Destination Hotel Tagaytay

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Disappointed Cham at Destination Hotel Tagaytay.

I do not know where to even begin. This was probably the most disappointing hotel experience ever. I don't want to even write about it since I will have to recall all the horrors I experienced in this hotel. But hopefully this review will call the attention of the management and their inefficient staff. This might also serve as a warning to the customers who are thinking about booking this place. 

Okay… so here we go...

My Mama wanted a Tagaytay weekend escape for her birthday and since we had very little preparation for it (less than a week), the hotel options were really few. After checking out all the available hotels online, I opted to book at Destination Hotel Tagaytay. So yes, it was entirely my fault that I booked this place despite the bad reviews I read on the web. 

Destination Hotel Tagaytay is a new hotel condotel in Tagaytay strategically located near the cliffside. The condotel has 85 rooms from the 15th-22nd floor (I think the rooms below were residential units) that have a noteworthy view of the Taal ridge - not Taal Volcano fyi. Looks inviting? Yes, until we arrived at the place for check-in.

Destination Hotel Tagaytay

We booked a Premiere Room (P4,848) that has 2 queen sized beds with a kitchenette.

If you're asking me why I booked it, here were my reasons: 
- One of the few hotels in Tagaytay that offer 2 queen sized beds in a room 
- Location. Just along Aguinaldo highway, near rotunda.
- View of the ridge

These three reasons were my main priority especially the first one - the room, basing on the photos, can obviously fit four guests, we were 5 so I was thinking of paying the extra person if in case they asked for a fee… Turned out they asked not just an additional one but even more! <blood starting to raise>

Condo part
When we arrived at the check-in counter, I immediately felt the uninviting aura of the receptionists (not one of them was smiling) after giving them the hotel voucher, one of the receptionists asked me to fill up loads of information on their form, Seriously, this was the only hotel I experienced being asked to complete all the information on the list (even instagram account!) After waiting for a few minutes the 'snob' receptionist informed me blankly that the maximum number of adults in the Premier Room is only 2 and beyond that, we need to pay an additional fee per person. I started getting irritated and asked how much do we need to pay, she told me that we need to pay P900 per person. What?! Are you guys serious? So that's P2,700 plus P4,848 = P7548 ++ for a cheap condotel? Forget it!


Disappointed, I told the receptionist that I will just cancel my booking and asked to return my reservation fee of P400. I know it was just little and that it cannot be refunded but because I was so mad, I wanted them to return it for all the damages they cost my family (it was my Mama's birthday!) And guess what? They told me (again with a stern and irritating face) that they cannot do that and because I booked thru their website the reservation cannot be cancelled <jaw drops>. My anger doubled tripled and told them I wanted to speak to the manager.

Michael, the manager apologized and explained to me that they are strict when it comes to headcount but he is willing to waive the additional fee provided we avail of their breakfast meal. In all honesty, my family and I wanted to leave the place. We were so disappointed, I was about to have a heart attack! It was only my Papa who calmed us down and convinced us to stick to our plan because he didn't want to drive and look for other place to stay. So we finally decided to stay and ordered 5 breakfast plates. <crossing fingers that everything will be okay after this incident>

Premium Room
In all fairness the room was spacious with standard amenities and had a view of the Taal ridge.  

Premier Room

Veranda View

Television with cable, closet, safe, phone, microwave & refrigerator

Phone, closet, safe, TV

Kitchenette & Dining
Emphasizing that the room was good for four and not just for two. The dining area had four chairs, the coffee and cups were four, the plates, spoons and forks and glasses were all four. It was only the water bottles that were two.

Kitchenette and Dining

Good for FOUR!

The only 2- water bottles

Toilet & Bath
The toilet and bath are separated. The toilet has a bidet, towels, a bar soap and a shampoo.

Toilet & Bath

Plated Breakfast with Drinks | P350 per plate
Their breakfast theme was all South East Asian cuisine - ThailandMyanmarLaosCambodia & Vietnam. Upon check in, we were asked about our choices and the time of delivery. But because they have poor service, as expected the delivery time was late. Like 1 1/2 hours late. So if you want your meal to be delivered on your preferred time, I suggest you make the delivery 1 hour earlier. Btw, their breakfast was so-so.

Our so-so breakfast plates

Iced coffee

Swimming Pool
The pool is located at the 3rd floor. It was not that big but I was able to find space at the back part. 


Morning exercise

My private space

Other Establishments
Had a night cap at a cafe at the hotel. I ordered caramel latte which was just okay. 

Night cap

coffee and choco

Other negative comments aside from the bad costumer service
WiFi is not available. 
They literally asked additional fees for all our requests like pillows & towels. Well, except for the additional blankets - hay salamat
The curtains might have been there ever since the hotel opened as it was dusty and I was sneezing every time I went near it.
Before, I read that they asked for parking fees! But during our time good thing they waived the P100 parking fee- dapat lang naman

Veranda moment

Thank God, the sunrise looks stunning

Destination Hotel Tagaytay is obviously a disappointment. Good thing they have 'okay' rooms with standard amenities. But despite the good amenities, nice appointed rooms and location, unforunately, they have poor customer service. Any hotel like this one will most likely be branded as a bad hotel. Thank god, we survived an overnight stay. But never again!

Next morning- we survived.

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  1. Haha omg Cham. Grabe experience nio. Kung ako to sasabog na din ako. I'm a sucker for good customer service.


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