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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Walk with ChaMike at Featherdale Wildlife Park.

What animals can only be seen in Australia? I am definite that you will automatically answer - Kangaroo or Koala Bear. Right? Kangaroos and Koalas are two of Australia's unique wildlife animals and seeing them up close was ChaMike's ultimate #sydneygoals. However in Sydney especially in the city, you won't find any roaming Roos or Koalas around, unlike in other suburban areas where you'll encounter wild Kangaroos wandering around. So, to be able to see these animals, one must visit Featherdale Wildlife Park.

Featherdale Wildlife Park is Sydney's ultimate hands-on wildlife experience where you can encounter and interact with birds, mammals and many other species. This includes cuddling a koala and feeding a kangaroo.

How to get to Featherdale Wildlife Park
Featherdale is a bit far from the city center. Going here is a good 40 minutes travel time from Central. 

Alight Blacktown Station via North Shore & Western Line or Blue Mountain Line
Go to Bus Stop 9 and get on Bus 725. For 10 minutes you will be dropped off at the entrance of the park.

People who visit Blue Mountains usually include Featherdale on their day trip itinerary as they have the same route. (Unfortunately, I discovered this too late)

Bus Stop 9
Located in a suburb area
Featherdale Wildlife Park
Entrance Fees
Adults | Au$29.50
Child 3-5 years  | Au$16

Opening Time
Closed on Christmas day

Entrance Fees


Our ticket was like a passport. It is sort of like a scavenger hunt where you stamp all the areas you've been to. It is an exciting way to encourage the visitors to roam around the park and discover all the wild animals it offers.

Featherdale Entrance Ticket/Passport

Out of all the 8 wild animals, we only saw 5 of them.

and the Scavenger Hunt begins

First Stamp

Before our close encounter with the roos and koalas, we first saw a wombat. An Australian native that are short-legged.


Looked creepy

Because I saw a lady petting the wombat, I encouraged Mike to do it too and Mike being an animal lover tried to pet it.

Mike petting a wombat

But when we walked further we saw this sign... 

Ooops, sorry, Mike at least you're safe. Yikes!
We also saw a crocodile submerged in water.

Find the crocodile
The second largest living bird by height and these are also one of Australia's own.


More Emus

Out of all the animals around the park, we were really excited to see the Koalas and Kangaroos. Featherdale offers a free photo op while holding a Koala and it is available all day! 

Too cute!!!

The Koala with the trainer.

Say cheese!

The Koala knows her angle!

You're so fluffy!!!

I just want to squeeze this little creature!

#ChaMike with a Koala

Family <3

After our close encounter with the Koala bear, what we wanted more than ever was to see an actual kangaroo and be able to feed and touch them (even if I was a bit afraid!) So you could just imagine our faces when we saw a group of Kangaroos in their shelter. Oh, we were both excited!

Hello there, Kangaroos!

How cute

There are so many!

Looked harmless

So for you to attract the kangaroos, you should first buy kangaroo food that you can get anywhere at the park. You have to pay Au$2 for a cone of dried leaves (i believe).

Buying Kangaroo food

Kangaroo food for Au$2

First, it was Mike who lured the kangaroos by feeding them. Because Mike loves animals, I knew he was enjoying this so much. 

Mike was feeding a kangaroo! #achievementunlocked
This moment was priceless!
Pure joy!
Kangaroos love wafer cones by the way
Good job, Babe!

Mike was hesitant on petting them at first but was able to do it later on
When it was my turn, I have to be very honest I was so scared! Between Mike and I, he was more into all these things. Although, I would really love the experience of it, it scares the hell out of me! 

Selfie with Mr Roo
Little by little, I was able to conquer my fear and happy enough I got to feed them.

Gathering all the courage I could muster
Why so serious, Cham?
Not just one but two!
Standing up! Oh, hello photo bomber bird
Chillin' with the homies down under
Even if we didn't get to see all the animals like the Tasmanian Devil, Fruit Bat and Dingo (some were completely out of sight!), we were still able to complete the stamp on our passports! Yay!


You can find a souvenir shop and cafe inside the park too.

Souvenir Shop

Our experience here was truly one for the books. For animal lovers who are planning to visit Sydney, I'm seriously recommending Featherdale Wildlife Park. It was an experience Mike and I will never forget. 

Address | 217-229 Kildare Road, Doonside, Sydney NSW 2767
Number | +612 96221644
Website | www.featherdale.com.au

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