How to Apply an Australian Visa for Philippine Passport Holders via Travel Agency

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The process of acquiring an Australian Visa was the longest one out of all the visas I've applied for (China, Taiwan, Japan & South Korea). Mike and I waited for a month, from the date of application, for our visas to be released and luckily we were able to get a multiple entry visa good for one year. Yay.

Getting a visa can be done easily via VFS.Global, the website of Australian Visa Application Centre in the Philippines. They provide Australian visa application services in our country so all the information you need are already in the website. However, in our case, because of our busy schedules we opted to apply via a trusted travel agency. Great Pacific Travel Agency is ABS-CBN's accredited agency which has a branch in our office so the transaction was easier for us.

Here are the steps we did in order for us to get a multiple entry Australian Tourist Visa

Step 1: Know your Visa Type 
Visitor visa is Subclass 600. This visa is for temporary entry of people for tourism or business visitor purposes.

For other visa listing click HERE

Step 2: Complete the Requirements
a) Manager's Cheque payable to 'Australian Embassy'
As of November 2015 fee is worth P4,900.00.
We paid additional P560 for the service charge from the agency.

b) Application Form (Form 1419) 
You can download it HERE. The form is the longest form I have ever encountered which has a total of 17 pages. 

If you want to apply for a multiple entry visa tick YES on the Number 4 Question of the form - Do you intend to enter Australia on more than one occasion? Then put details explaning why. For me, I indicated that wanted to visit more than one city. Aside from Sydney I wish to visit Melbourne, Perth & Brisbane if I was given a multiple entry visa.

For other types of form you can check the list HERE

c) One colored passport sized photographs 
Size is 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm. This is attached on the front page of the application form.

d) Photocopy of Passport valid at least six months from the date of entry
Yes just a photocopy of the passport only. This includes the photo page of your passport and any pages with amendments, endorsements, visas and entry/exit stamps. No need for the actual passport but it should be valid at least six months from the date of entry.

e) Previous Passport if applicable

f) Financial documents
If employed, original copy of bank certificate, copies of bank statements or payslips
If self-employed, photocopy of business registration & original bank certificate of business
If student, original proof of current passport enrollment and photocopy of school ID
If a relative in Australia is paying for your visit, a letter of invitation written in statutory declaration original must be sent by mail including proof of funds to pay for your visit

g) Employment Certificate
Showing your income, period of employment and approved date of leave

Step 3: Schedule an appointment / Pass the Requirements at the travel agency
After fulfilling all the requirements you can book an appointment at the Australian Visa Application Center to submit your application, click HERE for options on how to schedule an appointment. 

In our case we submitted it to the travel agency then they were the one who submitted our requirements to the immigration. 

Step 4: Wait for a month to process your visa
Time is majorly important when getting an Australian Visa. It takes about 1 month to process it so fix your requirements in ADVANCE. When claiming your Visa Letter via VFA.Global you can do the following
- Collect your Visa Letter from the Application Center
- Wait for courier delivery 
- Or check your email in case you have opted for the Visa Letter to be communicated to you electronically (I think this is the best option)

Don't forget to Track your Application on their website to know the status of your application.

In our case, our Visa Letters were emailed to us by the travel agency. Take note that Australian Visa is not attached in your passport. It is a pdf file that you can print and bring when you go to Australia.

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  1. I want to apply tourist visa and my problem is that I can't show employment certificate because I just finish my job contract in Saudi Arabia, can you recommend me any alternative way to get a visa?

    1. I'm afraid I can answer your question. Maybe you can ask a travel agency?


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