Luljetta Hanging Gardens Spa

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Walk with ChaMike at Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa.

Valentine's day is one of those days where you can lambing your partner on bringing you to a romantic place and spend quality time together. It's also a good excuse for a lakwatsa- hihihi. And because Mike was too busy working on several TV shows (he's a concept developer and writer by the way) I was the one who picked the place to celebrate the cheesiest day this 2016.

After our relaxing overnight stay at B Hotel we drove from Quezon City to Antipolo for our Valentine's Day 2 celebration. Going to Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa was my personal request to Mike. I fell in love with the Ubud-like photos I saw on Instagram so I convinced him into checking this place out. Good thing it is just in Antipolo, not too far from Quezon City.

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa they say is the first ever hanging garden spa in the Philippines. It's a new addition to the already established Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo. This place is known for their panoramic infinity pools overlooking Rizal mountains, Metro Manila skyline & Laguna de Bay which seemed all so romantic, perfect for the Valentine weekend.

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa

Entrance Fee
They offer several packages - Day Tour & Spa Packages

Day Tour
Hanging Gardens Retreat
Duration | 5 Hours
Adults | 1,100 per person
Kids (12 years and below) | P880 per person
-All Hanging Gardens Facilities except for the spa 
-Snacks of Antipolo Suman
This is what we availed + a special Valentine dinner

Hanging Gardens Getaway
Duration | 6 Hours
Adults | 1,650 per person
Kids (12 years and below) | P1,320 per person
-All Hanging Gardens Facilities except for the spa
-Four course wellness menu served ala-carte

Spa Packages ranges from P2,450 to P3,950 it's inclusion are
-Access to Hanging Garden Facilities
-Snacks of Antipolo Suman
-Four course wellness menu served ala-carte
-Luljetta's Welcome Kit
-Luljetta's Singnature Massage & Ear candling
-plus different kinds of scrub 
*price depends on the type of scrub

Because I was just really curious with the place, we didn't avail of their Spa Packages, instead added P1,000 per head for the Valentine's Day dinner. Please take note that reservation is a must and paying in advance is required for you to have a sure slot. 


When we arrived, a lady greeted us "Welcome to Lujetta's!" pronounced as lul-ye-tas, oh so all this time I was pronouncing it wrong pala. When they confirmed my booking they gave us hand straps. We then proceeded to the locker area to change and leave our bags. Unfortunately, because it was that time of the year where lovers (like us) were all over the place, the locker was already full and we had no choice but to leave our bags behind the receiving area. We were given towels and batik robes placed in a basket where we carried around while exploring the garden.

Locker room with our basket of batik robes and towels

Hanging Garden
The place is a tropical haven, minus the lovers chaos it is not just a romantic sanctuary but a relaxing venue to recharge. I love the fresh air and warm breeze.  Because it is a hanging garden, the place is clustered to levels of terraces and exploring the garden will lead you to quite a number of stairs, although walking up and down is a good exercise naman.

Wearing my batik robe

Infinity Pools
We first checked out the main attraction which is the infinity pool with the majestic view. Oh it was really pretty! Overlooking the pool are the lush greenery of Rizal landscape looking farther you will see the Manila cityscape and Laguna de Bay. The Bali feels made me miss Bali's Ubud, I can stay here forever. And because it was a holiday and a weekend, the pool as expected was packed. Although, we managed to take a few trick shots as to avoid them in our photos. 

I can stare at you forever

Bali/Ubud Feels
Infinity pool + Breathtaking view = One fine day
Mike's moment
ChaMike and the GoPro - first time to use it together
Against the light
Medyo pasweet
Medyo Fierce

Fierce talaga
Yes, we were not alone
Daya shot
Underwater shot, thanks to my GoPro!
Another infinity pool but smaller

Hydro Massage Pool
After our swimming episode at the infinity pool, we check out the Hydro Massage Pool. It is a water-based spa treatment which uses high pressure jets of water to massage your skin and stimulate your circulation. We just hoped that the water was warm to make it more relaxing.

Hydro Massage Pool
Tried that one. It's relaxing
One of the rare moments where there were no people

Fish Spa
Just above the Hydro Massage Pool, a fish spa is located where you can dip your feet while the fish suck the dead skin cells out. I tried it a couple of times in Ocean Park but the fish here were bigger, if I'm not mistaken I think these are tilapia (not 100% sure). When they tried biting the skin it was a bit startling, their mouths were big! But Mike being an animal lover, enjoyed this part of the garden.

Fish Spa
Wearing our batik robes. Haha
Mike had fun :)
Hello fishies! Come and get my feet
Big fishy! Is this Tilapia?

Buddha's Lounge
Above the infinity pool there is a lounge area which they call Buddha Lounge, an ethnic interior where they hold private dinner for two on special request. It is overlooking the infinity pool so this place is perfect for that lovely dinner with your partner. 

Buddha's Lounge
Other side of the ethnic inspired lounge

Hanging Movie Lounge
If we have more time, I would love to get lazy in this area, just watch a movie while lounging in one of the couches.

Hanging Movie Lounge

Detox Water for free

Other Areas
Sauna & Solar heated Jacuzzi
No time to try this though because, again, for the number of people around the area.


Flower Garden
Okay I just made the name up but I think its apt anyways. I love this spot!

Flower Garden


Lounge Areas
Other lounge areas

Another one of the lounge areas

Shower Room

Clean shower rooms
We never got to explore other areas like the Zen Lounge & Spa Huts.

Antipolo's Best Suman for Snacks
After all the walking Mike and I claimed our suman and iced tea at the upper level restaurant. It was indeed really delicious! YUM!

Best Suman!

The most anticipated time of the day. The sunset was truly breathtaking in all angles. Of course we went back to the infinity pool to appreciate it more. It was really so pretty <3

Sunset is always a feast to the eyes
Infinity Pool + Breathtaking view + Sunset = Best Day!
Thanks Mike for my shots <3
Million peso view
Okay another one

And another
Okay. Last!

When we finally finished romancing the sunset, it was time to fix ourselves and get ready for dinner. We needed to leave early as we wanted to catch Mike's show 'I love OPM.' The dinner was okay but was expensive for the P1000 per head fee; although the view from the terrace was amazing. So yes, we kinda paid for the view.  

Manila by Night
Valentine Buffet Dinner
All Pink. Haha! Happy Valentines Day!
Complimentary red wine

Valentine's Day ba? I think… 

Luljetta Hanging Gardens Spa is a perfect venue for couples who love nature and swimming just don't expect it to be a high-end spa venue. Visit this place for its million peso view or try their signature spa. My only comment is to improve their facilities like ample lockers. The restaurant where we had our suman was a bit untidy or maybe they should limit the people visiting the garden so that people who want to escape the city can really relax by the secluded non-chaotic sanctuary. I just hope that this area will not become polluted with guests especially if this place becomes overtly popular.

I Love Valentines Day!

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