Best Places to view the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Walk with ChaMike around the best places to view the Sydney Opera House & Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are the two most iconic landmarks in Sydney. These two are the most visited and most photographed, it is also the main reason why I was so excited to visit OZ. Just the thought of staring at them made me so giddy.

Sydney Opera House is a performing arts center that is not only a UNESCO's World Heritage Site but is considered to be one of the 20th century's most distinctive buildings. It hosts events, concerts, operas, studios, cafes, restaurants, bars and retail outlets.

We weren't able to go inside because we were more amazed with how it looked like outside in different angles and from different viewing points. 

Sydney Opera House

Near the Opera, along the famous harbor lies another iconic image. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a steel through arch bridge that connects Central Business District and North Shore. Cars, train, bicycles and even pedestrians can cross through this bridge.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

For the four days Mike and I stayed in Sydney, we discovered so many viewing spots around the area. What's even more amazing was that all the sites we discovered were for FREE. Here they are:

Circular Quay
Circular Quay is the most popular neighborhood for tourism in the city. Host of a number of ferries and is perfect for viewing the two sites. Because we stayed near the area we always had this pretty view.

How to go there: Circular Quay Train Station

Circular Quay

View of the Bridge near the Opera

Closer look of the Opera

#ChaMikiss at Circular Quay

Sydney Botanical Garden
A garden located in the heart of Sydney, this is probably the most popular garden from all the rest in the city. Relax in nature while you spend time gazing at the Opera and the Bridge. 

How to go there: From Circular Quay walk towards Sydney Opera House, you'll see the garden beside it.

View from Sydney Botanical Garden

of course, Mike too

Mrs Macquarie's Point
This was perhaps the most popular viewing spot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, unfortunately during the time we visited, Mrs Macquarie's Point was under construction so we had no choice but to take a photo on the spot nearest it.

How to go there: From the Botanical Garden follow the direction going to Mrs Macquarie's Point walk for about 10 minutes.

from the nearest point of Mrs Macquarie's Point

View here is still pretty nonetheless 

From the Ferry
Riding a harbor ferry is a must when in Sydney. It is a great way to discover new places and an excellent reason to take so many photos of the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. So Mike and I made sure to tick it off our list on our second day. The most popular ferry route is going to Manly Beach. The view from the ferry was mesmerizing and quite challenging as it moves from time to time. Do make sure that you get to sit in front of the ferry to get a perfect view of the harbor. 

How to go there: Manly Wharf (Wharf 3 at Circular Quay)

from our Ferry going to Manly Wharf
At the very front of the ferry, Baby!
closer look

The Rocks
Because the Rocks District is just beside Circular Quay most of the hotels offer a perfect view of the harbor. Our hostel, Sydney Harbour YHA had a magnificent view of the two icons from the rooftop deck. Guests of this hostel can stare at it for FREE. 

How to go there: Read Sydney Harbour YHA 

from Sydney Harbour YHA

Observatory Hill
A few walks from our hostel in the Rocks District is the famous Observatory Hill. Although the Opera House cannot be seen here, the view of the citycape and the Sydney Harbour Bridge was impeccable, giving you a different perspective. Just be prepared for an inclined walk by the way. 

How to go there:  20 minutes walk from Circular Quay and Wynyard Station

from the Observatory Hill

Dawes Point (Corner of Hyatt)
One night, we met with one of Mike's dad's closest friends for dinner then he and his wife gave us a road trip around the famous viewing sites of the two masterpieces. Our first stop was at Dawes Point, just at the corner of Hyatt Hotel in the Rocks District.

How to go there: 10 minutes walk from Circular Quay

from Dawes Point

from Dawes Point

Jeffrey Street Kirribilli
This street also offers a dramatic view of the cityscape and the harbor capturing the panoramic harbor scene with the two well-known sites. 

How to go there: Jeffrey Street Wharf (Wharf 5 at Circular Quay)

from Jeffrey Street Kirribilli

Milson's Point (Luna Park)
Another perfect spot is at Milton's point where the grandness of the Bridge can be seen tied up with the Opera House. Dramatic lights at night added elegance to the view.

How to go there: Milson's Point Ferry Wharf (Wharf 5 at Circular Quay)

from Milson's Point
Mike with Tito Nides and Tita Beth

Blues Point Reserve, McMahon's Point
For a relaxing stare at the harbor, spend time sitting at one of the benches at Blues Point and be enthralled by the majestic horizon.

How to go there: McMahon's Point Ferry Wharf (Wharf 5 at Circular Quay)

from Blue's Point Reserve, McMahon's Point

If only we had more time, we could stare at you for a long time

Window seat from the Airplane
When we flew back to our hometown, I specifically requested to be seated at the window seat as I wanted to see the much loved harbor for one last time. Luckily my request was granted and I was able to sit at the side of the plane where the harbor was. Sydney skyline was so lovely <3

from the Plane going back to Manila
Looking at the photos of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are a good reminder of how much we enjoyed our experience in Sydney. Hope this won't be the last.

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