and other staple ingredients so we didn't have to buy all these in the grocery. All the other racks are owned by the hostel guests.


Because we will be spending four mornings in this place, I wanted Mike to have a FULL tummy before we explored Sydney. So cooking EGGS would be the best option. Yes, we ate eggs for four mornings! hahaha. But mind you, those were not ordinary eggs, I tried cooking in variation - sunny side up, omelette, cooked in microwave and the most special was omelette with cheese! #achievementunlocked

Please don't touch our eggs- ChaMike

Cooking <3

There was one morning when they had DIY Pancake and the pancake batter was up for grabs on a first come first serve basis - you just have to fry it then add maple syrup. Believe me that morning was pure heaven! Hahaha.

Free Pancakes!

Omelette and Pancakes for breakfast. Sorry Babe, will try to improve on my cooking

BTW, there is also a huge refrigerator and freezer if you want to store your frozen goods. This cheese is for Mike's mom  given by their good friend.

Rooftop Deck
The best offering of this place is found at the third floor. The rooftop deck offers a grand view of Sydney's harbour. During Tuesdays and Fridays, the guests can enjoy a Burger and BBQ cook out too.

Rooftop Deck

At dawn

Of course no one can resist capturing this view in all angles from morning till night. <3

Rise and Shine!

Pink and Purple sky <3

Closer look - Can't get enough of it


Almost night!

At night. The view still looked stunning

At the same floor there is a television lounge area for couch potatoes.

TV lounge area

Nearby Establishments

Rocks Grocer
The Rocks Grocer is just right beside the hostel which is open until 12mn. This was where we bought the eggs and other souvenir items.

Rock Grocer

Australian Hotel
This was the closest establishment from the hostel, in fact, the two buildings were just right beside each other. The Australian Hotel is another well known accommodation around the Rocks, it is popular for its best tasting Kangaroo and Emu Pizza. Mike and I didn't fail to order it but unfortunately we weren't able to taste the Emu Pizza since it was not available at that time. The Kangaroo Pizza was really good! Don't forget to order this if you're around the area.

Australian Hotel

Kangaroo Pizza ftw

The Rocks District
Since this is located in the main district, all establishments around The Rocks are a few walks away. This includes the Observatory Hill, Weekend Market, Cadman's Cottage and Savanah's Place.

The Rocks weekend market

Harbour Bridge
The Harbour Bridge is located on the same street of Sydney Harbour YHA.

View of the bridge from the Observatory Hill

Sydney Opera House & Circular Wharf
This can be reached through walking and although this is about 20 minute walk away from the hostel, walking here was such a breeze and enjoyable as the roads are solely for pedestrians.

Syndey Opera House
Going to and from the Airport
From the airport you can take a shuttle bus to YHA or airport train to Wynyard Station that is 700 meters from the hotel. The latter was what we did. 

Airport station waiting for our bus

Going back to Wynyard Station to go to the airport

Getting Around
There are two stations that are close to the hotel- Circular Quay and Wynyard Station. Going to Wynyard was the faster way, it has no stairs (no up and down) and the proximity of the station is closer as compared to Circular Quay. Although walking to Circular Quay was more enjoyable to us as the scenery was always a bliss to look at. There are some destinations that required us to take Circular Quay Station rather that Wynyard Station and vice versa.

Click HERE for detailed walking instructions from Wynyard & Circular Quay trains stations 

We definitely enjoyed staying at Sydney Harbour YHA. We love the location, the view and its no frills offering. 

Address | 110 Cumberland Street, The Rocks, Sydney, 2000, NSW
E-mail |
Phone | (+612) 8272 0900
Website |

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