Angel Place, Lindt Cafe, Hyde Park and St Mary's Cathedral Sydney Australia

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Walk with ChaMike at Angel Place, Lindt Cafe, Hyde Park and St Mary's Cathedral

Walking is advisable when you're in Sydney especially if the weather is pleasant. Aside from the safe environment, you'll get to enjoy all the lovely sceneries Sydney offers. So for our last afternoon in the city, Mike and I decided to walk around the area, starting from our hostel we walked going to Wynyard to find Angel Place then went to Martin's Place to try the chocolates at Lindt Cafe. Ended the trip by wandering around Hyde Park and St Mary's Cathedral.

 Angel Place
I don't know why but I was so fascinated with the photos of Angel Place while I was doing my research. Angel Place is tucked in a narrow lane in Sydney's downtown are. It's an installation of 110 empty birdcages suspended high in the air that play the songs of fifty birds that once lived in Central Sydney before the colonization. These birdcages are empty, to remind its visitors that birds were abundant in the area before civilization and urbanization. 

How to get to Angel Place
Alight Wynyard and Martin Place Station

Angel Place

Empty birdcages


Martin Place
Is a pedestrian mall in Central Business district of Sydney. Angel Place is just beside Martin Place and what we wanted the most in Martin Place was to sink in our teeth on any of the chocolate offerings in Lindt Chocolate Cafe.

Martin Place

Long pedestrian stretch

Lindt Chocolate Cafe
The flagship Lindt Chocolate Cafe is located at Martin Place. Here, they sell chocolates bars (of course), ice creams, pralines and lots of sweet offerings including Australia's largest range of Lindor Pick and Mix only available at Lindt Chocolate Cafes and Shops.

How to get to Lindt Cafe
Alight Martin Place Station

Opening Hours
Varies per day but on a regular day 7:30 am- 5:00 pm

Lindt Cafe

Inside the cafe

We bought here some chocolate gift packs to bring at home.


Even more chocolates

And many more...

No matter how much we resisted all the sweet offerings, we just couldn't. So we ordered a crafted dessert and tea. 

Place is perfect for sweet tooth like us

Lindt Dome of Decadence
A delicate Lindt Chocolate dome encases a scoop of ice cream on a chocolate biscuit base, served with molten Lindt chocolate. OMG, this was the bomb! 

Lindt Dome of Decadence

To die for!

After stuffing our stomachs with sweets, we then walk towards Hyde Park which is just less than 5 minute walk from Lindt Cafe.

Hyde Park & St Mary's Cathedral
Hyde Park is the oldest public park in Australia. Here you can relax and enjoy the lush greenery with the elegant view of St Mary's Cathedral. St Mary's Cathedral is a Catholic Church that is also an iconic landmark in Sydney because of its gothic architectural design.

How to get to Hyde Park & St Mary's Cathedral
St James Station is just beneath the park

Opening Hours
24 hours

Entrance Fee

Hyde Park and St Mary's Cathedral

Lovely park

Yes, I'm getting fat. 


Wefie at the park

We were supposed to visit Queen Victoria Building and Sydney Tower because it is just around the vicinity but since it was already getting dark (I wanted to get a view of the sunset in our hostel) we decided to go back but this time we took a train at St James Station.

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