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Friday, March 18, 2016

Bike with ChaMike around Sydney.

Mike and I have always been fond of biking whenever we travel and when I learned that Sydney is a bike-friendly city, I instantly included biking on our Day One itinerary.

Sydney Bike Tours is a popular bike rental service in Sydney. The fact that their main hub is in the Rocks District, a walking distance from our hotel convinced us even more to avail of their services.

Sydney Bike Tours

How to get to Sydney Bike Tours
The shop is located in the Rocks Square, around the Information Centre. A few minutes walk from Circular Quay and Wynyard Train Station.

Rental Fees
They offer many bike options like hybrid, kids bike, road bike and tandem but their most popular and I believe the cheapest is the city bike which was what we hired.

City Bike Rental Fee
1 hr | AU$15
2 hr | AU$28
1 day | AU$36

We were given a helmet, map, lock & a bar bag (all these are part of the fee). There is also a locker for rent if you want to store your stuff.

I have to warn you though that their bikes are made for tall humans. Being short, the smallest City Bike was still high for me thus the reason why I had a little accident and fell off the bike at one of our stops. boohoo.

Oh hello there, Mate! :)

Opening Time
Open everyday | 9am- 6pm
Except Christmas Day

It was already 4:20pm when we arrived, the really 'good-looking' staff told us that we can pay for the one hour rate and we can return by 6pm (closing time), so technically we were given additional 30 minutes for FREE. Yahoo!

Interactive booking

Three Self Guided Tours
The three routes includes: Bike the Bridge, Fish Market & Harbour Explorer and Sydney Opera House & Hyde Park

Self guided map

From the three routes, the fastest and easiest would be the Sydney Opera House & Hyde Park which was where I really wanted to bike.

Our City Bikes
We are ready to explore you, Sydney!

Circular Quay
From the Rocks District we pedaled our way to Circular Quay and we were immediately stunned by the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. It was our first time to see them in person.

Circular Quay

We made a few stops to appreciate the panoramic view and took pictures along the way.

Had to stop for this view
Bike with Mike
Hello Sydney Opera House!
Hello Sydney Harbour Bridge
In between
Okay another shot

Sydney Opera House
As we biked further, we came up close with the Sydney Opera House. It was so grand and avant-garde, for a moment there I thought I was dreaming. Wow! I was seeing it for real. 

I'm actually here!
a shot at the very back of the building
Mike's turn

Royal Botanic Gardens
Just beside the Opera is a famous garden in Sydney. Royal Botanic Gardens is open everyday and the access is free. You will discover many exotic plant life and diverse types of birds roaming around freely. We were lured at the vast peaceful greenery so we parked our bikes for a quick stop and appreciated the serene environment. If we had more time, I would have rested in the area longer. 

Royal Botanic Garden
Peeking Opera at the garden
You'll see many trees like this here
this view <3
Green everywhere

Take note that riding a bike from Sydney Botanic Garden to Mrs Macquairie's Point isn't allowed so we had to carry ours while walking to Mrs Macquarie's Point.

Mrs Macquarie's Point
I read in a lot of reviews that Mrs Macquarie's point has the best view spot of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Unfortunately, the spot was under construction the time we went there. Nonetheless the panoramic view of the harbor was worth the long walk.

Mrs Macquarie's Point

Remember the little accident I wrote earlier. This was where it happened. We were running late and we had no idea how to go out of the park and because the bike was too big for me I miscalculated my footwork and fell flat on the hard pavement. Ouch. I was even holding my camera and to be able to save it from crashing, I shielded it using my arms and hands, so yeah. I have bruises on both hands and both knees. :(

Hyde Park
Because we were already pressed for time, we failed to make a stop at Hyde Park, Art Gallery & St Mary's Cathedral. We didn't want to be late (even if we already were)

Going back

We got back at the shop at 6:15pm, thank goodness the 'cute' guy patiently waited for us. I even showed him my bruises as to make paawa. hehehe. 

Biking is a great way to wander around Sydney, there are bike lanes almost everywhere, the surroundings are safe and the people are friendly - they were very helpful when we asked for directions. Mike and I had fun biking around the city, although we would have appreciated it more if we weren't in a hurry. If you want to try our route but on a slower pace you should allot 2 hours or more to enjoy the experience more.

Address | Shop 25, 12 Playfair Street, The Rocks, Sydney
Phone | (+61) 2 8005 5724

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